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Cement Slip

Today Joan took me to the Red Bud Isle dog park --- we took pictures there last time we were there but not today. It is a small island in the Colorado River where the dogs run free! It was pretty busy today because a bunch of volunteers were doing all sorts of projects like putting fences up and making picnic benches. I wasn't too worried or bothered by that - I just wanted to run around and fetch my ball in the river. Which I did. A LOT. Joan threw the ball for me and so did some kids who were there with their parents who were doing the fence. Joan even got in the river when I wouldn't go get the ball (I didn't see it!!!) and it was shallow enough for Joan to lead me out there.

One time a big Great Dane was out there with us and Joan got a little bit wet from that big guy jumping around in the water.

We had a fantastic time but then I did something that I guess was wrong but all I know is I was just walking around like normal. There were some people working and I went over to check them out, but then I ran over back near Joan. On the way there, I ran through something like mud - it was really squishy. Joan glanced over and said something like "Oh no bosco." Then I heard her tell this boy that she was really sorry but that I ran through their cement - she said, "I guess that's the hazard of the dog park." I guess cement is that squishy stuff and they want it to be perfect and not have deep dog prints in it!

I got to stay outside most of the day while Joan did all sorts of things like weed whack, trim bushes, and plant new plants. Oh, and mow our backyard. She thought I was pretty cool, when we were inside, she asked me to take care of the fly that was flying through the house. She was surprised because I DID. I caught the fly in my mouth (it kinda surprised me, too) and I ate it.