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New Chair

Last weekend, Joan and I stayed over at her sister's house with the kids plus, Brandy the dog. Bella dog was at a kennel because I guess Joan says she won't take care of the kids if I don't get to come along - and we know that Bella and I do not get along so that's the deal. I LOVE Brandy - we had a fantastic time together. It is great to have a cousin like her - she's so easy going. On Saturday, all the kids were off doing their own things, so Joan sat by the pool in a lounge chair reading, while Brandy and I patrolled the yard. It was sunny and warm and we also laid in the sun.

The next morning, Joan took me on her Sunday run. This turned out to be a 5.5 mile run so after I pulled, trying to go fast at the beginning, later I found out I should have taken it easy. But overall, Joan said I did a great job, especially because I did not stop to pee or smell or poop, which might have bothered the other runners.

On the way back, though we stopped at this house and Joan made me get in the front seat which is kind of weird, and she put the backseat down, and then this big wooden chair was in the car and we drove home with it. Joan put it in the backyard and then she left and came back with another one. She says it was a good deal because it was only $10 and she really wanted a chair like this. Well, she put my bed on one of the chairs and look what I get: bonus!

Bosco lying on chaise lounge chair outside


do you want to be my pet friend?

Hello, it's my first time seeing your blog and I love your dog! Beautiful. Fun stuff, I'll be back!