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December 21, 2004

I am my name.

As you may recall, my name 'Bosco' is a type of chocolate syrup -- like Hershey's syrup. It is sold on the east coast. In any case, I continue to seek my namesake. I really don't know what has come over me an neither does Joan. She came home and fed me and we went for a VERY cold walk- well it was cold for her but not for me. Then we got back home and she ate a piece of fudge that she made this weekend and then she had some food (her usual thing to eat her dessert first). In any case, she was in her office getting her computer set up to do some work and she must have heard the big CAPLOP that I made in the kitchen. She came running out and found me in the dark kitchen. I was looking at her with the ziplock bag of fudge on the floor behind me. Do you think she noticed? I tried to pretend it wasn't there but she definitely saw it and started reprimanding me. Since I had just done it, I really did know why she was reprimanding me. I just sat still taking her verbal reprimand. I mean, really what is she going to do? She loves me so much she wouldn't really do anything mean.
But I guess she does know that if I had eaten all that fudge I might have died (see an earlier post about me getting into the cocoa powder). She was well aware of this and had been putting the fudge in the cabinet while she was at work. I definitely can't open the cabinets. Oh well...this is my life!


December 13, 2004

Comparing Decembers

Last year at this time of the year, Joan had some guy doing work in the kitchen. I don't know why she needed to remove everything and put new stuff back in there - everything was working fine in terms of me getting food and water, so she's crazy. But this guy was crazier because he had what Joan called an "air compressor" and it was very loud. I hated it so much that I sought refuge under Joan's desk where she was trying to work. I was shaking and drooling because I was so scared. See the picture below.


That was last year!!! Now on to this year. On Saturday, Joan came home from being away from me (I don't know why she must leave) but she got to the door and let me out into the yard. As I stepped out onto the stoop and turned to race down the stairs, I saw this big green thing propped against the house and you know me, I am afraid of new things - especially if they are tall and green and in my "space". I cautiously approached it and smelled it and it smelled much like a tree but did not look like one. It was very narrow and had this plastic netting around it. Weird. In any case, enough for me to ignore it and run around like a maniac in the yard. Joan and I went on a walk and then she got out a saw and started sawing on this tree. Usually, I would just pee on it. This is a weird thing to cut its trunk. Whatever. Then she propped the door and actually brought it into the house and into my living room area, near my bed. What!?

In a few minutes it was up in a stand and I still wasn't sure what to make of it. She gave it some water and then just left it there for a day. I didn't bother it.

New day: But then the following day she actually plugged in these lights and strung them all over and then put ornaments on it. This was occuring all while I just lay on my bed slightly sleeping but also keeping an eye on her. She put everything away and was sitting on the couch looking at it, so I got up and walked over (my chance to investigate this further while Joan is very nearby so I don't get too scared.) You won't believe it! She put things on this tree that I might like to eat later. I was sniffing around and there right at my level was a string of pretzels with a bow on it. I know it was because I sniffed it and licked it. Oops - she must have seen because then she moved it higher up. I'll have to investigate whether I can get it when she is not here.

This morning she went and moved another ornament after I sniffed it. It was a bunch of cinnamon sticks wrapped with a bow...sure enough she saw me sniff it and then walked over and moved it higher in the tree. Bummer - I was just waiting for her to leave for work so I could investigate all of these edible things in more depth. No need to go to the kitchen to find stuff - it's all here right near my bed.

This is way cooler than last December. The tree is quiet and has interesting, smelly things on it. Cool!!!


December 1, 2004

I've got competition

Wow, I'm in an online newspaper! See the comment posted on my earlier submission today. I sauntered over to my email to see that my blog is being featured on petsburg.com in the Dec 2004 issue of Jack's favorite web picks. I read a little bit of my canine competition and they are great writers - I'll have to give some more thought to my posts. In any case, here's the website:


dog park on a weekday

What a great day. Joan came home early enough to take me to the dog park! Actually, she had an ulterior motive that also made me happy - she bought dog food for me and dog treats. I guess she was down to a cup or two of food and the place she buys my food is near the dog park, so she couldn't go that direction without bringing me along! Lucky for me.

I am running a lot and farther away from her at the park. I always keep an eye on her, but I just love to run big circles through the forest and up trees - I know you've seen pictures of me at the park already.

Well, I'll go back to napping on my bed...