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Turkey Creek with friends

Yesterday was quite a day. First Joan walked me around the neighborhood. I thought it was kinda a short walk, but hey I don't complain - I get it better than most dogs. Then Joan put the sheet in the back seat of the car and I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. So the next thing she knew, I was standing behind her waiting to get into the car (I pulled the fence door open and came out). Then she moved a tiny bit and I squeezed my body into the car and sat down. She was laughing at me. She shut the door and left. So I sat in the car for a while. I didn't mind. Then she came out with water and then made me get out of the car.

But then she got my leash and other things and went outside and I jumped back into the car. Then I saw Melissa coming over to our car, so then I jumped out of the car because I had to say hi to her, too. I jumped on her. (Bad, I guess.) Then we all got in the car and I gave Melissa a few kisses which she didn't seem to like very much.

We drove along the curvy road and I was so excited I just couldn't help but yelp the whole way. But we ended up in a parking lot and Maura was there and also my dog cousin, Brandy. But all the humans left and we were stuck in our cars for like an hour.

FINALLY, the humans came out and I got really excited again. And we were off - we drove to Turkey Creek! We waited there for a little bit and then our other friend Kathy and her 2 German short hair dogs, Elena and Morgan, came with. So we had 4 humans and 4 dogs - what a great group! I was so excited I was yelping a lot and wagging my tail. Life couldn't be better, really. We hiked up the trail and back again - we saw lots of other dogs and people and went in the water and smelled stuff.

On the way down, Morgan went missing. Maura went ahead and Joan stayed behind with Kathy. I was running back and forth between them - running up to Maura and then I'd wonder about Joan and would run back to her again. Kathy decided to walk back and see if she could find Morgan while we all walked ahead back to the parking lot. We did not find Morgan, but Kathy did! And the funny thing was some other people had Morgan on a leash! No wonder Morgan couldn't come to us - they were preventing it. Kathy was very upset and suspicious of these people - we all thought it very strange. Cuz they also had a dog but their dog was not on leash ... very very strange!

All in all, though it was a fantastic morning even if I did have to wait in the car while they ate breakfast. The car isn't so bad. I took a long nap when I got home and didn't even bug Joan for a walk though she did take me on one.


That's very strange - do you think they thought Morgan was lost and wanted to keep her safe? or maybe they were trying to steal her?

We are not sure ... but it was not clear they were "keeping her safe" so we think the opposite. The trail is a loop and ends up at the parking lot ... we had a "lost" dog walking with us for a while and we didn't leash her up ... and her mom came and found her and said "there you are!" Since it is a trail, at worst you end up at the parking lot with the "lost" dog ... Although it would also be weird to try and steal a dog from here again since you'd have to get back to your car unless they stashed their car somewhere else. Who knows!

what a great morning you had Bosco. I wish Mom could take me on a walk like that. I'm glad you found your other dog friend and it is strange that people would leash Morgan and not their own dog. Mom says she could understand if they had their dog on a leash, and she would've leashed a lost dog she found, but it sounds to Mom like they got huffy when Jone confronted them... hmm. Anyway, I hope you have more walks like that. I can not wait for spring!