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Okay, I think we need to take that literally and not figuratively. I probably did eat some crap and got some nasty bug in my stomach. Joan thought I was better because on our afternoon walk, I did not even go to the bathroom. Then she left to teach her class ... and was gone and gone and gone. Well, it was only 8 hours but to a canine with stomach problems, that is too long (I know, she didn't know). Well, I felt bad but I really had to go and go I did. I went in the kitchen and the dining room (the farthest away from my sleeping areas!

Joan got home and I was really happy to see her - I don't think she was so happy herself but she did not get mad at me or anything. I was a bit ashamed. She just looked concerned. She didn't right away take me for a walk but she cleaned up my mess, started a load of laundry for the kitchen rugs, and then washed the floors with smelly stuff (smells better than it did before, though!). She opened the window, too! I was happy she cleaned it all up because even though I did it, I HATED it.

Then we went on a walk around 11:15 PM and we saw the nice Australian Shepherd (with his human) and I wanted to play but it was late. We greeted each other and then went on our separate ways.

Joan was up really late on the computer doing some "work" so she let me out a few times, but I had to wake Joan up around 5:30 - so I was making about 3.5 hours between bathroom needs. I think we are going to the VET today.

I also have 3 out of 4 paws red and raw from allergies. This is ridiculous! I hope I get lots of drugs to get me back into good shape.


Hi Bosco,
I know all about Diareah. When I have it, Mom feeds me rice cooked in chicken broth. She says it plugs up my system and also is nice on my tummy. Also, I love it and it's like eating a yummy treat. Also, it's cheaper than the vet, maybe Jone could try it, you should ask her.
feel better soon,

Oh Bosco! I so know what you are talking about! Mama had to deal with me and my diarrhea for months before they found out I had IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). There were times when I wasn't on meds when I, er, lost it in my crate cuz I just couldn't hold it. But don't worry; there were lots of other stuff going on with me to lead to IBD. Plus, as long as I'm on my meds, I'm okay. But I agree with you, you probably just ate something bad for you.