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This morning Joan got up and I really wanted to go on a walk, as usual. I was excited which gets my dog-cousin, Brandy, excited too. She doesn't get taken on walks normally so she knows that Joan is a super duper human and loves her. So we went into the garage and Joan was trying to put a collar on Brandy but Brandy was jumping with joy and barking really loudly - she was really misbehavin. Joan made her sit and finally got that collar and leash on. All that barking and jumping made me get excited too but finally we were all ready to go but we didn't go for a walk - we got into Joan's car. I let Brandy share the backseat with me. We went for a little bit of a drive on a curvy road I've never been on but then we stopped and got out and we off our leashes and went on a long walk through a forest with lots of other dogs, too. Here are our photos of the day. I really love my dog cousin - I just wish I could hang out with her more often but that other dog cousin, Bella, is a pest and gets in the way of good manners and behaviors (I hear Bella is at those horrible kennel places this weekend. Even though I don't like Bella all that much I feel kinda sorry for her to have to be there. If she was a good dog, she could have gone with us!).

Brandy went swimming today which turns out to be quite unusual. I will take credit for that as she probably saw how much fun I have swimming and decided to try it out. And I mean more than just walking through the river. She got in and started swimming with no coercion from either Joan or me. Some people in Austin are trying to not allow dogs on this trail anymore because of a bird.

That's for the birds!!!!!!!

Bosco and Brandy running on trail

Bosco sniffing grasses while Brandy walks

Bosco jumping out of river and cut off with a tree through her middle (visual illusion)

Bosco and Brandy in river together

Bosco running out of water

Bosco swimming in water hole

Brandy swimming!

Brandy swimming in water hole