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Food & Squirrels

Last night Joan forgot to feed me. Well, she did feed me a little bit but only gave me a bit because I think it was not dinner time. But since I had convinced her, through bumping and nudging, to take me for an early walk, when we got back it was not dinner time, but I still wanted dinner. So she gave me about 1/2 of my dinner. But then she FORGOT to give me the rest ... I kept trying to remind her, nudge her, lick her, look cute, rest my head on her lap, jump up on her lap, lay at her feet .... nothing reminded her and I went hungry but with some pets and outside time (she interpreted my moves all wrong!). It was not until this morning, when she finally remembered she didn't feed me all my dinner. Duh! So I got a big breakfast. And then we went on a run that included going off-leash at the dog park nearby ... that is one of my favorite running routes. I also like the one down by the creek where I can also go off-leash but also jump and play in the creek.

On another topic: SQUIRRELS. Well, it took those damn MN squirrels about 3 months to find me down here, but I think the residents of our old house have found us and moved into the trees here in Texas. Not all of them though. In MN, we had easily 10 squirrels at any one time in the backyard. Here there are only about 3-4, SO FAR. Maybe some perished on their trek down I-35. Today I have had to be outside all the time to police these creatures. They are really bugging me. I have to bark at them, run after them, jump up 6 feet into the trees to try to get them, bark again, jump up on the garage, run around in circles, bark, sit on the deck with a watchful eye, locate another one, crouch down and get tense, then run and bark, and jump. I think you get the idea.