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September 23, 2004

The value of a microchip

MSNBC - Lost and found

This story about Griffey - a dog that ended up back with his human companions after being gone for 5 years - really shows the value of microchipping your dog! And, if you find a lost dog, you should take them to a vet to see if they have a microchip to find their right owners instead of just keeping the pet.

September 20, 2004

Climbing trees at the dog park

I just love going to the dog park near Minnehaha park! You can see below that I am also very adept at climbing trees and swimming (I'm all wet). I was fetching sticks from the river and running around with a new dog friend I made, Bailey - you can see him just below me - he is a black lab mix. I had the grandest time down there and it always better to go there with a dog friend than alone. I don't always trust those other dogs - sometimes they come after me too aggressively and then I have to growl or bark at them because I'm still pretty shy. It was a fantastic day!


September 9, 2004

Invisible Fence

Well, somehow on Monday, I was able to run through the invisible fence area and jump over the low fence to the neighbor's yard without getting shocked. I must have done it in less than 2 seconds (when the shock starts). Then Joan yelled for me to come back and I did, but before she got the gate open, I got shocked because I was standing there and the gate area is wired. I hated that! Then she moved me away from the area and took the collar off so I could walk back into the yard. That freaked me out, so now I am again walking cautiously around the yard. I don't want to get shocked again.

Yesterday, though, progress was made. Joan walked to the alley area to water a plant. I wanted to follow her, but she told me no and to stay several times. I went over and laid down and waited. She walked all the way to the alley, watered the plant, and then returned along the invisible fence area and I was still laying there, waiting like a very good dog!!!! She gave me a treat and a lot of praise. I love that.

Meanwhile, the neighbors next-door kept yelling at their new puppy and saying "no". Quite a difference in training approaches, I'd say.

September 4, 2004

Mississippi River

Today, I got to go on a picnic. Well, Joan only gave me a tortilla chip so she got most of the food. I was let off leash and was very good to only fetch a stick and not run away after squirrels. We then went all along the M. River along the western bank. There are many "beaches" along there so I went swimming and retrieved sticks from the water, like a good labrador retriever. I saw two other dogs - a polka dotted mix and another brown dog like myself. There were also people fishing and sunning themselves as well along the river. I saw a big, dead fish and was just about to roll myself all over it when Joan saw what I was about to do and called me vehemently to move away from it. So I did - no problem - I was just as happy to run and jump in the water.
I'm also being trained on an invisible electric fence. So far, I gotten 3 shocks - none since last Sunday night. Today, Joan let me off leash in the yard and I haven't gone beyond the flags yet, even when I see a squirrel in the neighbor's yard. I think I know what I'm doing, but Joan doesn't trust me totally yet.

Well, I'm bushed. I'm going to take a little nap...

September 2, 2004

My name...


Bosco is a chocolate drink. Joan changed my name from Coco to Bosco because it was more unique. Plus, there is a funny Seinfeld episode that involves Bosco, the chocolate drink.

Animal Ark

Animal Ark No-Kill Shelter

Animal Ark is the no-kill shelter where my former family put me up for adoption. I was there one week in January 2003 before Joan adopted me. They microchipped me so if I get lost, I can always get back to Joan.

This is Bosco's life...

Hi, I'm Bosco, a chocolate brown lab-doberman mix, that was rescued by Joan in 2003. I'm here to tell my story: what I do during the day, what trouble I get into, what fun I have - essentially the story of a dog's life in the city.