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Got this thing down.

I have totally figured out this cone thing. I'm totally fine with it. Joan doesn't take it off anymore for walks - I guess cuz I was always trying to rub my nose on her leg and that's not allowed. So now I'm walking around the neighborhood with this cone on! I get all sorts of comments. Lots of people smile. One person told me that her dog wouldn't allow it. Another man stopped to tell us another way to do it (using a sock) but then he looked at my bloody nose and realized the problem was my nose, not me licking or biting another part of my body. It was a nice idea ....

Lee said I look like the "Dog from Outerspace." Also a floating head and other not very supportive names and comments! Come on!

I've found that Joan will do a few things for me. For example, I tried to scratch my ear, but instead I just made a lot of racket with my nails scratching the plastic. So Joan came over and scratched my ears for me. She's so great! Then another time I even got her to rub my butt for me. I tried to lick my butt but you know it didn't work with this cone on. Joan saw and she took a paper towel and rubbed my butt for me! Wow, isn't that nice. I know a lot of people wouldn't do that for a dog!

They think the wound is starting to heal - at least it is scabbing. But it could be a while - it is slow. Plus, they realized I've had this since at least March 26 so it's already been a lonnnnnggggg time with it on my nose.

One thing I haven't tried yet is swimming with my cone on. That should be interesting. I still occasionally bump into some things out on walks but I'm totally good at home. Except when I get really excited and bang my cone into Joan's legs. She's not so happy about that.


First time writer, long time reader. My mom made me wear a cone for MONTHS at a time because I had something called demodex. They itched and I was raw and very uncomfortable. My mom let me sleep on the bed when I was sick too, and guess what, 2 years later, and I am still on the bed - haha, sucker. I hope she isn't reading this :-) Sometimes I even burrow under the covers and sleep with my head on the pillow like a person. Thank Dog for king size beds! Feel better!

Poor thing. I'm glad the cone is getting better. Your nose looks painful and bad. :(

I hope your nose gets better soon, so you don't have to wear the cone anymore.