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February 26, 2007


It snowed buckets on Saturday and Sunday. I will show pictures later on. Yesterday we went on a long walk along the river with Joan, Eileen, and Martha - my three favorite girls. I was "swimming" through the foot of snow. It was grand. When we got back to the house, I was worn out and slept all day. REALLY slept hard. Those girls are so slow walking in snow. I had to keep backtracking to encourage them to go forward.

Eileen said I was a Minnesota dog.

February 21, 2007

No more bat

We haven't seen any more bats - thank goodness. I don't like it when Joan screams like that.
Joan stayed home a couple days last week and I loved it especially because all she did was lie on the couch and I could snuggle with her. She says she was "sick". I'm never sick!

Speaking of that, last night I decided to go up and try to sleep on her bed. I snuck up there and she was reading a book. I jumped up on the bed and she let me stay.....bonus!!! Sometimes she makes me get down for nighttime sleeping but this time she let me stay.

On Monday, Joan was gone for a long time but my favorite guy, Tim, came over and let me out. I was SOOOO happy. I love that guy. Really. I get all wiggly. He is so cool because he gives me treats. He's a dog guy. And he lives with his mom (Doris) and she doesn't want to have any dogs so he gives all his dog lovin to me. I'm lucky. But I did see that his daughter (Ally) has a really small dog. We walked by her when she drove up and I saw the little dog. And then I saw Tim walk outside with that little dog. I was jealous so I barked at him and the dog! Not fair!!!! But I know that that dog doesn't live there all the time, so I still get dog lovin at other times.

When Joan got home, I wasn't as demanding as I usually am since I got the extra "outside time" while she was gone.

February 13, 2007

Understandable shaft

I'm getting the shaft - only a couple block walks. But it is understandable, I guess. Joan spent all day Sunday sick in the bathroom - she really was a mess - and didn't even walk me at all. Our neighbor, Tim, took me for a walk on Sunday morning and then Eileen, Joan's sister, came over in the afternoon. She took me out as well as did a bunch of things for Joan. She came over again on Monday morning. Joan just laid there ...forever and forever. But the benefit was I got to join her on the couch or bed. She finally took me for a short walk today but she is sooooo slow, not her usual self at all.

There was also another peculiar incident on Sunday night. Joan had gotten sick again and was on the couch again...exhausted. I was on my bed. All of a sudden, something started flying around the living and dining room really fast. Joan started screaming and put her head under the covers and called someone on the phone. She was screaming describing this thing she called a "bat". Next thing I knew, Joan dragged me (since she was screaming, I was a little scared) upstairs and closed the door. Then someone else called us back called "Animal Control" but they told Joan she had to deal with it herself since it was in our house (why would we call if it was outside?) and she owned the house. A few more phone calls and then Joan left me upstairs with the door closed and there was much discussion on a speaker phone about getting this bat out of the house. All I know is that it is gone. A while later, Joan came up and got me and I could go out to do my business before bed.

We do not like other animals flying around our house uninvited! We know that bats are really good animals because they eat mosquitos ....but they also can have rabies so it is not that great of an idea to get near them. We like them to be outside, eating mosquitos, not inside trapped.

So much has gone on since Friday that I forgot to mention that Joan did take me to the vet on Friday and I guess my teeth are clean now. They put me in a cage and then I was shaking a lot because I don't like cages. They put me to sleep and then I woke up in the cage and was kind of silly. A while later, they let me out and Joan was there! My back legs didn't work exactly right when going downstairs but they got back to normal later on.

February 9, 2007


The other day on our morning walk Joan took me to the vet. I don't like going there but this time, we went in and the nice lady gave me lots of treats. Yummy treats. And then we left.

Later that night Tim, my favorite neighbor, came over to our house which is really cool!!! He gives me treats so I really like him. I guess Joan is weak and couldn't get a cork out of her wine bottle so he came to help. But the important thing is I heard them talking about me getting my teeth cleaned. I don't know at all what they are talking about - I like my teeth just the way they are - nice to eat my food with.

Yesterday morning, after a fantastic run on the golf course while Joan skied, I got to thinking that maybe the teeth cleaning and the vet might be related. So I got really needy and instead of resting on my bed while Joan read her book, I tried to get up on the chair with her ... she told me I was not a lap dog and couldn't fit on the chair with her. I stood there and stared at her. Then I'd try to get on again or lick Joan. She told me to lie on my bed so I did that...for a while. I'm worried about this teeth cleaning ... is it like getting a bath? My last bath wasn't that bad at all.

February 6, 2007

Help us figure out this dog

One of my human readers sent me a picture of his dog, Baker. They are trying to figure out what he is a mix of --- my vote is that he's just like me:

Chocolate Lab + Red Doberman

What do you think?

Baker, the dog:
Baker the dog (picture)

Here are some pictures of red dobermans:

Picture of Red Doberman

Picture of Red Doberman

February 5, 2007

Bald Eagles

Joan told me I had to write that we saw two bald eagles on our walk last Friday night along the river. Personally, I did not care that much about these birds - they were high up perched on a tree above the trail where I was running around and playing with another young pup! But Joan and this guy who was walking his young pup where ooohing and aaaahing about these birds. We have plenty of birds around - don't know about the fuss. She tells me that not many people get to see these birds as close as we did.

Joan and I saw that guy and his pup again on Saturday. We must be on the same walking schedule except we didn't see them on Sunday, but I did see the other black dog that I bark at but not when I'm off-leash. His human was taking him down to the river, and I really wanted to go but Joan didn't take me that way - even after I turned and looked longingly their way. Joan said it was too cold and she couldn't feel her fingers. I mean what is the big deal about -35 windchill? I just don't like it when my paw freezes and I have to jump around on 3 legs (until Joan warms up my frozen paw in her gloves - she is so nice to me.)

February 4, 2007

Burning sugar

I was very worried about Joan today so much so that my whole body started shaking like a leaf, which doesn't surprise Joan anymore. She was cooking stuff on the stove and it kinda exploded over the pot and it was sugar and then it was on fire. That loud sound did not start (thank goodness - it scares the heck out of me) but it smelled bad and I was very concerned. Perhaps I should have been a fire-watch dog. Anyway, Joan didn't seem too phased but I was shaking until she said, "Why are you shaking?" Then I laid down on the floor --- still eyeing the scene with great care -- until she was done.

February 2, 2007

2 blocks!

Only a two block walk this morning. WHAT???

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