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I missed a festival

On Saturday I got short shrift again ... Joan took me for a short walk and then she left on that bike (she's always riding that bike and there's no room for me on it). She was gone all day. I guess she took some pictures - she said she was volunteering at the festival "Tour de fat" and then she also drank some beer and listened to music and other events. Pictures are here:


BUT Joan found out (again) that Austin is dog-friendly and pretty much I'm invited to all festivals. So she should have brought me but I don't think I could have run along side her bike for 40 minutes both ways, and for an hour through the city in a parade (though it sounds like fun). So the next festival, I better get to go with her!! I'm sure I'd make a lot of friends.

Back at home, Joan keeps picking up those things on the ground - called pecans. Joan has a huge plastic barrel of them collected - it looks almost like my food but is not my food! It also got a lot cooler here in the last 2 days but it doesn't get much colder than this. maybe another 10 degrees or so. I'm sure I'll miss the snow but on the other hand, I'll have swimming year round here.


Hi Bosco!
Jone is right, there are a lot of service dog organizations in Texas, and she should get involved if she really is interested, it's very rewarding. Maybe she could raise a puppy for one of them. Would you be able to handle a puppy? Anyway, the restaurant in the mall was called Twin City Grill. Mom loves their food, and she hopes that she can find another location so she can keep going there, just not to the one in the Mall. I love ignoring people, Mom thinks that when I'm in harness, I just don't feel like interacting with people unless Mom says it's ok. Hey, Jone should take you to a fun festival, they're really fun, though I'm usually working when we're there.

Yeah, Joan wants to raise the puppy until it goes off to dog school. I think I could handle a puppy as long as the puppy knew I was in charge around here! I think Joan wants to wait until she has her own house and is not renting.