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December 15, 2006

Pillow attacked again

I jumped up on the couch to join Joan while she ate her pizza (yum) but that same pillow fell on me again and you should have seen me jump (fly) off the couch! It is scary.

Joan is spending all her time in the kitchen and not on the couch with me. I keep whining at her, meaning let's go to bed or go to the couch, but she just gives me treats or meat sticks. Thank goodness that loud alarm did not go off again or smoke fill the kitchen. I guess she got things under control.

December 14, 2006

Shaking, Alarm, Smoke

Okay, last night was the last straw. Joan was in the kitchen again mixing and chopping etc. She turned on the big shiny thing that pumps out heat. This time, though, it was pumping out smoke, just like it did on Sunday. On Sunday, a really loud alarm went off and that, combined with the smoke, and then a loud fan that Joan turned on, I was a mess. I started shaking like a leaf. Joan put me outside.

Last night the alarm did not go off but Joan finally saw that smoke was billowing and she closed to the door to upstairs (where the alarm is) and turned on that loud fan above the smokestack. I was freaking out so she put me outside again and opened the window. I could see what was going on and was still concerned and scared due to the loud fan. I was shaking.

Joan put her hand in the big machine and wiped up some stuff on the bottom of it and the smoking didn't continue as much but she still had the fan on, so I stayed outside. Finally she let me back in after the smoke dissapated and she turned off the fan. I was still CONCERNED.

After the brown thing cooked (yummmm....chocolate...), she kept the oven on after taking out the racks. It was on for like 3 hours and smelled kinda funny. When we went to bed, it was still on. I just stayed away from the kitchen.

Some good news is I got a new bed... i'll show pictures later on. I like it but it is very big, Joan says, for our small house.

December 12, 2006

Thanksgiving Pictures

One of my fans asked about Thanksgiving. It was grand to go over to Martha and Miguel's. I even got to see Boli, the cat, and got along with him fine. I didn't get anything great like gravy falling on the ground but I got lots of pets and also got a short walk and run in a park with Joan and Miguel.

Here are the pics taken of ME!

I'm making the rounds during appetizers. I didn't knock anything over.
Bosco making the rounds

Looking at Boli, the cat.
Looking at Boli the cat

Martha is double-petting, as it should be. I'm giving Boli a kiss since I'm nice.
Kisses with Boli

Following Eileen around.
Eileen and Me, Bosco

Me with my beloved, Joan.
Joan with a beret and me, Bosco

December 8, 2006

The Bosco Style

The other morning, Joan and I were walking down the street and we came upon, Sugar, a lab mix that lives across the street from us (Sugar lives with the cool kids that took care of me a few months ago.) Anyway, I saw that Sugar had adopted the 'Bosco style' of wearing a t-shirt. Remember my t-shirt outfit?


Well, after some discussion, we were glad to hear that Sugar was only wearing the t-shirt for warmth (not for a healing wound as in my case) since she doesn't have any fur on her tummy. (I don't either but I don't get cold enough to warrant a t-shirt for that reason.) In fact, to make my point, Joan and I went running yesterday morning on the coldest day so far of this winter. It was -1 degree F, she says. I did not shiver or anything. But Joan said that I had icicles on my whiskers. Joan was pretty bundled up and had ice on the fabric covering her mouth. I only saw one other dog out - a golden retriever/lab mix who was walking with a man who had no pants on! Lucky for him, I did not go lick his leg skin. hee hee. Joan thought it was odd - he had a coat on but looked like he "just went outside to get the paper" but he was along the river where there is no newspaper box or many houses.

December 4, 2006

Full Moon Weirdness

I don't know if it is technically a full moon, but the moon is pretty big and bright and we noticed weird things happening tonight on our walk. First, we saw a long succession of people, single-file, crossing W. River Road and following the new biking/walking trail. It was VERY odd. None of them were talking, they were just silently walking like drones. Joan told me she wanted to shout at them just to see if they were human. I guess I could have barked but nope, I only bark when it really matters.

Then we saw two cars drive really fast on W. River Road - it was almost like they were connected but they were not. They were inches away from each other. We were just waiting for the crash to sound but it didn't - thank goodness.

The other weird thing that happened was that this morning, Joan took me on a run. That wasn't that weird - it was good. But what was weird was that Joan picked up and smashed up all these pieces of paper she found along the river. She said it was something called "porn" and she didn't want a little kid to get ahold of it so she threw it out. Actually she sometimes picks up other stuff like bottles and newspapers and other 'stuff' people decide to leave near the river or the sidewalk. Anyway, I sniffed the papers but didn't really get a look at it so I don't know what it is. Joan said it would not interest me.

So today has definitely been weird!

Pillow Attack

You might think I mistyped, meaning another poodle attack, but no, I was attacked by a pillow. I jumped up on the couch and one of the many pillows fell on me. It scared the daylights out of me (as Joan's mom would say) and I immediately jumped back onto the floor and then stared up at the couch with trepedation. I wouldn't go back up until Joan moved the pillows and asked me to come back up a few times. It seemed safer on my bed on the floor.

Then, another day while Joan was gone, the same thing happened to me again! This time Joan was not home to protect me, so I just decided no more couch unless Joan was home.

Then, I did not really get a choice because the big basket with clothes in it is on the couch and there is not really enough room for me, so I've been back on my bed.

At least the pillow doesn't BITE.