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14 days

No Joan. She's still not back.

Last week, I moved from Rachel's house to Chris's house. It is somewhat the same because there is a lady and man (Chris and Jim) and then a little boy (Jack). But they also have a dog (Molly). Well, at first, I thought Molly was okay. We even kissed and slept near each other during the day, me on my bed, Molly on the chair.

Bosco and Molly together

But now I don't really like her all that much. So sometimes I growl at her and let her know to give me my space. So then now Chris keeps me in the back of the house and Molly stays in the front. I like that! I get my alone time with Chris and she likes to pet me.

Yesterday the funniest thing happened. I swear I heard Joan's voice, and I got really excited and wagged my tail a lot. I licked where I heard her voice but it was just a small computer like thing and didn't smell or taste like Joan at all. When will she return, I wonder?

In any case, I'm happy right now.


Hi, Has Joan come back? It has been awhile?


I hope joan be back sooner. I know how much you missed her.
Keep me posted of your adventure.

Bosco, Joan will be back, I promise. My mom recently went away for a few days and she came back. Try to focus on being good while she's gone. Nothing will make her crazier to see you than coming home to a non-destroyed home!

Those two dogs are so cute. What breeds are they?

Awoeff... I hope Your owner will return .... and then You two can cuttle again lots of bones and biscuits love send by beau