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Monday it was spiders and other bugs

Yesterday Joan took on some bugs in the backyard. Or they took her on...

First, she went outside to pick up these hard things that fall from the tree - she calls them pecans. While she was doing that, the mosquitoes swarmed her and bit her. She put spray on herself but she didn't do her arms ... she put that spray on me when we were in the mountains of Montana last year - I was sure happy to have it then. (off topic)

Anyway, there was a spider that made a web in front of our kitchen window. Joan saw that it caught a cricket - probably the same cricket that has tried to get in our house several times --- they all want to get in: mosquitoes, crickets, moths, caterpillars, spiders, salamanders -- don't they realize, this is my house - not theirs! No other pets besides me! Well, Joan took a shower and returned to see that the spider had eaten the whole cricket. She tried to take a picture and the, surprise, surprise, mosquitoes started attacking her again and she was hopping around like a crazy girl and she finally got this picture of the spider but at this point it had moved up to the roofline of the house. Not the greatest picture, I'd say.

PIcture of Brown Spider with full stomach

As of today, Tuesday, the spider had only moved an inch to hide under a leaf. He can stay up there forever just don't come down and try to get into the house with the cricket, salamander, mosquitoes, caterpillars, or moths!


Thanks for teaching me the 'bump' Bosco, mom swears she's going to take the internet away from me because I keep learning annoying things but I think it's great!!

hi Bosco,
those bugs and things trying to get in the house sounds like they would be fun to chase. Whenever there's a moth or something like that in the house, Mom always lets me chase it. I don't always catch them, but it's fun trying.

Amy says "WOOF WOOF." Also, she wanted to let you know that she likes spiders. When she saw the photo of the spider on your blog (even though you say it was not a good photo), she said HISS HISS. That is her spider noise. Hee hee hee. (Also, Amy is a spider for Halloween this year. Yay!)