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Texas Sun

First, I want to tell you how the sun down here made me get sunburned. I'm sure all my Minnesota friends are gonna laugh at that cuz it is pretty funny that a dog can get sunburned but it happened. Look at these pictures and you'll see the bridge of my nose is sunburned! There are also some pictures of what Joan thinks is cactus spear inflammation under my chin. (TEXAS!)

Well, Joan just returned late last night. She was gone (AGAIN) for a couple days - she said she went to the Big Apple which sounds like a great place to me, cuz I love apples. YUM YUM. But she said, NO, I would not like the Big Apple, just like I would not like that place, Vegas. At least Joan returned happier than from Vegas. She actually likes the Big Apple. I'm telling her, I really think I'd like the Big Apple. Anything edible and big sounds good to me!

It is getting warmer here which makes our afternoon walks a bit tougher. I pant more. But heck, I don't care - it is still lovely.


Poor Bosco pupper. Sunburns hurt, especially on tender pupper noses!

It might be scratching too, from allergies...that Mountain Cedar is a killer!

I haven't been scratching but that is a good idea, too! Plus I take an allergy pill everyday because I do have allergies and they are worse down here in Texas - so now I take them everyday instead of just in the summer in MN.

Joan's putting something on my nose that I try to lick off but some of it stays on.