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Eating the Easter Bunny

Yep, I ate the easter bunny ... or at least a descendant, perhaps. I didn't really EAT him but I KILLED him, or at least that is what I was accused of over at Heidi's house. Here was the explanation to Joan:

"We found a dead bunny in the back. Bosco and Kona had definitely been chasing the bunnies around. We found the bunny dead; I'm sure it was one of the dogs and it wasn't Kona...."

So you are left with this riddle ... who did it?



Renata, the mom, gave me pets and said I was a good dog, though. She said her plants thanked me! WOWO, good dog.


Wow, I didn't know you guys would kill bunnies. My other guide dog buddy, Kaylor, killed two bunnies, but he didn't rip them or anything. I think it might have been the Beagle. I mean, Mom says they are bred to hunt rabits...