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September 29, 2007

Cement Slip

Today Joan took me to the Red Bud Isle dog park --- we took pictures there last time we were there but not today. It is a small island in the Colorado River where the dogs run free! It was pretty busy today because a bunch of volunteers were doing all sorts of projects like putting fences up and making picnic benches. I wasn't too worried or bothered by that - I just wanted to run around and fetch my ball in the river. Which I did. A LOT. Joan threw the ball for me and so did some kids who were there with their parents who were doing the fence. Joan even got in the river when I wouldn't go get the ball (I didn't see it!!!) and it was shallow enough for Joan to lead me out there.

One time a big Great Dane was out there with us and Joan got a little bit wet from that big guy jumping around in the water.

We had a fantastic time but then I did something that I guess was wrong but all I know is I was just walking around like normal. There were some people working and I went over to check them out, but then I ran over back near Joan. On the way there, I ran through something like mud - it was really squishy. Joan glanced over and said something like "Oh no bosco." Then I heard her tell this boy that she was really sorry but that I ran through their cement - she said, "I guess that's the hazard of the dog park." I guess cement is that squishy stuff and they want it to be perfect and not have deep dog prints in it!

I got to stay outside most of the day while Joan did all sorts of things like weed whack, trim bushes, and plant new plants. Oh, and mow our backyard. She thought I was pretty cool, when we were inside, she asked me to take care of the fly that was flying through the house. She was surprised because I DID. I caught the fly in my mouth (it kinda surprised me, too) and I ate it.

September 28, 2007

Got mail? I did.

Hey - I got some mail the other day. It was addressed to Joan and MEEE!

You should look at this video to show the unveiling of my long-lost ball that I left at Chris' house where I stayed for a week when Joan was gone this summer for sooo sooo long.

Click on the picture or this text to download the movie.

Picture of Bosco liking a parcel

I totally forgot that I was desperate to go on a walk with Joan. I had to reacquaint myself with my favorite, favorite toy - the green and purple ball. I don't know why but it is my favorite toy.

September 24, 2007

Treats are back! & the 5th Austin dog park ...

Last night Joan came home with bags of food. And she also had one special bag for me - she opened it and gave me what? TREATS!!!!!!! She actually only gave me one. But later, at night, she made me sit and down and I got a treat. Then she made me sit and wait and she walked across the room, then she squeaked one of my toys and threw it towards me ... I moved. She said, uh uh, and made me sit and wait again and squeaked my toy and rolled it towards me. This time I didn't dare move. I looked at the ball but sat still. Then she said, COME, and I went over to her and sat down facing her. She made me give her my paw and then she gave me another treat.

BTW, we also went to the 5th Austin dog park yesterday! It is Walnut Creek and now, we're talking a rival to Minnehaha dog park - well, except no huge Mississippi River. (I think we can honestly say that there is probably no dog park that has fresh water like the Mississippi River!). At this dog park, we walked for an hour and Joan said we didn't even make a dent in all the trails we can take. There was a creek and i got to fetch sticks for Joan there. There was a small cranky dog that came after me, barking, a couple times and I got really stiff and watched him carefully and then walked away.

The only thing that is different is on these trails you have to watch out for two things:
1. bikers - there are a lot people riding mountain bikes here (Joan has some idea that she'll bring her bike and ride while I run after her!)
2. there's a plant called a cactus that I learned is not that great. It pokes you even if you have really callused toes and paws like I do.

September 22, 2007

No treats for me

I usually always get several treats before bed. Joan makes me do things like: sit, paw, other paw, down, wait, come, down. And I get TREATS!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, for the last week or so, no treats! After I go outside for my nightime bathroom business, I have come in and I sit down immediately in the kitchen awaiting my treats. But none. One night Joan gave me a big bone to chew on but that wasn't the same. I like to play with those for a few days before eating it (I had a good time doing that but, still, the immediate treat was never had.)

I'm hoping that I start to get treats again soon. I deserve them, I'm sure you know.

The crazy next-door dog, Luna, is out barking her head off and trying to dig her way into our yard. Joan brought me inside but I can hear her now barking at the kitty-corner neighbor dogs (behind us ... who I like) but I guess Luna doesn't. I only see the big black fluffy dog, Bear, outside right now.

September 16, 2007

4th Dog Park

Today Joan and I went to the 4th new dog park in Austin. It was a long wait, though. Usually we go on a walk around 5pm ... and that means I start reminding Joan about our walk oh about at 3:30. Reminding usually comes in the form of ... if Joan is at the computer, bumping her arm or licking her leg or arm ... if she is just around... then it is licking any free part of her, making Chewbacca sounds and doing body contortions, getting really excited anytime she/I am near the door or my leash.

Anyway, tonight I really wanted to go out but first she brushed me outside on the grass. Then she tried to cut my toenails. Uh no. She did cut about 3 but I had enough of that. Finally, finally we got to go after this new friend of Joan's - her name is Melissa - and she likes me, arrived at our house. I guess we were waiting for her. We drove only a short way and then we got out and walked along Shoal Creek, and it was really cool! In places, it reminds me of my beloved Mississippi River trails (the water, as you might imagine is obviously not equivalent!!!). There is no swimming out into a huge river to fetch sticks! But I did get to wade around in the creek anytime I wanted as we walked. It is not all leash-free but a good enough part is. And we walked along these limestone cliffs - it was really cool.

I also saw my favorite kind of squirrel - a DEAD ONE. It was in the gutter and smelled DEAD. Too bad.

I was really thirsty when we got home but otherwise, very well-exercised.

September 9, 2007


I wanted to go inside but Joan was outside so I followed her out. But I kept getting bitten by these mosquitos. Joan finally noticed, and we went inside and she finished eating her dinner in the cool house and I was protected! It reminded me of the time I went on a backpacking trip (yes, I even wore a backpack) with Joan and one morning after leaving the tent to go to the bathroom, I stood at the door of the tent to go back inside. Luckily, Joan let me! In that case, it was something called "black flies" but I also got bitten by horseflies then too, on my tummy!

You can kinda see the puffy bumps around my eyes.

Bosco's eye

Bosco's other eye

September 1, 2007

What a day!

Today we had quite a day. I had a feeling we might just go somewhere and Joan got me into the car. I knew it! I was VERY excited - so much you can't understand. I was doing backflips and jumps etc. I got in the back and then even thought maybe I should jump into the front but then Joan told me no. First we went to a shop where Joan tied me up outside - it was very scary because people kept walking by and I was terrified of all these new people. Finally Joan came out - I was so relieved because I was even kind of getting myself all messed up with the leash, too.

As soon as she came out, we sat on the bench and she ate her food. Some man stopped and talked to Joan for a long time. I could tell Joan was kinda not into him because first he said something about what she was eating (a yummy pecan roll, she said) and how she didn't look like she eats those things. Then he went on to say how he didn't like fat women etc. Now, I'm a dog and even I know this guy said just about everything wrong if we was trying to woo any woman much less Joan. Generally he just wasn't respectful of others. So anyway, thank goodness Joan finally packed up her pecan roll and we headed out. I got SUPER DUPER excited again because we were going somewhere. I was YELPING and BARKING and JUMPING and RUNNING back and forth in the backseat. What a wild ride, but we haven't been anywhere for so long.

We finally got there and guess what? It was the Red Bud Isle dog park that someone told us about. I could run free! Joan thought it might be better than the Minnehaha dog park in Minneapolis, but I have to say it is not better. It is sufficient but not better - nothing can beat Minnehaha except large national forests! So here are some pictures of our time at the park --- but stay tuned that was not the only excitement we had today!

Bosco running away from black dog

Bosco in water

Bosco in water

Bosco in water

Bosco fetching balls with kayakers in background

While we were there, I got Joan really muddy as I'd come out of the water and then shake right next to her. And the edge of the water was really muddy since it rained last night, too.

PIcture of Joan's leg

Who needs a bath? While we were at the park, Joan also finished her pecan roll contentedly. Oh, man, then we went a REALLY SCARY place. First, Joan got lost a bit and then we ended up at the animal orphanage. It smelled like dog death and dog fear and sounded like kennel kacophony (I spelled it that way purposely!). I was shaking like a leaf. Is Joan going to leave me here in one of those kennels? I was absolutely terrified. She was talking with this woman and I was under the desk, shaking, and then I'd jump on Joan's lap. Joan made me sit and go in a "down" position. The people behind us said I was very good dog, but I just wanted to get the heck out of that place. After Joan gave the lady $5 and got me a new ID tag, we got to go and I can tell you I RAN FOR MY LIFE. I even tripped over this guy on the way out, I was in such a hurry. Close call.

Back at home sweet home, Joan brushed me (ohhhh nice) and put cold stuff on my back, cleaned my ears and then let me hang out on the front of the house. She read the newspaper out there. Then we decided to go on a walk and that is when it got more interesting again. This is what was happening down the street - it is on our route but we couldn't really take our route.

This might look like a normal house but look above the roof -- that's water.

Water shooting above a house

This was the problem!
Water shooting up from street

Hole in Street

Now, that was something. It was kinda fun because I got to get a nice fresh drink of water right from the gutter or the road, too. Joan usually doesn't let me drink any water in the gutter.

And at last we ended it like this: (my sweet eyes and warm muzzle on Joan's lap got me invited up on the couch!)

Bosco curled on couch with head on Joan's legs