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Thorny Mouse

Well, Joan did it again ... she left. Well, I did not actually see her leave but she packed ME up and drove me to Heidi's house a while back. She said she was going to Vegas and Minnesota again for work stuff. I know what Minnesota is but I don't know Vegas. Joan tells me now that I would HATE Vegas with a passion. In any case, Joan dropped me off a while back - I was fine oh fine with it. I like Kona, the beagle, and of course I like Heidi, my caretaker. (She lets me sleep on her bed ... I heard her tell Joan that they don't really need her to bring my bed over! Ha!)

Well I got into some trouble over at Heidi's house ... I'll tell you a bit about it. Here's the first story ...

Heidi would let Kona and me out the back gate into the greenbelt. There's a trail back there but we didn't walk anywhere but would sniff around and just explore a bit. Well, we sniffed out some mice. We were following them as they ran back to their "house." I went full tilt after them. I discovered they lived in a very thorny house which humans call a "cactus." It ends up I had lots of thorns in my face and around my snout. I didn't cry or anything but I did squirm around when the humans tried to take the thorns out of me.

Joan has found a few more thorns in me - one on my tummy and at least one near my ear. She hasn't yet been able to get me to cooperate for removal. They don't bother me, so I hope she forgets about it and just lets them fall out naturally.