October 29, 2008

Joan says I'm fat

Joan said last night that I'm getting fatter, especially around my neck and she can't see my ribs as much. I guess she's gonna cut my food down! The reason is she's been sick so we haven't been doing our normal several runs a week plus she's been pretty liberal with my food. Now, I guess it is going to be back to a strict 1.5 cups of food in the morning and night.

She better keep up with the treats though!

September 5, 2008

Off Day

I don't feel so good this morning. Not sure why but I decided to not eat my breakfast (YET!) and let's just say going to the bathroom was more of a production than it normally is. I probably ate something on our walk or run yesterday (there are always interesting things to eat out on the street on in people's yards) that made my stomach upset.

Last night Melissa slept over. She is a human. She didn't want to stay in her house because a dead rat is smelling up her house. I kinda understand her, as I hate to hear things in the wall, but on the other hand, the smell might be really interesting to me! I love smells that humans don't seem to like - like a rotting squirrel in the road that got run over.

September 3, 2008

Bones Part 2

Just so you know, that bone recipe makes bones that are kinda chewy. They are yummy but not crunchy!

Lots of freshly cooked bones

Bosco sees a treat

Bosco eat a treat - up close.

August 30, 2008

More Bones ...

Joan is making me bones again --- as I write this. It doesn't smell as good as that salami she's been taking out of the fridge in the last few days (I come running for that but she doesn't give me any.) In any case, she varied the recipe this time and she also did not take the time to roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to make bone shapes (what a laze).

She just put it out in the trays as if it was cookie dough, spreading it to the edges. Honestly, I guess I don't care.

Here's the recipe she used tonight (she doubled it from before cuz she had defrosted a lot of broth.)

6 cups wheat flour
1 cup dry nonfat milk
2/3 cups shortening
2 cups broth (make sure there is no onion, onion powder, garlic in it - those are toxic to dogs)
2 eggs
1 carrot, grated
1/2 small apple, grated
1/2 cup applesauce

Mix the flour and milk in a bowl. Cut in the shortening with a fork or pastry blender. Mix the broth and eggs in a separate bowl. Add broth mixture, applesauce, carrot, and apple to flour mixture. Mix until blended and the dough comes away from the sides. Add more broth if needed.

Roll out on a flat, floured surface to 1/4" thick. Cut cookies into shapes, if desired. Place on greased cookie sheet. Make sure you bake all the dough as doggies don't care if the shapes don't make sense.

Bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes until edges are brown and they look dry. Remove and cool treats. When all have been cooked, load all cookies onto one cookie sheet and put into the oven, shut door, and leave for 8 hours.

Keep in ziploc in freezer as these do not have any preservatives and will get moldy if left out. Remove bones daily for your favorite dog!

July 15, 2008


Guess what Joan did last night?

Picture of freshly baked dog bones

Yep she made yummy, yummy dog bones. WAY better than the ones that come from the box. These have real chicken in them and really yummy chicken broth, too. They smell SOOO great and taste even better.

Sorry I've been gone for so long. It has been a busy summer - with Joan working a lot so I don't have access to the computer as much as I would like! I do have some stories to tell so I'll try to post them soon.


March 17, 2008

Eating the Easter Bunny

Yep, I ate the easter bunny ... or at least a descendant, perhaps. I didn't really EAT him but I KILLED him, or at least that is what I was accused of over at Heidi's house. Here was the explanation to Joan:

"We found a dead bunny in the back. Bosco and Kona had definitely been chasing the bunnies around. We found the bunny dead; I'm sure it was one of the dogs and it wasn't Kona...."

So you are left with this riddle ... who did it?



Renata, the mom, gave me pets and said I was a good dog, though. She said her plants thanked me! WOWO, good dog.

January 9, 2008

More mail for me!

Wow, I got a package back before Christmas that I REALLY liked. Check it out:

Bosco's nose in a box of dog treats

Dog treats laid out on the table

Bosco sniffing the package called Liver

Bosco eating the liver

Not only were there treats in there for me, there was a big bag of holiday candy for Joan! I, of course, honed in on that too since there was chocolate in there. These treats came to me from the mom of one of Joan's old boyfriends. Her name is Carol and she lives in Wisconsin. I even stayed with her once when Joan went to California for Christmas. I did not get along with their dog, though. They have another dog now so who knows if I'd like the new one. I don't think Joan is taking me to Wisconsin anytime soon - at least I hope not because I'm not a big fan of all-day car rides. Short rides to the park are great, but 8 hours in a car, not so good.

Anyway, it was a GREAT surprise and I'm still enjoying these yummy treats because Joan put them in the freezer and is giving only a few of them to me at a time. You know me, I'd gobble them all up right away if I could.

December 13, 2007

Food & Squirrels

Last night Joan forgot to feed me. Well, she did feed me a little bit but only gave me a bit because I think it was not dinner time. But since I had convinced her, through bumping and nudging, to take me for an early walk, when we got back it was not dinner time, but I still wanted dinner. So she gave me about 1/2 of my dinner. But then she FORGOT to give me the rest ... I kept trying to remind her, nudge her, lick her, look cute, rest my head on her lap, jump up on her lap, lay at her feet .... nothing reminded her and I went hungry but with some pets and outside time (she interpreted my moves all wrong!). It was not until this morning, when she finally remembered she didn't feed me all my dinner. Duh! So I got a big breakfast. And then we went on a run that included going off-leash at the dog park nearby ... that is one of my favorite running routes. I also like the one down by the creek where I can also go off-leash but also jump and play in the creek.

On another topic: SQUIRRELS. Well, it took those damn MN squirrels about 3 months to find me down here, but I think the residents of our old house have found us and moved into the trees here in Texas. Not all of them though. In MN, we had easily 10 squirrels at any one time in the backyard. Here there are only about 3-4, SO FAR. Maybe some perished on their trek down I-35. Today I have had to be outside all the time to police these creatures. They are really bugging me. I have to bark at them, run after them, jump up 6 feet into the trees to try to get them, bark again, jump up on the garage, run around in circles, bark, sit on the deck with a watchful eye, locate another one, crouch down and get tense, then run and bark, and jump. I think you get the idea.

April 5, 2007

Grass, the other food

It's that time of year that my other food starts to emerge. It is called grass and it grows in the ground but it goes away up here in the winter when it is cold. It turns brown and then it is not fun to eat. But lately on our walks, I see a blade here and there and I run over to snag a little bit - it's been so long. Joan says that the dog doctors don't know why dogs like grass. Some people think it calms our stomachs; others think that our diet lacks vegetables. I don't know and I don't care except that I like to eat some now and then!

The problem was yesterday it snowed again - not much but enough to cover the ground and my grass.

But today it is gone again - the snow that is. Joan says that the funny thing is that I don't eat grass in my backyard - just grass when we are on walks. Which is true. I have too much going on in my backyard to have time to eat grass. I've got to watch out for squirrel invaders who come down the oak tree or jump from the house roof, garage roof, or fence onto the oak tree! There is also a bunny invader who lurks around the raspberry bushes (I saw him tonight and tried to get him and Joan yelled at me!). There are also sticks that fall down from the oak tree and I like to chew on them - Joan yells at me about that too. No chewing sticks! I do it anyway, of course. Occasionally there are cars and humans who go down our alley and I need to watch out for them too. Mostly, they just go by but if they happened to come into our yard, well, that definitely would not be okay!

Last week, some guys came over and came into the backyard. Joan was here and I was in the backyard. We were all there. They were looking at the backstairs. I was barking at them because they don't seem right - you know, first of all they are men. I don't trust men very often on first meeting. Really there is no second - only firsts. I don't trust them, that's it! Joan told me to stop barking but I barked again a little bit later just to remind them that I'm boss and don't try any funny stuff back here. They didn't - they left.

I just have to complain a bit. Joan has not been home every night this week. It is not fair. She says she has to do things like teach her classes and go to schools to help teachers and swim in the pool but I don't think these are really good reasons. I get really needy when this happens. Today I had to bring Joan's slipper into the living room with me. The other day, I had to bring her mitten. The day before that, it was her running shoe. Lucky for me, she at least lets me snuggle with her when she gets home. I get to lie on the couch with her. One night this week, though, she also let me sleep in her bed! I heard talking to someone and went upstairs and she let me on her bed. She was talking into that small metal thing. I snuggled up and stayed there all night. However, I think she didn't like it so much because she kept waking up and then waking me up!

Anyway, it's clear Joan needs me around here to watch the homestead while she is out galavanting around town (or what she calls work). Yeah, right. As long as I get to bring a Joan-smelling memento to my bed while she's gone, I'm okay! Gotta love those running shoes. They smell GREAT!

March 30, 2007

My food

Joan told me there's a bunch of pet food (cat and dog) that is making dogs and cats die!
I hope it is not the food you eat! Joan checked and thank goodness, my food is just fine.

We thought we'd tell you that I eat Eagle Pack Holistic Select . Lucky for me a few years ago, Joan switched from the Authority food at Petsmart (which happens to be on the recall list) to Eagle Pack. Joan says that Eagle Pack is about twice the price but it says to feed me about 1/2 as much as the other one. Joan has now settled to feeding me 3 cups a day. The bag suggests 2 cups - which she gave me and I was starving - then she went up to 4 cups after last year's kennel incident when I lost so much weight in one week - and now since Tim called me a "lardass" Joan has gone down to 3 cups - after being at 3.5 cups for the last few months. Boy, I bet that is all SOOOO interesting. I'm pretty active since we go on so many walks and runs, so I need a little bit extra food.

People also say my coat is very soft and I have ripply muscles. Maybe it is the food, maybe not.

What food do you eat?

March 20, 2007

Bone Recipe

Several of my friends have asked how Joan made my yummy dog bones. I asked Joan to write it down for all of you - here it is:

3 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup dry nonfat milk
1/3 cup shortening
3/4 cup (or more as needed) chicken or beef stock/broth
1 egg

Mix the milk and flour in a bowl. Cut in the shortening with a fork or pastry blender.
Mix the stock and egg together slightly in a separate bowl.
Add the stock mixture to the flour mixture and mix with a spoon or spatula or hands to form a sticky dough that moves away from the sides of the bowl. Add more stock as needed. (Joan says she probably used more like 1 cup of stock for ours.)
Roll out on a flat, slightly floured surface to 1/4" thick. Using cookie cutters, cut shapes into dough. Place cut shapes on greased cookie sheets (or parchment paper on cookie sheets). You may re-roll scraps and cut more shapes though the dough make get tougher the more you roll it out. Bosco says: Bake any left-over scraps because the dogs don't care if they are shaped or not!!!! The bone shape is really an aesthetic addition for the humans!!!

Bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes until edges are brown and they look dry. Remove and cool treats on rack. After all baking is complete, put all the treats on one sheet and put back into cooling oven. Shut the door and leave for 8-16 hours. Then keep in airtight container.

Joan got this from the newspaper and it was attributed to someone's cookbook, but we don't remember who right now!

March 18, 2007


Today Joan started mixing things in the kitchen. That is boring - unless she drops something and I snatch it up - but since that doesn't happen all that often, I chose to sit outside on the stoop on squirrel patrol. They taunt me out there.

In any case, in the end I discovered that what Joan was making was for ME!!!

Check it out:

PIcture of Dog Bones on cooling rack

I was lucky that Joan gave me a couple to eat. And I'm happy to report that I APPROVE.

Bosco the dog eating a bone

Bosco the dog licking her lips

She said that she used beef stock that was from when she made a beef brisket a while ago. Gotta love BEEF. I cannot even start to describe how much better they are than the ones she gets at the dog store. But I'm not complaining. I'll eat those, too!

November 18, 2006

Treats from that guy's pocket

That guy who keeps coming over (Chris is his name) is rising on my list of favorite people, despite the fact that he owns a cat. When he comes over, he gives me treats! And when we go on walks, he gives me treats. It is so cool! Joan usually doesn't give me treats on our walks but I really like it. Visitors with treats are cool no matter what.

Today we went to the dog park and I got to run around like a dog should. Then we had to wait for a long time to go through that door that then sprays stuff all over our car and I'm scared of it because we can't see out all the time and then there are really loud rain hitting our car and then a blower. Plus, my foot was bothering me because my allergies are getting bad again so I was just dang uncomfortable. When we got home, Joan sprayed my foot with some stuff that makes my foot fling backwards toward her because it stings a bit. Then she gave me a peanut butter pill - yum yum. Now I'm lounging (and typing) while Joan is a busy body cleaning up around here.

I heard that pretty soon I'm going to be able to type in my blog from anywhere in the house! Joan is getting something called wireless so I don't have to sit in her chair at the desk anymore which is pretty precarious because the chair spins. Now I can type while sitting in the brown leather chair (hee hee, don't tell Joan).

November 14, 2006

I'm a guest

My very good human friend, Martha, visited Joan and I on Saturday. I was very excited to see her and Joan had to tell me a couple times to sit down and even sit on my bed. They drank tea sitting on the chairs, telling stories to each other. Then they sat at the table and I heard things like bread (I love bread), turkey (I love turkey), stuffing (I'm sure I love stuffing), roasted root vegetables (I'm okay with veges - I like bananas better)....they went on and on about FOOD. I had to interrupt them a couple times to remind them they should be petting me.

Before Martha left, she said that I'm INVITED! I get to go to her house on this FOOD day coming up. I'm so excited and very humbled since I was really on bad behavior last time I was at her house. I chased Boli, the cat, around too much because he decided to sniff my food. Joan said that I won't be fed at Martha's so that I don't even think about chasing Boli.

October 22, 2006

Bones, bones, bones

This morning, Joan came home with groceries from a place called 'Trader Joes'. She says this is her favorite store but they won't let me in it so I don't know. She opened the backdoor, and I greeted her. As she brought the bags near me, I got my nose working. She was brining in one bag and I got a whiff ...and then I stuck my whole head in the bag and I wouldn't take it out. Ummmm ummmmm. When Joan finally yelled at me, I removed my head. When she was putting all the food away, she realized that my favorite bag had the various dog bones and treats she bought for me! Uh huh. I'm no dummy. My nose is no dummy. My nose knows. She gave me a new treat - it's a sort of meat stick. It was fantastic. Later on, I was out in the yard, and Tim came by and gave me another treat.

I'm gonna share some pictures with you - if you lived here, you'd know it doesn't look like this anymore! Unfortunately, it is cold and most of the leaves have fallen.

In the backyard (Joan was spying on me while I was lounging):

Bosco laying in leaves in backyard

The next ones are action shots at the dog park on October 8th. Some are blurry but that's cuz I move SO FAST:

Bosco running with ears flapped up

Bosco jumping over a downed tree - in midair

Bosco running around a tree

Bosco running in the yellow leaves

October 8, 2006

Good nose

Last night was so funny. Joan came over before bed to say goodnight to me and she had her head down near my body. I smelled a treat and started sniffing, sniffing, sniffing....Joan thought I was sniffing her hair or the lotion she had put on her hands (I do love to lick lotion, too) but the treat was more of a lure. Sniff, sniff, sniff. Then Joan moved a bit and I zeroed in on the pocket of her sweater. And then Joan started laughing because she remembered there was a treat in there. There's no fooling me!

Yesterday Joan and I were outside almost the whole day. First we went on a walk with her two friends who were visiting. We went down along the river. Then Joan raked leaves forever. Then she started digging up the yard and putting these pieces of rock in. Funny how it is right along the path I like to run. Right now I'm not running on it because there are these pieces of rock that stick up on the grass so I just jump over them. I think she is not done yet but I'm not sure I'll like what she's doing in the end.

We have loads of pictures to show you but Joan's sister took the cable and did not return it and then left for 2 weeks. >>>>>>>>>>>> We are sad about that.

April 21, 2006

Tricky Business

Joan took some pictures of me last week at the dog park but she hasn't downloaded them onto the computer yet for you'll have to wait.

In the meantime, I'm disappointed in myself because Joan keeps tricking me, and I keep falling for it. It is that dang pink pill she keeps giving me. She'll throw it under my food but while I'm eating, I'll come upon it and then spit it out on the mat next to my bowl. Then the next thing I know, I return from being outside and do a "walk-by" my bowl and smell something - mmmm...peanut butter...and then I eat it up. Guess what? The pill is in the peanut butter. I keep falling for this trick day after day. I'm such a food hound that the peanut butter lulls my brain, and I can't think straight and just eat it up. Then, my brain starts working again and I realize, oops, I just fell for the trick again!

I hear that other dogs fall for this, too, so I won't feel SO bad about it.

December 11, 2005


No wonder Joan has been in the kitchen so much! She had a party. I could tell something was going on because she was moving all the chairs in different places and then she started putting some nice looking food on the table in the dining room. Much more accessible to me, I thought, than the countertop! But she wouldn't let me get any of it.

But we did get to go to the golf course and she skiied and I ran around. (Now, I realize this was a ploy of hers to get me to be calm at the party.) Ploy it may be, I was happy to run around.

Then the people started coming - first Eileen and Martha and Ann - I know all of them and was very happy to see them. I really wanted to jump on them but was trying my hardest to control myself. Martha noticed. If I don't jump, then my body just becomes a wiggling mass because all my happiness has to come out in some way, so I wiggle. But then lots more people came - many who I have never met. But I could tell that some of them are dog people - they have their own dogs, so I was just fine.

Ray let me lick his hand and so did Pat. Jayson dropped some food on the ground and I got to eat that. Ann wasn't looking and I took a lick of her food - then she saw me. Oops. Walker sat with me on the floor and petted me a lot! Most of the time I was walking around because Joan was walking around and not in one place.

The toughest time for me was when they were all opening presents and were crowded in one area. And then Pat and Lori sat on my bed! Can you believe it? So I didn't have a place to sit. And then the people moved the chairs in a way that blocked me from getting back into the circle, near Joan. But then Jim saw and he moved the chair so I could get in.

At the end of the night, they did a crazy thing to me. It was just Walker, Valerie, Eileen and Ann left. I could hear Valerie talking about testing your dog's intelligence but I was also napping so I wasn't listening too hard to her. The next thing I know, Joan has some treats in her hand. For the first one, she put it under a kitchen towel. At first, I was thinking, "where is the treat?" But then I smelled it under the towel. I looked at Joan because I wasn't sure if I should go ahead and mess with the towel to get the treat. She didn't say anything to me, so I went ahead and put my foot on the towel and used my nose to push under the towel and get the treat. Easy enough.

Then Joan put the second treat under a plastic tupperware. I saw the treat and pushed it with my nose and the plastic moved. Again, I looked at Joan to see if she was going to help and she did not. So I kept pushing it with my nose and it just kept moving on the wood floor - almost under the couch. Then they were talking about how the test might be different on carpet vs. wood floor. Eileen moved the treat and plastic thing to my bed and then I pushed it against a piece of furniture, overturned the plastic container and got my treat! They all clapped for me. Maybe they had had too much to drink because those are not really difficult tasks. Anyway, they all said I was smart - I already knew that. ;-)

After a while everyone left and Joan turned the dishwasher on and we went upstairs to bed. It was pretty late!

November 23, 2005

I'm a carnivore

I'm not sure these pictures need explanation besides the fact that the white blob on the cutting board was a huge turkey - MEAT - that I really wanted to get a look at. Or even better a taste of. Joan was doing funny stuff to it. She stuck her hand under the skin and pulled it away from the meat and then put some red stuff inside there. Her hands were all red!! It was funny. I wish I could get that refrigerator door open but it is too high for me. :-(

Joan is spending too much time in the kitchen. I want her to lounge on the couch with me, my new favorite place. At least I'm hopeful that I might get some of the food that she's diligently making!



November 20, 2005

My weekend

Joan took me to the park yesterday, and I had a great time there. I liked the dogs there and was running around with them or I was going into the river. Here's a picture Joan took of me - if you look hard you'll see that she caught me with my tongue out of my mouth!! Geez.


The only thing that I did NOT like at the park was at the end, when we were walking back up to the car, three dogs came over to me and then one jumped on my back. I was not at all happy about that. I squirmed down and then the three were over me and I was growling at them at this point. I could tell Joan was mad at the dogs and their people were not very effective in getting their dogs away from me. I ran ahead of Joan and we escaped. Phew.

Later that day, Joan gave me a bone to chew on. :-)
I love bones.


I got to see Chris and Anneke - Joan's friends this weekend. I can tell that Chris has her own dog...I can smell it. Anneke does not have a dog but she took care of me a while back so I like her a lot. I did not jump up on them - Joan is making me be very courteous when people come over.

September 2, 2005

Morning Routines

I thought I'd tell you about my morning routine. First, I usually sleep downstairs on my red bed. Then at about 5am, I quietly go up to Joan's room where there is another bed - yellow and gray. Sometimes I sleep upstairs all night but that is when something scares me in the evening like fireworks or thunder.

Anyway, so like this morning, between 5am and when Joan's buzzer goes off, I alternate between sleeping and going up to the open window to look at the squirrel traffic in the trees. I just lay my head on the windowsill and look out. Sometimes, the squirrels really get me mad by making sounds and, then, I bark and thrash around. Then Joan yells at me. She's afraid I might break through the window screen and fall out the window! I wouldn't do that, though. Usually, I just watch the squirrels. Then when Joan's buzzer goes off, I go to the other side of the bed to greet Joan. Usually I jump up and put my front legs on the bed (it is a tall bed so I can't see her otherwise). If any part of her body is not under the covers, I lick it. Usually it is her arm, hand, or leg. Hee hee. Joan pets me a little until the licking bugs her and then she tells me "just a minute." That means - go lie on my bed for 10 minutes and return. She says I'm a natural snooze.

Sometimes the squirrels drive me so crazy or I really have to go to the bathroom or I'm really hungry and then I might whine a little. That usually gets Joan up!! This morning I took a different tactic and jumped up completely on the bed - twice! Ha ha. (Joan lets me sleep on the bed in a thunder storm, so I know how to get up on the bed now. I'm so lucky that I'm so scared of loud noises because I get benefits.) Anyway, we go through this process until Joan finally gets up and then I know I'm going to go outside and tell/show the squirrels what I really think of them, and go to the bathroom, and eat my breakfast, AND go for a walk. What a fantastic time of the day!

Anyway, that's my morning...what's yours like?

July 18, 2005

My typing hiatus

Joan has been monopolizing the computer the last few weeks. She would go to work and then come home and work on the computer forever! She said she was doing something called a "grant". All I know is that she did not get a lot of sleep because I'd check on her and she'd still be working late in the night and up early, too. That's not the way I like to live. At least she was working at home because she would let me sit outside all evening as long as I wanted. I love it outside - just love it! I finally have a chance to get at the keyboard now that she's done.

We also got to go to the dog park on Saturday night, too. Finally. I haven't been there for 2 weeks I think. It was great because it was so hot out, and I like to swim in the Mississippi River. As is the usual, the park was different again. We haven't had any rain, so the river was really low and we could walk all along the river shore the whole way down the park. There weren't many visitors at the park on Saturday evening - probably because it was 100 degrees out - so the human people didn't want to be out.

On Sunday, Joan kind of slept late (8:30). In the meantime, my stomach was really empty so I had to throw up, but Joan did not hear me do it because the machine that I don't like that blows cool air into the room was on. I'm scared of it. Anyway, Joan found it, though, as she went to get my bowl because I threw up right there. Later, she stepped in another spot that she hadn't seen. Oops, sorry about that!

Hopefully now that the "grant" is done, I will be able to blog more often and hopefully Joan will take me on long walks again and start running with me since it has cooled down a bit.

June 29, 2005

What's it like to be in a fur coat?

It has been very hot here lately. Since I'm in a fur coat, I get really hot quickly. Joan is nice to take me to the dog park so I can take a dip in the Mississippi River. However, when it is so hot and humid, Joan stops taking me on her runs which is a bummer for me because I LOVE TO RUN. But, I do know that I would just get overheated. Joan always can tell that if I start trailing behind her, it is a very bad sign, and then we start walking.

Last week, Joan went took me and my food and bed over to Camp Bosco at Martha's house. I was happy to see her and Boli, the orange tabby cat. I gave Boli a kiss. Then Joan left - I saw her drive away and was a bit worried. But then the fun began. Martha and Miguel would take me to the golf course every night and I would RUN really fast. Then I would also go into the pond and then I smelled kind of bad, so they washed me when we got back to the house.

I also met a nice 9-year old boy who was living next door. He really liked me and went to the golf course with us a few times. However, he tried to call me but I always listened to Martha or Miguel, not the boy. I mean, I don't trust him because I barely know him. The boy who lives behind Martha who is about 3 or 4 is still scared of me because I ran him over (by mistake) last year. Miguel threw a stick for me and I just turned and ran after it and the boy was in my path and I mistakenly knocked him over. oops!

On the second morning, when Martha put my food bowl down, Boli tried to eat my food. He went up to it and started licking and eating my wet food - I was stunned and did not know what to do. I just sat there. Then, Martha moved Boli away and then I could go and eat my food up. The funny thing is that (don't tell Joan) Martha and Miguel overfed me big time! It was great! Miguel would feed me two scoops of food in the morning (usually I get 1.25 cups) and then sometimes, Martha would get up later and feed me again. Ha ha! And then I got dinner, too, and treats. Then Joan returned on Friday and I was SOOOO happy to see her! I jumped up and gave her a kiss!

On Saturday, Joan took me to my dog park again so I could get some exercise and cool down. It was fantastic! We spent about 2 hours there and there were so many people and dogs. Look at this photo of the crowd:


While we were there, someone saw a person swimming down the middle of the River. Then, about 5 minutes later, we saw all sorts of fire engines, police, ambulances on the other side of the river that has an access road. Then the St. Paul Police boat came up and down the river - but by that time, the swimmer must have been way down the river. We never heard what happened but it didn't seem like the man swimming was in trouble but maybe he was.

We spent most of our time with Joan throwing sticks into the river and me retrieving them. I would just do it over and over. I would get out, drop the stick, and then look at Joan, wagging my tail. She would say, "More?" Wag wag. And she'd throw it again.


One time, two dogs were both clutching the same stick. They were both growling. Someone near us said, "That is not good." Then all of a sudden, DOG FIGHT! The german shepherd started biting the other dog on its neck. One man jumped into the water and pushed agains the german shepherd (who wasn't even his dog!) to separate the two dogs. The other dog being attacked was his dog. Finally, they got separated. Joan was happy for me because she knows that I would never do that. If someone else growls at me and wants my stick, I just give it to them, no problem. We saw that man, Gus, later and he actually had been bitten by his own dog in that confusion. He showed us one of the wounds on his side - it was bleeding a bit. He didn't even realize it until he was far away from that area.

We told Gus to go look at the downed tree - every time you go to the dog park, it is different. Like last week, we couldn't even make it to the end of the park. This time, a huge oak tree had fallen down so I went out on it to investigate.


When we got home, Joan gave me a bath outside in the front of the house. I did not mind it since it was cool water and this fur is so thick and hot! Plus, then I for sure won't smell like pondwater anymore.

More recently, it has been raining and thundering. I do not like thunder - I have to run to wherever Joan is so that I feel safe when it happens.

February 11, 2005

I'm just warming up the couch for her...

Joan went out after my dinner last night. Since she had left, I was compelled to snuggle up on the velvet daybed with the blankets that she left. I like it much better than my own bed on the floor. As usual, I usually know that I won't get caught because I jump down before she comes into the room (unless she surprises me by coming through the front door). In any case, last night she returned home and, after letting me out in the backyard, headed to the living room and went to sit down on the daybed/couch. What she immediately realized was that I had warmed it up for her. The spot where she usually sits, was all warm from me having been there. Shoot, I got caught again! She would never have known had she just made her dinner and let the couch "cool off."

On another note, she took me to the vet on my walk last night. I hate that place so much I try to pull my hardest by it (never works). And then, as soon as I enter, I start shaking all over. There was a cat in a cage and two scary people sitting in chairs and that nurse who seems pleasant but.... Luckily, she just made me sit on this black floor area, and then she told me I was 45.8 lbs. Some people think I'm too skinny. Joan feeds me this really good food and even gives me extra now because some people think I'm skinny, but the vet says I am just fine. I prefer to be slim like I am as compared to the pure-bred labs that get to be 100 lbs! I can tell you, though, that I'm always on the lookout for food - a very lab-like characteristic! The other day I tried my hardest to get a half hot-dog bun that was in someone's yard behind a fence. Joan got me to continue walking but I would have appreciated the extra snack. I can tell you that I always know when Joan gets ham out to make a sandwich. Instantly, I'm in the kitchen, up on hind legs, seeing what going on on the countertop!

January 3, 2005

Dog Bowls

One of my fine friends, Barry (he has posted comments on my blog), sent me an email suggesting that my owner, Joan, purchase this fine set of elevated dog bowls - see picture below.


Unfortunately for me, Joan recognized that such a fine bowl really is not the right thing for me since I am not very lady-like in my eating. She puts my bowl of food down and I literally inhale my food in about 10 seconds' time. Sometimes I eat so fast that I kind of snort while Joan yells at me to stop eating so fast. (I don't listen to her.) Then I think it is funny, after I'm done, to saunter over to Joan and then look at her, licking my chops, and then burp -- I just can't help it after eating so fast!

December 21, 2004

I am my name.

As you may recall, my name 'Bosco' is a type of chocolate syrup -- like Hershey's syrup. It is sold on the east coast. In any case, I continue to seek my namesake. I really don't know what has come over me an neither does Joan. She came home and fed me and we went for a VERY cold walk- well it was cold for her but not for me. Then we got back home and she ate a piece of fudge that she made this weekend and then she had some food (her usual thing to eat her dessert first). In any case, she was in her office getting her computer set up to do some work and she must have heard the big CAPLOP that I made in the kitchen. She came running out and found me in the dark kitchen. I was looking at her with the ziplock bag of fudge on the floor behind me. Do you think she noticed? I tried to pretend it wasn't there but she definitely saw it and started reprimanding me. Since I had just done it, I really did know why she was reprimanding me. I just sat still taking her verbal reprimand. I mean, really what is she going to do? She loves me so much she wouldn't really do anything mean.
But I guess she does know that if I had eaten all that fudge I might have died (see an earlier post about me getting into the cocoa powder). She was well aware of this and had been putting the fudge in the cabinet while she was at work. I definitely can't open the cabinets. Oh well...this is my life!


December 13, 2004

Comparing Decembers

Last year at this time of the year, Joan had some guy doing work in the kitchen. I don't know why she needed to remove everything and put new stuff back in there - everything was working fine in terms of me getting food and water, so she's crazy. But this guy was crazier because he had what Joan called an "air compressor" and it was very loud. I hated it so much that I sought refuge under Joan's desk where she was trying to work. I was shaking and drooling because I was so scared. See the picture below.


That was last year!!! Now on to this year. On Saturday, Joan came home from being away from me (I don't know why she must leave) but she got to the door and let me out into the yard. As I stepped out onto the stoop and turned to race down the stairs, I saw this big green thing propped against the house and you know me, I am afraid of new things - especially if they are tall and green and in my "space". I cautiously approached it and smelled it and it smelled much like a tree but did not look like one. It was very narrow and had this plastic netting around it. Weird. In any case, enough for me to ignore it and run around like a maniac in the yard. Joan and I went on a walk and then she got out a saw and started sawing on this tree. Usually, I would just pee on it. This is a weird thing to cut its trunk. Whatever. Then she propped the door and actually brought it into the house and into my living room area, near my bed. What!?

In a few minutes it was up in a stand and I still wasn't sure what to make of it. She gave it some water and then just left it there for a day. I didn't bother it.

New day: But then the following day she actually plugged in these lights and strung them all over and then put ornaments on it. This was occuring all while I just lay on my bed slightly sleeping but also keeping an eye on her. She put everything away and was sitting on the couch looking at it, so I got up and walked over (my chance to investigate this further while Joan is very nearby so I don't get too scared.) You won't believe it! She put things on this tree that I might like to eat later. I was sniffing around and there right at my level was a string of pretzels with a bow on it. I know it was because I sniffed it and licked it. Oops - she must have seen because then she moved it higher up. I'll have to investigate whether I can get it when she is not here.

This morning she went and moved another ornament after I sniffed it. It was a bunch of cinnamon sticks wrapped with a bow...sure enough she saw me sniff it and then walked over and moved it higher in the tree. Bummer - I was just waiting for her to leave for work so I could investigate all of these edible things in more depth. No need to go to the kitchen to find stuff - it's all here right near my bed.

This is way cooler than last December. The tree is quiet and has interesting, smelly things on it. Cool!!!


November 8, 2004

Chocolate Adventures

Chocolate is very bad for dogs because it has a chemical much like caffeine that makes our hearts race and we essentially can have a heart attack. But in the past few months, for some reason I've been interested in chocolate - or perhaps I am just up to no good and it happens that Joan has chocolate around when I'm up to no good.

First, there was the time when Joan was painting to the door to the spice cabinet so it was gone. I was bored and decided to drag out a bag of cocoa from Joan's favorite Spice Company, Penzeys spices. So this is GOOD cocoa. Joan came home and saw that all my water was gone from my dish and knew something was up (I usually don't drink while she is gone). Then, she found it - cocoa all over the rug! The vacuum still smells like cocoa when she uses it. Anyway, she called the vet but he said that I was doing okay based on the fact that I wasn't lethargic or panting heavily. Phew! Now, Joan bought a safety fence and doesn't let me go into the kitchen when she's gone. ....but....

While her parents were here, Joan and her mom left to go shopping. They had left part of a cookie on the counter for Joan's dad who decided to stay home with me and take a nap. Well, while he was sleeping, I smelled to chocolate bar cookie and went and got it from on the counter. Then, the funny part is that when Joan and her mom returned, her dad said, "Why did you two eat my cookie?" Then, they looked at me, but I just acted innocently.

Then --- there was the day when Joan unfortunately saw evidence of foil in my dog waste. She was wondering, "what did you eat that had foil on it?" Then she remembered that she had recently unpacked some boxes (during remodel) and one had a glass dish with a couple Belgian chocolates in it. She put the dish on her bookshelf - she even saw me sniff it once. Sure enough, she came home from the walk and confirmed that the dish was empty. But the most amusing thing about it - is that she asked her mom if they had eaten the chocolates and her mom said that she saw that the chocolates were gone and the dish was about to fall off the shelf - and SHE wondered why Joan would have left the dish like that! Boy, I make everyone confused because they never expect that I would do these things.

Well, those are my chocolate adventures. I really should stop eating that stuff!

September 4, 2004

Mississippi River

Today, I got to go on a picnic. Well, Joan only gave me a tortilla chip so she got most of the food. I was let off leash and was very good to only fetch a stick and not run away after squirrels. We then went all along the M. River along the western bank. There are many "beaches" along there so I went swimming and retrieved sticks from the water, like a good labrador retriever. I saw two other dogs - a polka dotted mix and another brown dog like myself. There were also people fishing and sunning themselves as well along the river. I saw a big, dead fish and was just about to roll myself all over it when Joan saw what I was about to do and called me vehemently to move away from it. So I did - no problem - I was just as happy to run and jump in the water.
I'm also being trained on an invisible electric fence. So far, I gotten 3 shocks - none since last Sunday night. Today, Joan let me off leash in the yard and I haven't gone beyond the flags yet, even when I see a squirrel in the neighbor's yard. I think I know what I'm doing, but Joan doesn't trust me totally yet.

Well, I'm bushed. I'm going to take a little nap...

September 2, 2004

My name...


Bosco is a chocolate drink. Joan changed my name from Coco to Bosco because it was more unique. Plus, there is a funny Seinfeld episode that involves Bosco, the chocolate drink.