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Regal Dog, Here I am!

Bosco in the house with a e-collar on

Well, all those threats have come to pass. Yesterday, Joan got a phone call and the next thing I knew we were in the car. Dog park? No. Vet? Yes. She opened the door at the vet (I know where we are when we are there, now), and I didn't immediately get out. I thought I'd just stay in the car for a change. Joan had to call me out. Geez. Didn't work. I started shaking and did not want to go in. Worse, when we went in, the guy tried to put this e-collar on me (elizabethan collar, thus, my regalness). Instead, Joan took the collar and some new medicine and we got back in the car. I was thinking, okay so maybe I won't have to wear that.

And I didn't for a while. Joan left the house for several hours and, however, when she returned she put the e-collar on me! It is ghastly. It is hard and when I knock into things, it makes a loud noise that I do not like. Plus, I can't see anything. I have to turn my head all the way around all the time to what's going on.

Up close of bosco in e-collar

But it was kinda late and we needed to go to bed.

Bosco yawning with long tongue

Joan let me sleep on her bed, though, which was very thoughtful of her. I was knocking into the walls and doors, so she helped me up on the bed cuz she (and I) thought I might catch the collar on the bedcovers and knock myself back down. I was panting a lot cuz this thing is WEIRD and STRANGE. I moved around a lot on the bed the whole night, which I don't think made Joan all that happy but I had to get comfortable. I did manage to sleep a bit and wasn't too ornery to Joan except that she had to sleep around me.

Up close of Bosco's wound

I guess this all happened cuz I would use my paws to rub my nose/snout and then the scabs would come off and bleed and essentially not it heal. Plus, the vet gave Joan a spray to put on my nose, too, and it will only help if it doesn't get rubbed off!

This morning, I wouldn't go to the bathroom outside and just stood around even though Joan went out there with me and told me to go. And then she gave me my breakfast but I didn't want to eat that either cuz the collar would bump the floor or something else. So, Joan took off my collar and I ate my food quickly, shook my ear a lot (she cleaned my ear too), and then we went for a long walk sans collar (yeah!!!! jump for joy!!!!) though I could tell she wasn't gonna let me roll around in the grass or do anything else with my nose except sniff.

Now, I'm back home and the collar is back on again. However, I'm proud to say that I'm gonna master this thing. I already learned how to walk through the house without bumping the doors, even when I'm walking right beside Joan. And I learned how to walk down the porch steps without bumping it. And I'm enjoying the sun and yard again - though not exactly super relaxed.

But of course, this thing isn't gonna kill me and who knows, maybe my nose infection would! So we gotta get rid of it and soon!


Bosco, you KNOW this is for your own good. But, you could tell your mom to check out some of the clear e-collars that you can get at PetSmart and places like that. At least then you could see through it....

Very nice dog...cute and healthy...I think Danielle is right better have a nice one...

Hey, any idea what the initial cause of this infection was, and did it start out scabby looking before it fell off and left the raw red patch behind? My dog has this and haven't taken her to the vet yet. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it, but was going to take her in this weekend to have it checked. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks!