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Joan is gone ...

It all has been so weird. I can tell that things are not right with Joan. Despite having me around, her blood pressure, I'm sure is high. Probably all the cleaning of the house, constantly, and the strangers coming around.

On Thursday, I knew we were in for something. Joan moved my bed which recently has meant I am leaving with Joan to go somewhere for an hour or so. Sometimes it is a walk, sometimes it is to her work. This time though she put my bed in the car along with my food and other items and we drove to Rachel, Lew, and Will's house. I was very excited, wagging my tail, running around sniffing. Joan and Rachel talked while I paced around. I hadn't eaten my breakfast that day. Then Joan walked out the door and left me behind. I was whining at the door to remind her to take me with her but she drove away without me. Sadness. I paced around some more but kept hoping she'd return for me. When I tore myself away from the side door, I'd follow Rachel around. But I didn't feel like eating at all. :-(

Friday was a bit better. Rachel put egg in my food so I found it somewhat more palatable and irresistible so I ate it.

The news of the day is the jungle out in the backyard. First, I found a nest of small bunnies under the slide. You know, I'm not a fan of bunnies at all. They lurk around our yard (though they do leave yummy droppings) but still, it is my territory and I don't like to share it with others - especially squirrels and bunnies. So I started to push these bunnies around and a couple ran away, others were shreaking and wailing really loudly. Then Rachel started yelling which startled me - I never like it when humans yell - it worries me. Before I knew I was a by-stander standing in the porch while Rachel and Will rescued the animals and relocated them outside my new territory in the backyard!
The nest that smelled so good....
Nest of Bunnies

The bunny babies

They put them in a box and moved them.

When Rachel let me out of the porch, I ran over but no bunnies. The smell was still there so I sniffed a bit but the bunnies were gone. Oh well, I'll move onto other adventures. So then ... I found it.

A dead squirrel!

Rachel didn't like that either. She put me back in the porch and moved that too. This is a pretty interesting backyard if Rachel wouldn't keep putting me in the porch to take away the interesting wildlife. I mean, isn't it all about survival of the fittest?! I think I'm the fittest around this backyard but not if Rachel intervenes and gives them all another chance. Oh well. I think Joan might have done the same thing since the one time I actually got a squirrel in my mouth, she yelled like crazy until I dropped it.

One question remains: where o where is Joan? When will she come back? 2 days without her and counting...


Bosco - you poor thing! We know you're worried, but trust us, Joan will be back. You are too adorable - and literate. :) Enjoy that backyard while you're there - they are so lucky to have you.