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Off Day

I don't feel so good this morning. Not sure why but I decided to not eat my breakfast (YET!) and let's just say going to the bathroom was more of a production than it normally is. I probably ate something on our walk or run yesterday (there are always interesting things to eat out on the street on in people's yards) that made my stomach upset.

Last night Melissa slept over. She is a human. She didn't want to stay in her house because a dead rat is smelling up her house. I kinda understand her, as I hate to hear things in the wall, but on the other hand, the smell might be really interesting to me! I love smells that humans don't seem to like - like a rotting squirrel in the road that got run over.


Hi Bosco!

My name is Lauren and I work for a Portland based Advertising Agency that is preparing to release a new DVD set, featuring Cesar Milan. This fresh, new DVD set shows dog owners a variety of Cesar’s key concepts, including how to become a “pack leader?, the importance of calm-assertive energy, and how to establish proper rules, boundaries and limitations for your dog. If you, or your Human ;), are interested in being one of the first to review this new DVD set and post your thoughts on your blog, I'd love to send you a complimentary DVD promo set. Just shoot me an email if you're interested! It could definitely add flavor to your campaign :)

Lauren Lisoski

Nice blog...come on back...

Thank you Bosco for reminding people that animal tastes differ from human tastes. Many of my clients seem to forget this basic fact. They call me in a panic after their dog raids the cat's litter box or digs into the garbage. I gently remind them that each animal has their own sense of taste.

I'm constantly reminded of this fact when thinking up new treat recipes! My dogs seem to find the oddest combinations yummy and don't touch the things that I would probably eat!

Adds to the never ending life of surprises that comes with sharing your life with dogs!