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I wanted to go inside but Joan was outside so I followed her out. But I kept getting bitten by these mosquitos. Joan finally noticed, and we went inside and she finished eating her dinner in the cool house and I was protected! It reminded me of the time I went on a backpacking trip (yes, I even wore a backpack) with Joan and one morning after leaving the tent to go to the bathroom, I stood at the door of the tent to go back inside. Luckily, Joan let me! In that case, it was something called "black flies" but I also got bitten by horseflies then too, on my tummy!

You can kinda see the puffy bumps around my eyes.

Bosco's eye

Bosco's other eye


Hey Bosco,
Sorry about your eyes and the bug bites and all - I've had my share of nasty bug bites in mInnesota - look at what happened to my eye! http://www.photoblog.com/Arabella/2007/07/06/

Anyway don't worry about it too much, I don't think there are too many bugs left when it gets colder. (if it does in texas)


I too am being bitten by those pesky mosquitos. My owners vet told him to use a 50/50 mix of Off-Skintastic. It seems to help.

I'd like to put a link from my BLOG to yours if it's ok.