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Cone Off Cone Off Cone Off Cone Off

I got my cone off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, Joan took my cone off and not only that, she took me for at least a 4 mile run where I got to go swimming. I cannot tell you how HAPPY I WAS!!!!!!!!

Then we got back home and she decided to put me out front and wash me. I didn't like that too much, but she really massaged my neck and back and ears, so that was nice. Now I smell clean and she didn't put my collar back on the entire night. I was free, free, free, free!

My nose is looking great and so far, I'm not scratching or rubbing it. If I keep that up, I think i'm done with that cone. FOREVER I hope.


Hi Bosco!
It's awesome that you got your cone off. Just don't rub your nose and it'll stay off for a while I bet. I'm glad your nose is feeling better, and I know what you mean about a bath, just when you've got your stinkyness all worked out...

Love your blog! Aren't labs great animals? I've only had to use the e-collar once, and it was not a great success. Dog kept bumping into things! Hope your puppy is better.