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August 27, 2007


Man, oh man, I saw one - actually many - of these things that are called frogs (the thing that jumped on Joan's lap the other day) up close! They are all over our yard. Last night while Joan was relaxing on the deck (actually I don't know if she was relaxing with all the mosquitos around but ... she also made her dinner on the grill) anyway, I saw a movement and ran over to investigate and it was a frog. A BIG FROG, Joan says. As big as the one on her lap. Geez. They are funny looking. I don't really perceive them to be baaaaadddddd like the squirrels in my old backyard but they are just interesting. They have funny skin and no fur, like me. And they jump. That's freaky. Anyway, I better just get used to them because we seem to have a lot of them in our backyard. At least they are not in the house. It is a frog-free zone. At least that's the way I'd like to keep - Joan better be careful before she brings any plants into the house. Frogs seem to catch a ride in them.

August 26, 2007

Joan's priorities

Today Joan left me all day again. I really think she should be here all the time - I think that is fair since she did leave me for 37 days this summer. You know??! But still she decides to take off. She went into the garage and got all this stuff including that big metal ladder and put it in her car and I did get in the car but there was no place for me since the back seat was down and the ladder was there. And, even if there was space, she made me get out. I wanted to go on a ride - or at least not be left alone. But she did.

She came home a little bit ago and it seems she was painting because she cleaned the paint brushes BEFORE we went for a walk. I had to wait, wait, wait. I don't get her - we finally are in a house where she doesn't need to do any improvements (read: more time to take me for walks ... we have only been to 2 of the 12 dog parks, right? we have work to do). But she decided to spend her energies painting her office at work. She seems to think it looks great - fine but what about my walk? and no trips to the cool Red Bud dog park - which is an island - that some guy told us about. I want to go there soon! I have a feeling it might even be better, if you can fathom it, than the Minnehaha Mississippi River dog park. We'll see - it would be an incredible feat if it was!

August 25, 2007

New friends

This morning we met new neighbors. The woman is named Suzanne and my fellow canine neighbor (a black lab) is Jake. Joan took me out for a walk and immediately the woman across the street waved at us and came across the street to say hi and welcome us to Texas. I was almost going to growl but I didn't so that I'd be good-natured.

Suzanne invited us over for a beer or iced tea (well, I don't think she offered that to ME) but I can play with Jake in the backyard. Sounds fun!

August 21, 2007

Where is joan?

Joan woke up kinda crazy this morning and took me for a very short walk. Then she got dressed really fast and then left. She fed me, but I was a little worried so I didn't eat. And then she was gone for 8 HOURS. Geez. I haven't been left for that long for a LONG time. I was super worried - will she return? - that I didn't eat any of my food. Then I felt sick and then I vomited in the kitchen because I felt so sick.

Then Joan returned! I should have known she would. She was really hot and immediately took off her clothes, saying out loud that she'd never wear pants again for a long time. She did put different clothes on and then we went for a walk. But before we left, I ate all my food. That easy - I just needed Joan to show up again.

August 19, 2007

My foot OUCH

Yawzaa. My paw is killing me. It hurts sooo much that I have to walk on my tippy toe toenails. Joan keeps hounding me to put this spray on it, and I try to run away because the spray makes it sting a bit. One night Joan was examining it with a flashlight, and she touched a really sore spot and I just kicked her in the face by mistake. It was just uncontrollable kick. I didn't mean it.

Tonight she stuck my paw in a bowl of warm soapy water. I didn't really want to do it, but it actually felt kinda nice. Then she dunked in more warm water ...then the spray bottle! I hope it gets better soon - otherwise I bet we're gonna have to go to the vet. I wonder if we'll have to drive 2 days to go back to our doctors near home? I was just kinda getting used to those people - they had lots of treats for me.

In any case, I'm sure I'm not exactly helping because it bothers me so I lick it a lot. Early early this morning, I heard Joan yell out from her bed, "Bosco stop licking" which I did, but I couldn't believe the ears on that girl. How could she hear it? Her ears are like my nose. Super sensitive.

She started giving me more pink pills too - she says it is all related to allergies.

August 18, 2007

New life in Austin TX

Well, Joan and I are now in a place called Austin, TX. While I miss my Mississippi River, there is also a river here - actually lots of them. I've been in one called Bull Creek - where there were lots and lots of other dog friends! We stayed with my dog cousins for several days - I actually thought that was where we were going - actually I thought we were just on a trip and we'd go home again to Minneapolis after a while, like what happened last summer.

But one day Joan took me in the car and we went to a new, different house and in it was all of our stuff! All the stuff that those people packed and took away last week. It was SOOOOO weird. My bed was there and my futon bed that I haven't seen since our house went up for sale. The coolest, best thing is that this house does not have that horrible place called a "basement" so I don't have to worry AT ALL about getting stuck down there like my former owners did to me. Joan never made me go down there (she's so nice) but I was always wary of it.

We stayed in our house on Saturday night but Joan was uncomfortable - I guess this thing called "central air" was not working well. She was really hot! So on Sunday we went back to Maura's house and to my dog cousins. On Monday, Joan was gone for a long, long time and returned late that night. She picked me up and we went out to the car. She put some of her plants in the car with us, so I figured we were going back to the place where all our stuff was. Well, it was a quick drive over (10 min) but something very surprising happened on the drive. All of a sudden, Joan said, "Oh my god" and she was looking in her lap and then she screeched, braking really hard and turning - I almost ended up in the front seat! Not very conscientious of my safety. She stopped and opened the door and then she moved her leg and swooped something off the seat. This thing ended up on the door's pocket area and then I saw it - a very large FROG. It was about 2.5" across in diameter - very big. Then Joan pushed it off the door and onto the ground, and we drove away. I think the frog was hiding in the plants! I'm glad it didn't jump on me - who knows what might have happened.

Joan has been home most of this week unpacking. I've been sleeping or walking around or sitting in the backyard. Here's a pic of me in the very messy living room while Joan was working on unpacking.

bosco in messy house

We've been walking around the neighborhood a lot. Lots of good, new smells. And lots of grass for me to roll around on. I like to do that. However, I get pretty tired pretty quick. It is HOT and HUMID here. Since Joan (well, I) broke my gulpy cup, I'm kinda thirsty. But I convinced Joan to order 2 more gulpy cups so we always have one around for walks or runs.

Yesterday, Joan and I went out for a short walk. In the middle of it - it started pouring rain. I'm not kidding - pouring. Joan and I stood under a big tree in the street for a while and we were not getting much rain but it just kept coming down. So then we started back to the house running. Joan was soaking wet! So was I but I didn't care. Actually Joan didn't care either. It was fun! Here are some pics of me after we got to the porch.

bosco looking at rain

bosco looking at camera, in rain

When it rains here, it REALLY rains!

August 16, 2007

Saying goodbye & Travel to Austin, TX

Well, we had to say goodbye to one of my favorite friends in the world, Tim, the guy next door who gives me treats and lovin' all the time. He's never got his picture on here, but Joan took a picture of me with Tim and his mom, Doris, who is just as nice to me.


How to say goodbye? We just played like it was any old day (except for the pictures). Otherwise, it is so sad to go...!

That night I also go to see my other great friend, Roberta, who came over since Joan and I did not leave on Sunday like we had intended. Plus, she came home early from her solo camping trip. Joan was sooo tired that she forgot to take a picture of me with Roberta. Joan was literally falling asleep at 9pm while Roberta was talking with her. Geez. Joan says she has about 8 weeks of sleep to catch up on (don't even ask about England...).

The next morning, Joan started bringing things out to the garage. When I saw the box on wheels come out, I got concerned. But then Joan also brought out my bed, so then I started wagging my tail (yea, I'm going with her). I decided I better just get in the car right away, so I hopped in the backseat and just got comfy. Joan spent a long time getting things in the car - there was a lot of stuff! This is how we looked when we were ready to go at 11:30 AM. I called it quite a jungle in there.

bosco in back of car.jpg

I actually really liked having the ficus tree in the back - I would snuggle under it at times. We took off and like I said, we stopped at the dog park so I could stretch my legs before our long drive and because Joan thought someone might have found my tags and put them on the fence.

We took off and after Joan got a phone call from her realtor who said we had an offer on our house, Joan was on the phone ALL THE TIME practically! Boy, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas just fly by when you have an offer on the house and are figuring out what to do! We stopped every couple hours and it was just fine. Joan figured out that she should just keep the car running and lock the door and put a note that says the car and AC are on so no one breaks the window - this allowed her to run into go the bathroom and buy stuff without worrying about me.

The first night we stayed in (boy I've almost forgotten already) Wichita, Kansas at a Holiday Inn - kudos for Holiday Inns who allow canine friends to stay there with their humans! I'll tell you ONE THING - I do NOT LIKE the thing called an ELEVATOR. We had to go on it several times and it just freaked me out. It felt like the floor was dropping out and I crouched down immediately trying to hold on. Hold on for your dear life. Dog friends - beware! I know some canines in NY and other cities ride these things everyday - I don't know HOW they take it!

The next day we got the heck out of Wichita and headed SOUTH! It took a long time but we got to Texas but even after we got into Texas it took us another 4 hours or so before we got to AUSTIN, our new home. There was traffic in Ft. Worth, Texas (several accidents) including us almost getting into an accident when Joan adroitly drove around a ladder in the middle of our lane on the highway - what a mess!

We finally got to Austin and we arrived at Joan's sister's house - her name is Maura and she has one husband, one son, 2 daughters, and 2 dogs - so I have 2 dog cousins. One is Brandy, an Australian Shepherd, who is cool because she's pretty submissive and then there's Bella, a Jack Russell Terrier, who I honestly can say I do not like. She's really out of control, and they don't even let us get near each other because I'd probably tear her to pieces because she's really snippy - she even bites Brandy. I would never allow that to happen to me. That's all I'll say for now...more later...bark bark.

Last Day at Dog Park

Here are some pictures of our last trip to the Minnehaha dog park - we were sad to go. I could tell Joan was emotional so I tried to just have lots of FUN to distract her!!!!!! I think it worked.

Minnehaha Dog Park, Sunday, August 5, 2007





The funny thing is I lost my identification tags sometime in the park, so it wasn't actually our last trip to the park because on our way out of Mpls, we stopped by again to see if the tags were left at the gate (they were not) but Joan let me run a short course through the park (no swimming though).

What's not right?

I've been missing Mpls so I grabbed Joan's computer and was browsing the news when I came upon yet another "child gets killed by pit bull" story. Granted it is just horrific that a child would die from one of my fellow canines, but the story clearly points out the problem. Just in case you are a little slow on the draw, I'll show you what's not right with this picture ... the humans involved!

From Kare11.com

"Boy killed by pit bull in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Police are investigating a deadly pit-bull attack on the city's north side Thursday.

Spokesperson Lieutenant Amelia Huffman says the 7-year-old boy was attacked and at a home on the 3000 block of Humboldt Avenue North just after 1 p.m.

Early reports say that the male dog, one of two adult pit bulls in the home, was chained in the basement of the home when the attack happened.

It is not known what triggered the attack, but the boy's grandfather said it was common for the child to play with the dog. He said he warned his grandson to stay away from the animal - and told his son that he thought the dogs were not safe to have in a home.

The boy's father suffered bite wounds to his arm while trying to stop the attack. He eventually shot and killed the dog.

The other adult pit bull was a female, there was also a litter of five puppies in the home."

Chain your dogs

Neuter or spay your dogs

By the way, Joan says that Austin city is really cool in regards to that latter point. It costs $5 to license me with the city of Austin FOR MY ENTIRE LIFETIME - as long as I'm spayed! For dogs not fixed, well, their humans have to pay $20 annually. Minneapolis needs to get on that very strong incentive program. Of course, there are also all the people who don't even license their dogs, so ... anyway.

August 15, 2007

Wowa lots of change

I have a lot to tell you all....the computer has been kinda inaccessible along with almost all my other familiar things. I'll just say tonight that a couple weeks ago, these really nice guys came and they took all of our stuff out on the front lawn and sidewalk. Joan said that I became a free-range dog because she let me walk around everywhere - back yard, front yard, side yard, sidewalk, etc. All the doors were open so I just wandered around - well, Joan was usually nearby but every once in a while, she appeared kinda worried and called my name out. And well, when she did that, I was kinda drifting away from her and who knows if a squirrel might have caught my eye.

Well, then I went with Joan and these guys drove their big truck to Joan's office and took all her stuff there, too. Then we went home and there was barely anything left!!!!!! There was, though, my small bed, thank goodness. Joan left me for a while there all by myself and then returned and started cleaning the house until very late - 2 AM she says and then up at 6 to do more. She had to then take me away for several hours as people were coming to see it again. I don't mind because I get more Joan Time but I think she might not like it so much.

That night we slept at Chris' house - who has that dog, Mollie, who is okay. I stayed there a bit when Joan was gone for 37 days. We had a fun time with lots of people and then I got to sleep near Joan - you can't beat that.

We then went back to our empty house and Joan cleaned more - Eileen even came over and helped Joan with a few things. I just watched them work. :-)

After that night we went on a long trip and I'll tell more about that in a bit....

August 2, 2007

Missing bosco

So I have to admit I miss that black Bosco I hung out with for several weeks. I've been kinda sad and distant, staring off into the distant backyard, kinda bored, too. Today though was exciting in a different way. 3 people came over and started putting all of Joan's stuff in boxes. I decided to hang out outside most of the day since I never knew who might come around the corner or box would be built. Later on, Joan left and she forgot to leave my bed for me so I didn't have anything to lay on while she was gone. I thought about the couch...but then decided the wood floor would be good in any case because it is so cool.

I just saw Joan come upstairs with that box on wheels - I'm no fan. I'm going to stick to her like glue if I can to make sure she doesn't go somewhere again for 5 weeks!