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My birthday weekend

Wowa, I've been off the computer for a while. Joan is HOGGING it all the time! And now we only have one computer so we have to share. My adoption birthday was January 26th that is how delayed I am in writing about it. It was a fantastic weekend - maybe, just maybe, I got worn a bit out. First of all, Joan's friend, Lee, came down here from Minnesota - I think just for my birthday! Isn't that nice of him?

On Saturday, we went down to Town Lake and walked along the river. When we got to Auditorium Shores, I got to be off-leash since it is a dog park there. Here's Joan and me at the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Joan sitting in front of statue and Bosco standing

Joan was happy though she doesn't look it too much. We think the guys in the background are funny. It was in the 70s Joan says which you can't beat in January. Nothing like wearing sandals, Joan says.

Joan and Lee sat around in the grass talking while I went on squirrel patrol in the dog park. I think they were pretty happy to sit in the sun!

Lee and Bosco sitting on grass

As for me, I was working. I had to let those squirrels know who was boss. Some of the other dogs tried to help me out with my job which was okay. So I spent my time running over to a couple different oak trees just when the squirrel had taunted me enough by coming down out of the tree onto the grass. Those squirrels. I would take off, running at them, a few other dogs might come too, and we'd jump up the trunk of the tree. Then, I'd turn and run back to Joan and Lee and wait for, yet again, another opportunity to police. I did this for quite some time!

After a while we walked to a restaurant but unfortunately, they wouldn't let ME accompany the humans to the table outside. So, instead Joan and I waited while Lee got some food and then we (um, they) ate in the grass outside the restaurant (it was very casual) - plus other people were waiting for a table and drinking beer and other drinks while they waited. It was kind of a fest. The only thing is a lot of people think I'm cute and they want to come over and pet me. Now, we know that I AM cute but I AM also a little scared. So one time I almost knocked over all the food by cramming my body into Joan when someone tried to pet me!

This wasn't even the end to my birthday weekend. The next day we drove out to a park where we hiked around more. We got to cross a stream ...

Bosco crossing stream

and I also did some incredible rock climbing - here's a picture of me as I come down from a rock about 6 ft high (no kidding).

Bosco as she comes down off the rock

When I jumped up on it, I was above Lee's head! Joan was very scared for me but I managed just fine. You'd think by now she'd know my excellent climbing capabilities.

Anyway, I'd say I had a good birthday - especially with visitors just for me and all. Only, I didn't get a bone.


Of COURSE I showed just for your birthday. Wish you could have caught one of those squirrels!

Happy Birthday Bosco! Those squirrels better watch out - they don't know you can climb! Hope you get your belated birthday bone (hint to Joan ;).

hi Bosco,
I'm glad you had such a fun birthday weekend. My birthday isn't until October, and I'll be 5 this year, wow. My brother Marlin will be 8. Mom can't believe that because she's known Marlin since before he was 2. Anyway, Mom wanted me to ask Jone how you upload pictures onto the blog. She has some great pictures of me and I know you all would love to see them. Mom says thanks in advance.