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Don't get a bad bladder

Well, I do not recommend getting this bladder problem. I told you how I peed in the vet's house. I felt bad but I couldn't control myself. Then we got home and lucky for me, Joan stayed home with me. She let me in and out of the house over and over again all day. I'd go outside and literally squat for 10 seconds, then get up and then squat again, and over and over. I had to pee all the time (or at least I felt that way).

Joan said walking me was not very pleasant because it was mostly like: walk, walk, walk, squat ----, walk, walk, walk, squat ----------. over and over again. I think you get it.

On Monday night I could only last about 2.5 hours so I woke Joan up at 3am to let me out. She did!! Actually, she kinda jumped out of her bed when she heard me whining next to the bed. After that I made it until 7am. And she did leave me in the morning but came back within 3 hours so we were safe again. I'm definitely getting better - Joan left me for almost 7 hours yesterday and I was fine. And I'm not squatting as much on walks. These big wads of peanut butter that Joan gives me are good, I'll say. I love peanut butter. YYYYUUUUUUMMMMMMMM.


Hi Bosco,
Mom doesn't even bother to put my pills in yummy peanutbutter like Jone does, she just opens my mouth and puts them in, and then she holds my mouth closed and blows on my nose until I swallow the pill. It isn't fun, and the first time she did it, I threw the pill back up in protest, but now, each time she gives me a pill she gives me a cookie right after and so i take my pills nicely now. I'm going to write about my adventures that Mom and I had on Thursday soon, but right now, Mom is tired and doesn't have the energy to stay up while I write. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better soon.

Glad you are feeling better, Bosco. I hate getting bladder infections and I'm sure that I don't get enough peanut butter when I have one.