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Local dog park

I have been very remiss in my updates. Joan and I have been enjoying ourselves too much to allow me any time on the computer. Well, Joan also is doing lots of work so she is kinda monopolizing the computer.

In any case, we went to the adopted dog park around the corner. It is not an official dog park but it is a bunch of land the state owns and it is very pretty and the locals have adopted it. Joan says I'm "blossoming" here in that I'm learning how to play with other dog friends. I've always been pretty suspect of other dogs cuz I never had a lot of interaction with them when I was a puppy (I was in a basement for 2 years, pretty much, or was terrorized by kids and men). But on the last few visits, I've done my share of playing with the packs. It is actually pretty fun! I realize that they are only horsing around when they try to bite my neck and stuff - though I'm still a little shy of that and usually run over to my mom at that point.

Here are a bunch of pictures from our visit in a slideshow format.


Wow I didn't know you were "captive-ated". I was too. My original owners (I don't call them parents cuz they didn't act like them) kept me in a crate.

Mama keeps hoping I'll be comfortable around other dogs, and I do do okay with small dogs, but big dogs still scare me. Odd. I get scared by big dogs and little kids!

I'm scared of dogs that are aggressive - even little dogs - and any little kids with sticks or other large things in their hands, teenagers, and men. Little kids are okay with me but I am watchful around them. You never know!

You should have seen me the other day at Joan's sister's house. Their little Jack Russel is a terror and it was barking and growling at me and my whole body was shaking I was so scared. Of course, in reality I could eat that dog's whole head in one bite but I would never do that. Joan and Maura were trying to expose Bella to me again to get her used to me, but obviously it did not work well.

My owner Jon takes me running everyday in the foothills of Central Utah. This week I have been learning that it is bad manners for me to chase deer and rabbits. I guess he is worried that I might get distracted by furry creatures when I am supposed to be finding chukar and pheasant with my nose. My favorite joke is to bring him back a stinky roadkill. He tries to tell me I did a good job, but I can tell it grosses him out. Don't be afraid of the little kids, they can be the best playmates in the world.