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Sunday wore me out

On Sunday, Joan and Melissa (her friend) and I went on a run. It was fun because most of the way I get to be off leash along Shoal Creek AND I get to go swimming. Well, more like wading and a swim of 3 paw strokes. These girls seem to think they are going to run some big 1/2 marathon in February so if that is true, I bet I'm going to get a lot more running in in the next few months. Cool with me. Plus, it is getting cooler so it is easier to run too. I get really excited when I see Melissa come over because mostly, it means we are going for a walk or run. But sometimes I don't get to go with them (and they are not really dressed for running) so then I'm kinda bummed I have to stay at home alone.

After we got back, we took a bit of a drive out into the Hill Country of Austin and saw lots of beautiful oak trees and vistas of all green oaks. Then we got to a new place I've never been, and there I met another dog whose name is Kona. I also met Heidi who is a young girl kinda like Izzy in Minneapolis who used to take care of me. I also met her brother, Jack, her mom and dad. And don't forget Kona the beagle. At first, I got to meet all the people. Jack kinda scared me because he was kinda moving fast and swinging something around his head. I'm very wary of boys especially boys with things they can throw at me. But I warmed up to them after a while. Then we went outside and took a walk with Kona. We got along just fine. I was pulling a lot because I wanted to be in front! We went to the backyard and they have a big water hole back there like Joan's sister does. I decided to get in the first step and kinda plop down but then I got out. I was kinda wondering if Joan was going to leave me there but she didn't. Phew - we drove home after that and I took a short nap but sure enough, it was 5pm by my time and I started bumping Joan to remind her despite all the walking, running, and walking we had already done. Gotta stay on schedule!