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Bed Hopping

Since my sitters let me on the bed (Heidi, cool girl), sometimes I think I can go on the bed in my house. And sometimes Joan lets me, like when she was sick! So then I think I can go up on the beds, but truly Joan doesn't want me up on them because I shed brown fur on them. So when she leaves the house, she now closes her bedroom door so I cannot go in there.

Well, she doesn't close the other "extra" bedroom door. So, I've been sneaking up on the bed in there and Joan hasn't seemed to notice. However .... this morning, she saw that some papers that she had on the bed were on the ground ... and she suspected ... and looked close and saw, what?, but DOG FUR. I can't imagine whose fur that is!!!

Yep, she kinda looked at me and explained to me that I cannot go up there and that I leave evidence of everywhere I go....

yeah, yeah, yeah.