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January 30, 2007

Forgotten Birthday

Joan forgot my birthday. It was January 26th and she was not here. And then, she didn't remember until tonight when she saw an email from dogster.com!

I can't believe she didn't remember.

I've now been with Joan for 4 years. Yea for me (despite her forgetting).
And I'm 6 years old (about).

And then, to top it off, today does she buy me a cool treat or a new toy? No, she bought a new pair of toenail clippers. That is like the complete opposite of what I want! In fact, that is kinda like a punishment rather than a gift or celebration.

January 28, 2007

My new gulpy cup

One of my fans asked me about my gulpy cup that I can drink from because the water seems really fresh.


Joan's mom got it from sahalie.com.


Jone gone, Joan home, Bath, Warm Air

Joan left me last week. I saw that box on wheels and then she just left me! I couldn't get to the computers so I couldn't blog about it. I was stuck in this house alone. Well, not really alone because a cool kid, Izzy, came over many times a day and she walked me and fed me and hung out with me. It wasn't so bad except I did throw up the day after Joan left - I was worried about her. But I did have lots of beds around. Joan put my big blue bed and my big red bed in the living room and she put the blanket on the couch (not that the blanket NOT being there prevents me from going up on the couch - hee hee). So I had bed-o-rama. It was a little lonely during the night when Joan is usually here sleeping but I looked forward to Izzy coming over in the morning.

Today, I was SUPER happy to see a car drive up and Joan got out! I was jumping the highest I ever can on the front door. Then she came in and I gave her kisses and hugs and butt bumps. She took me for a walk in the freezing cold. She said it was about 70 degrees warmer where she was....hmmmm....well, the cold doesn't bother me anyway.

When we got back to the house, the next thing I knew, Joan had me in the bathtub - I actually went willingly and jumped in myself. Though it is kinda a hard thing to do - Joan kinda propped my hindquarters up and over. But it was actually a nice bath because the water was waaaaarrrrrmmmm. My last bath was freezing in November, I think. I tried to escape from the bathtub once because I am a dog and I should always try to escape at least once so that Joan doesn't think she has control of me. After she let me out and dried me off a bit, she did something she's never done before. She blew hot air on me from that loud machine she points at her head everyday. I'm afraid of it so I ran away at first, but then I came around because, again, it felt kinda good. Nice and warm. So she blew hot air on my fur - I call it a furdryer. It was nice.

Then we went for a run by the river - I was bad and before we got to the river, I really barked my head off at another dog. Oops. Joan was mad at me! But I didn't bark at any other dogs - even the black dog I saw by the river that I usually do bark at when I'm on leash. I've seen him before down there - he's okay off leash.

Joan says I smell really nice now after my bath.

January 21, 2007

Red Flashes

Last night when Joan and I were walking, someone stopped for us at the crosswalk. I think they saw Joan's arm collar flashing so they waited for us to cross.

THAT was the good kind of red flashing that happened.

This morning the BAD kind of red flashing happened.

We were walking along happy go lucky. I was next to Joan because she's trying to become the pack leader (ha ha - good luck!). All of a sudden, a huge cracking noise started. Joan stopped and was kind of crouching down - we both thought something was going to fall on us at any minute (like an airplane!). But instead red colory flashing started in the air - it was like that nasty July 4th day!!!

I tried my hardest to RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN. But Joan held on.
Then I just stood there SHAKING LIKE A LEAF (as Joan says).

The whole rest of our walk I tried to get home as fast as I could though the sounds were near our house so I also didn't want to go there, either. It was tough. But we made it home with no more noises. Phew.

January 19, 2007

Tiger Toy No More

I forgot to tell you all that the tiger toy that I only JUST GOT -- remember the picture of it posted only a few weeks ago:

Tiger Toy

Well, Joan took it away and I don't think Tiger is returning. See I really loved chewing on it. It was really, really great. But I had chewed off its ear and its tail. And I was working on one of its feet and the other ear. The problem, I think, was that Joan did not want me to swallow the plastic (geez, she's no fun!!).

The good news is we got another new item - I got a new collar that FLASHES red when she turns it on. And Joan also got a collar of sorts except she puts it on her arm and it also FLASHES red. We are flashing duo when are out on walks. COOL. So far we haven't had any comments about them but we've only used them twice. I'm sure all the other dogs and humans will be jealous! Maybe these flashing gizmos will make the humans in cars slow down and stop for us when we cross the street at nighttime.

Joan got another flashing gizmo last year but it only worked for like 10 hours and then when it stopped working, she put new batteries in it and it never worked again! This new one is supposed to work for 200 hours. That will definitely get us through the rest of this MN winter. We hope.

Bunny is back

The bunny is back. The bunny is actually around all the time but in the summer, it lives in the front yard and snuggles under a bush in the front yard. I only sometimes get to go near it or near its bed when Joan takes me around that way - it doesn't happen much because I'm on leash.

However, in the winter the bunny lives in our backyard and Tim's backyard. I sometimes see it late at night when Joan lets me out to go to the bathroom. Sometimes it is sitting near Tim's truck (maybe because it is warm) and I bark really loudly at it and jump or prance around. I've got to let it know who is boss back here!!! (I'm boss, of course.)

The other night it was near our garage so I ran after it and I went alongside the garage which is a NO-DOG zone. OOPS! A couple years back Joan trained me (through shocking me-I hated that and so did she - she almost cried). In any case, I don't wear that collar anymore because I've learned to not go over that way and I don't jump the fence anymore. BUT I ran after the bunny and then Joan came out, but I already knew I had done wrong. I turned around and rounded the garage corner and stopped and looked to see if Joan noticed. YEP, she was there about to yell at me to come back!

The other thing that I have to share (though Joan doesn't really want me to share this) is that the bunny leaves me treats -- bunny poop! The other day Joan found out. It had snowed and Joan was back there picking up my poop and then she saw it - tons of bunny poop (it is really small but lots of it) all in the backyard and in the raspberry bushes - that's why I go in there, too, but Joan told me to stop that too. In any case, Joan spent some time picking up all the bunny poop that day so I couldn't eat it. I wonder if she'll do that everyday?

I heard her talking to her sister on the phone. And she said something about the vet and then doing a test for parasites .... hmmm.... I know that those nasty ticks I get are parasites, but I think this has something to do with the bunny poop but I don't know what yet.

January 15, 2007

Vomit Weekend

The title says it all. On Saturday morning, Joan got up and let me out and gave me food but I could tell she wasn't gonna take me for a walk so I didn't eat any food. Instead, she let me up on the bed and we snoozed a bit longer. When we got up, I went downstairs, drank some water and them immediately vomited on the floor in two spots. Uh, oh. Joan shooed me outside. After I saw she was putting her shoes on, I ate some food. Then we went to the dog park. There were not that many friends there because it was a bit cold. At the far end of the park, Joan was throwing sticks for me to fetch on the iced up Mississippi River. All the humans were laughing at us as we skidded around on the ice. Joan chatted with some other humans and I chewed and swallowed a few sticks despite Joan telling me not to.

On Sunday morning, Joan woke up and came downstairs to let me out and at the back door, she saw a pile of vomited-up sticks. "Well that's not surprising," she said. She did not hear me do it like she usually does when I start to vomit because she had that loud air thing going in her room. (I slept on the comfy couch downstairs.)

Shall I also tell you that I'm getting the sense that Joan does not LIVE FOR ME. I mean, every night this weekend - even last night - she went out! Okay, so she was here with me all day or at least most of the day but that is just not enough. I'm getting needier and needier - I need my cuddle time on the couch with Joan.

Tonight I was on the couch while Joan was working on her computer in the office. I heard a LOUD POP and I ran like a cheetah and bulldozed into the office door. Joan looked outside and I guess the neighbor clears his sidewalk of snow with a 4-wheeler and it did something called a "backfire" and that is what I heard. It reminds me of that awful day, July 4th. In any case, I relocated to my bed in the office. It's a good thing I have so many beds (not even counting the couch, the leather chair, Joan's bed, the rug...) A dog's got to be versatile.

January 12, 2007

Uh oh, the vet

This morning it was very cold - Joan got up very early and left but when she returned we went for a walk. It was cold like 7 or 8 degrees plus wind but I don't mind (I have my fur coat). But the surprise was that Joan brought me to that place, THE VET. I started shaking like a leaf (literally!). They poke and prod me there and I remember it!

Joan weighed me and guess what? I'm plenty heavy - at 57.3 lbs. (Do you remember when I weighed 42 lbs after returning from the kennel last year?? I was skin and bones then- truly.) So I bet that means that Joan won't be feeding me 4 cups of food anymore and all those treats. I love treats.

The trip was pretty quick and not soooo bad. We were in that room with no windows and I was REALLY shaking then. The man came in and then another woman. The woman held me around the neck and the man poked something into my hind quarters - kind of a pinch. I didn't say anything. Then we got out of that room and Joan gave me treats which I gobbled up as if I hadn't been fed for days!

January 7, 2007

Silly blind Joan

Joan's asleep and I am stealing a few moments to tell you about how silly she is. I was out on my bed in the living room. I could hear her in the bathroom running water etc. She usually comes out to say goodnight and invite me upstairs (I don't always go up there especially lately because she has this cold water fan thing going and I don't like fans!). Anyway, tonight she came into the living room and pretty much, humans, unlike dogs, clearly can not see that well at night! She was talking to me but walking straight towards the stereo - not where I was. Ha ha. I was laughing inside. Then she must have remembered where the bed was and pivoted and then hit me in the head! Eeks. Then I could smell lotion on her hands (I love licking lotioned hands and body parts) and tried to lick her hands but she moved them away from me. Anyway, it is a hoot to watch her bounce around in the dark.

Earlier tonight we went over to visit Boli, the cat. Boli has been at home alone for a while so we go over and visit him every so often (another human is actually going over there every day but probably doesn't stay around a lot.) We go over and sit on the couch and get pet by Joan while she watches movies. She knows enough to do the double-pet (simultaneous petting me and Boli). I gave Boli lots of kisses. I can't believe I was ever mean to him and chasing him around when I stayed there once. Anyway, we are friends again.

January 6, 2007

Gulpy Cup

Hey Joan and I went to the dog park this morning which was very nice - though a bit icy and crunchy due to all the dogs and people who walk on it. When we got back to the car, Joan pulled out that funny yellow drink cup thing that her mom bought for me. This time, I really loved it. And I drank almost the whole container of water. It seemed so fresh - and I was thirsty! I'm sold now on it even though I was a little afraid of it at first.

At the park, Joan pulled a "dog whisperer" move. We watch that show a lot so I know all the moves. Some little yippy dog was barking and yipping at me and I was getting annoyed. Joan pointed her finger at the dog and said "shh, shh" like she does to me when I walk too fast or go after squirrels. The yippy dog immediately stopped making any sounds or bothering me. It was incredible. Way to go, Joan! Joan wonders if the dog's people would be mad at her for "disciplining" their dog but who cares - they were not close to us - and it got the dog off my back.

January 5, 2007


It finally snowed on Sunday night. Seriously I thought this was supposed to be a cold place we live in but we don't even get any snow. Joan took me down by the Mississippi River where I could run around and enjoy the snow. Here are some pictures of Monday.

Snow and Sun

River through the trees

On Wednesday, we went skiing at the golf course for the first time. I had a blast. I got to RUNNNNNNN the whole time. We also saw lots of kids sledding. They were impressed by my speed as I ran along Joan as she skied down a very big hill.

New things

I got two new things recently!

First I got a new bed! Here it is:

Bosco lying on new bed

Now I have three beds. I have one in the living room, one in Joan's room, and now this one in Joan's office. So I am always comfortable!

I also got a new toy - a tiger toy. I already bit its tail off so now it doesn't squeak but I still like it.

Tiger Toy

I also got a present for Christmas from Joan's mom and dad who were visiting - I like them. I'm warming up to the object. It is a drinking device. Joan squeezes water out into this yellow chute and I'm supposed to drink from there. Joan used it the other day and I was a little shy of it BUT I did drink from it. It's handy and better than drinking Mississippi River water!! That makes me hack and cough.


Here's what I see all the time when Joan comes down to my level to say hi:


Here's what Joan sees all the time:

Where have I been? Here in Mpls!

Hey, hey, I've been gone for a long time - thanks to my friends who emailed asking what happened??? Well, Joan has been home interrupting my usual sleep and typing time! She's been entertaining and then doing lots of work at home. I guess I do get to sleep BUT not my computer time. I'll update you with things that have been going on.

First Joan put up this silly tree again and made me pose in front of it. What bugs me is that it now makes it more difficult to see outside at all the trespassers on my territory. But I make due!

Bosco with Christmas Tree

Way back a few weeks ago, Joan had a big party. I was there, right in the thick of things (see me):

Bosco watching the party

I tried to stick with Joan most of the time. There were so many people there! Many of them I already know so I also had some friendly faces and hands to lick in the crowd. But when people were opening presents, I sat near Joan. Sometimes people would all laugh really loudly, and it made me a little scared and I'd have to nuzzle Joan.

About a week later, my good friends from Iowa came up to visit. I got to see Kaleb, one of my favorite little people (though, he's not so little anymore). I could tell he was a little sad - Joan told me his dog passed away just days before he came to visit me. I tried to be extra nice to him and his people, too, because I'm sure they were sad too. Here are pictures of me being nice and cuddly:




Lick again