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Saying goodbye & Travel to Austin, TX

Well, we had to say goodbye to one of my favorite friends in the world, Tim, the guy next door who gives me treats and lovin' all the time. He's never got his picture on here, but Joan took a picture of me with Tim and his mom, Doris, who is just as nice to me.


How to say goodbye? We just played like it was any old day (except for the pictures). Otherwise, it is so sad to go...!

That night I also go to see my other great friend, Roberta, who came over since Joan and I did not leave on Sunday like we had intended. Plus, she came home early from her solo camping trip. Joan was sooo tired that she forgot to take a picture of me with Roberta. Joan was literally falling asleep at 9pm while Roberta was talking with her. Geez. Joan says she has about 8 weeks of sleep to catch up on (don't even ask about England...).

The next morning, Joan started bringing things out to the garage. When I saw the box on wheels come out, I got concerned. But then Joan also brought out my bed, so then I started wagging my tail (yea, I'm going with her). I decided I better just get in the car right away, so I hopped in the backseat and just got comfy. Joan spent a long time getting things in the car - there was a lot of stuff! This is how we looked when we were ready to go at 11:30 AM. I called it quite a jungle in there.

bosco in back of car.jpg

I actually really liked having the ficus tree in the back - I would snuggle under it at times. We took off and like I said, we stopped at the dog park so I could stretch my legs before our long drive and because Joan thought someone might have found my tags and put them on the fence.

We took off and after Joan got a phone call from her realtor who said we had an offer on our house, Joan was on the phone ALL THE TIME practically! Boy, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas just fly by when you have an offer on the house and are figuring out what to do! We stopped every couple hours and it was just fine. Joan figured out that she should just keep the car running and lock the door and put a note that says the car and AC are on so no one breaks the window - this allowed her to run into go the bathroom and buy stuff without worrying about me.

The first night we stayed in (boy I've almost forgotten already) Wichita, Kansas at a Holiday Inn - kudos for Holiday Inns who allow canine friends to stay there with their humans! I'll tell you ONE THING - I do NOT LIKE the thing called an ELEVATOR. We had to go on it several times and it just freaked me out. It felt like the floor was dropping out and I crouched down immediately trying to hold on. Hold on for your dear life. Dog friends - beware! I know some canines in NY and other cities ride these things everyday - I don't know HOW they take it!

The next day we got the heck out of Wichita and headed SOUTH! It took a long time but we got to Texas but even after we got into Texas it took us another 4 hours or so before we got to AUSTIN, our new home. There was traffic in Ft. Worth, Texas (several accidents) including us almost getting into an accident when Joan adroitly drove around a ladder in the middle of our lane on the highway - what a mess!

We finally got to Austin and we arrived at Joan's sister's house - her name is Maura and she has one husband, one son, 2 daughters, and 2 dogs - so I have 2 dog cousins. One is Brandy, an Australian Shepherd, who is cool because she's pretty submissive and then there's Bella, a Jack Russell Terrier, who I honestly can say I do not like. She's really out of control, and they don't even let us get near each other because I'd probably tear her to pieces because she's really snippy - she even bites Brandy. I would never allow that to happen to me. That's all I'll say for now...more later...bark bark.


Nice pics Chocky (that's your new nickname by the way because of your chocolate colour). We'll meet again don't know where don't know when..................

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