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Man, oh man, I saw one - actually many - of these things that are called frogs (the thing that jumped on Joan's lap the other day) up close! They are all over our yard. Last night while Joan was relaxing on the deck (actually I don't know if she was relaxing with all the mosquitos around but ... she also made her dinner on the grill) anyway, I saw a movement and ran over to investigate and it was a frog. A BIG FROG, Joan says. As big as the one on her lap. Geez. They are funny looking. I don't really perceive them to be baaaaadddddd like the squirrels in my old backyard but they are just interesting. They have funny skin and no fur, like me. And they jump. That's freaky. Anyway, I better just get used to them because we seem to have a lot of them in our backyard. At least they are not in the house. It is a frog-free zone. At least that's the way I'd like to keep - Joan better be careful before she brings any plants into the house. Frogs seem to catch a ride in them.


I really like the header picture in your blog site. That dog looks clever. I haven't seen a picture like that.