February 29, 2008

My birthday weekend

Wowa, I've been off the computer for a while. Joan is HOGGING it all the time! And now we only have one computer so we have to share. My adoption birthday was January 26th that is how delayed I am in writing about it. It was a fantastic weekend - maybe, just maybe, I got worn a bit out. First of all, Joan's friend, Lee, came down here from Minnesota - I think just for my birthday! Isn't that nice of him?

On Saturday, we went down to Town Lake and walked along the river. When we got to Auditorium Shores, I got to be off-leash since it is a dog park there. Here's Joan and me at the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Joan sitting in front of statue and Bosco standing

Joan was happy though she doesn't look it too much. We think the guys in the background are funny. It was in the 70s Joan says which you can't beat in January. Nothing like wearing sandals, Joan says.

Joan and Lee sat around in the grass talking while I went on squirrel patrol in the dog park. I think they were pretty happy to sit in the sun!

Lee and Bosco sitting on grass

As for me, I was working. I had to let those squirrels know who was boss. Some of the other dogs tried to help me out with my job which was okay. So I spent my time running over to a couple different oak trees just when the squirrel had taunted me enough by coming down out of the tree onto the grass. Those squirrels. I would take off, running at them, a few other dogs might come too, and we'd jump up the trunk of the tree. Then, I'd turn and run back to Joan and Lee and wait for, yet again, another opportunity to police. I did this for quite some time!

After a while we walked to a restaurant but unfortunately, they wouldn't let ME accompany the humans to the table outside. So, instead Joan and I waited while Lee got some food and then we (um, they) ate in the grass outside the restaurant (it was very casual) - plus other people were waiting for a table and drinking beer and other drinks while they waited. It was kind of a fest. The only thing is a lot of people think I'm cute and they want to come over and pet me. Now, we know that I AM cute but I AM also a little scared. So one time I almost knocked over all the food by cramming my body into Joan when someone tried to pet me!

This wasn't even the end to my birthday weekend. The next day we drove out to a park where we hiked around more. We got to cross a stream ...

Bosco crossing stream

and I also did some incredible rock climbing - here's a picture of me as I come down from a rock about 6 ft high (no kidding).

Bosco as she comes down off the rock

When I jumped up on it, I was above Lee's head! Joan was very scared for me but I managed just fine. You'd think by now she'd know my excellent climbing capabilities.

Anyway, I'd say I had a good birthday - especially with visitors just for me and all. Only, I didn't get a bone.

December 13, 2007

Food & Squirrels

Last night Joan forgot to feed me. Well, she did feed me a little bit but only gave me a bit because I think it was not dinner time. But since I had convinced her, through bumping and nudging, to take me for an early walk, when we got back it was not dinner time, but I still wanted dinner. So she gave me about 1/2 of my dinner. But then she FORGOT to give me the rest ... I kept trying to remind her, nudge her, lick her, look cute, rest my head on her lap, jump up on her lap, lay at her feet .... nothing reminded her and I went hungry but with some pets and outside time (she interpreted my moves all wrong!). It was not until this morning, when she finally remembered she didn't feed me all my dinner. Duh! So I got a big breakfast. And then we went on a run that included going off-leash at the dog park nearby ... that is one of my favorite running routes. I also like the one down by the creek where I can also go off-leash but also jump and play in the creek.

On another topic: SQUIRRELS. Well, it took those damn MN squirrels about 3 months to find me down here, but I think the residents of our old house have found us and moved into the trees here in Texas. Not all of them though. In MN, we had easily 10 squirrels at any one time in the backyard. Here there are only about 3-4, SO FAR. Maybe some perished on their trek down I-35. Today I have had to be outside all the time to police these creatures. They are really bugging me. I have to bark at them, run after them, jump up 6 feet into the trees to try to get them, bark again, jump up on the garage, run around in circles, bark, sit on the deck with a watchful eye, locate another one, crouch down and get tense, then run and bark, and jump. I think you get the idea.

October 17, 2006

Squirrels Sounds

Okay this morning the squirrels were really bothering me. They were taunting me to the max. I was crouched on the patio while this one squirrel just kept screeching at me and then he got lower and lower on the tree and then onto the ground until I couldn't stand it anymore and I had to run after him and he went back up the tree. Joan got this on tape - you can listen to the squirrel for nearly 2 minutes. Unfortunately, I am a stealth hunter so I did not make a ton of noise or anything when I went after the squirrel. But you'll hear towards the end of the sound file - you can hear me run towards the tree, you can hear my paws on the side of the tree as I jumped on it, and you can hear me huff and puff - and of course the squirrel going kinda crazy.

Listen to the Squirrel

Then Joan came out and expected me to go inside because she needed to leave. What the heck? I'm in the heat of the hunt and she expects me to 'go to the bathroom' and retreat into the house? I just ignored her and kept my stare up at the offending squirrel. She kinda got insistent though so I went inside - not without one more look up at the oak tree to dominate that rodent.

February 13, 2006

Squirrels in my backyard

This morning the squirrels were really bugging me! Actually, I kind of like it. When Joan and I returned from a morning walk, there were tons of squirrels playing in the oak trees overhead. They make "che che che" sounds from their mouths, and "swoosh swoosh" from their tails, and "ratatata" from their feet cluching on the oak bark. I was standing on HIGH ALERT waiting for them to fall or come near me. I wouldn't even play ball with Joan - I had to know exactly what was going on with the squirrels. Joan got bored and went inside, but I stayed outside eyeing them. After a little bit, Joan made me come in while she took a shower (I think she's afraid I might jump over the fence...and you know how I've done that before!). When she got out, I started whining and she let me out again and I went tearing after a squirrel that was on the fence. Unfortunately, he took a quick turn into the neighbor's yard, and I lost him. But I stayed out there, sitting on the snow ready to pounce if a squirrel dares get close to the earth or swishes his tail near me on the tree. I can jump about 6ft in the air, up the trunk of the tree, so sometimes I scare the squirrels when they taunt me too low on the tree trunk.

A bit later, Joan came outside dressed and in her down coat and she said "go to the bathroom." I heard her, but I didn't move. I can tell she's going to leave and I really really wanted to stay in my backyard. So I just sat steadfast in the middle of the yard, ignoring Joan a bit. She repeated her command to me, and I continued to ignore her. Then she said "come" and kind of made a "kee kee kee" sound out of her mouth. So I ran over to her on the stoop. She petted me, and then said, "go to the bathroom," so I went! Then I ran back to her and we went inside. Now I'm stuck i nside and can't see what's going on with the squirrels in my backyard!

November 6, 2005

Another level of our relationship

I have risen to another level in my relationship with Joan. I'll give you a clue:


Yes, Joan has been letting me up on the couch with her when she watches TV or reads students' papers or whatever! I don't know exactly what happened that changed her mind to be so open to me on the couch. Perhaps it is the rising heating costs that she's talked about -- you know, I'm quite the heat generator -- or maybe she just wants a dog to cozy up with!! For whatever reason, I'm pretty happy about it. However, I wish she'd spend more time on the couch so I can sit there with her. Too much of her time is in the kitchen or in her office on the computer - and I don't have cozy couches in those rooms. Now, let me say that this new treat seems to not be available at all times. Though she doesn't say anything, I get the sense that Joan doesn't want me up there when she is not up there, too. That seems weird to me. So if she's home, I'm careful about waiting until I'm invited up there. But as soon as Joan leaves, I get right up on the couch!

However, the other night Joan was in another room, and she came into the living room to find:


woops! I was up on the couch cozy and warm, and she found me. She did not do anything but come over and give me hug. Cool!

So that's that.

Yesterday, Joan and I went to the park where I run around like a maniac. We met another dog with my same name, Bosco. That dog was a brown and white Australian shepherd. I like that type of dog - they don't scare me at all. In any case, that Bosco's owner had treats in his pocket and I could smell them. I kept putting my nose on his pocket and licked his hand. Then, Joan said, 'do you have treats?" She told him how I can smell a treat a mile away - especially in pockets since Tim, my favorite neighbor, feeds me treats out of his pocket. So I've learned that the pocket area of human's clothes are great places to sniff to see if any food is in there. Bosco's owner and Joan talked about how they both don't like the Lake of the Isles dog park as it is has a "dog packs" mentality. I really did not like that park when we went there. I was scared out of my mind, so Joan and I don't ever go there anymore.

Recently, I've seen and smelled a few more dead squirrels. The most recent was a freshly dead (blood was oozing out of him and I could really smell this one) squirrel on the street. I pulled and pulled to go and investigate more closely, but Joan would not let me go into the street. I guess she knows what she is doing but I really wanted to smell that squirrel.

September 11, 2005

The lake, the river, squirrel stare-downs, and vacuums!

Yesterday Joan took Eileen (her sister) and me down along the river near her house. Surprisingly, Eileen had never been on this trail near the sand dune. Joan let me get wet in the river. I just looooove the water. I run down and then immediately plop down in the water. I also looooove to retrieve sticks from the river, too.

Today Joan and I walked around the big lake we used to go around often. That was when Joan first adopted me and I was really scared of everything - especially the busy traffic. I would shake I was so scared. Today, I wasn't scared at all. Again, I saw the lake and was SOOOOOOO excited. I just wanted to jump right in, but Joan made me wait until there was a better place. I smelled lots of new smells since we haven't walked around that lake in a while. Joan also took me on the "secret" trail near 34th St (maybe you can find it) and that was really fun because it was full of squirrels! Well, it was fun for me, but Joan was questioning why she veered off the lake.

So then this afternoon, I did a series of squirrel stare-downs again in the backyard. Those squirrels are taunting me. Even though I was right there under the oak tree, looking at them, they would come down, swish their tails, gurgle, and look at me. OHHH, it makes me so mad! Then they come even closer down, almost to the ground and then I just go crazy. Run around the tree, jump up 6 ft high trying to get them, but I didn't.

Tonight Joan did a lot of vacuuming, and I trust her with the vacuum. With my other people "pre-Joan", I was very scared of it because they would come after me with it. Joan never does that, so I don't even move until she is right near me with the vacuum. Then I have to move so she can clean under where I was laying on the floor. For some reason, lots of my fur on the floor bothers her so she has to suck it up in that machine. I don't see a problem with it.

September 2, 2005

Morning Routines

I thought I'd tell you about my morning routine. First, I usually sleep downstairs on my red bed. Then at about 5am, I quietly go up to Joan's room where there is another bed - yellow and gray. Sometimes I sleep upstairs all night but that is when something scares me in the evening like fireworks or thunder.

Anyway, so like this morning, between 5am and when Joan's buzzer goes off, I alternate between sleeping and going up to the open window to look at the squirrel traffic in the trees. I just lay my head on the windowsill and look out. Sometimes, the squirrels really get me mad by making sounds and, then, I bark and thrash around. Then Joan yells at me. She's afraid I might break through the window screen and fall out the window! I wouldn't do that, though. Usually, I just watch the squirrels. Then when Joan's buzzer goes off, I go to the other side of the bed to greet Joan. Usually I jump up and put my front legs on the bed (it is a tall bed so I can't see her otherwise). If any part of her body is not under the covers, I lick it. Usually it is her arm, hand, or leg. Hee hee. Joan pets me a little until the licking bugs her and then she tells me "just a minute." That means - go lie on my bed for 10 minutes and return. She says I'm a natural snooze.

Sometimes the squirrels drive me so crazy or I really have to go to the bathroom or I'm really hungry and then I might whine a little. That usually gets Joan up!! This morning I took a different tactic and jumped up completely on the bed - twice! Ha ha. (Joan lets me sleep on the bed in a thunder storm, so I know how to get up on the bed now. I'm so lucky that I'm so scared of loud noises because I get benefits.) Anyway, we go through this process until Joan finally gets up and then I know I'm going to go outside and tell/show the squirrels what I really think of them, and go to the bathroom, and eat my breakfast, AND go for a walk. What a fantastic time of the day!

Anyway, that's my morning...what's yours like?

July 5, 2005

I still really hate July 4

Look at me terrified!!! This is what happens to dogs like me on July 4!


Last night was awful. Joan had the windows and doors open and as night fell, the pops of those firecrackers started more and more. I hated it. I ran behind the chair Joan was sitting in but the open window behind me was still scaring me to death. Finally, finally, Joan shut the windows and doors and I felt a little better. But even when I went out to the bathroom before bed, I did my business very quickly because I heard some more pops! Where are they coming from?

Tonight I had a stare-down with a squirrel and I won. In the middle of it, Joan came to the door and asked if I was okay and if I wanted to come in. I barely acknowledged her, maybe my ear moved a bit when I heard her voice. But I was starring at a squirrel that was perched on the low fence near the neighbor's bird feeders (aka squirrel feeders). I was sitting steadfast, breathing quickly and then Joan showed up! Anyway, she finally saw that I was fixated on the squirrel and she watched until the squirrel backed down. Ha ha! I won!

June 18, 2005

Killing a Squirrel

Today I almost killed a squirrel. Well, I might have actually killed it but I don't know.

Joan was sitting in the backyard grilling fajitas and drinking a margarita while I laid steadfast on the grass eyeing a squirrel that was just over the fence on a tree. It was behind the part of the fence that I jumped on and broke earlier this year. Joan got mad at me because I jumped on it again, after she had fixed it so now I know I better not jump on that part of the fence, so I was waiting patiently to see what the squirrel would do next.

Eventually, that squirrel went on the garage and I ran around in circles around the bush back there. Then I started sniffing around the yard and I heard a noise in another area - near the fence between the neighbors (who were all out in their backyard). Joan was watching because she was afraid it might be those neighbor's annoying cat that is always coming into MY yard. Then, Joan saw the squirrel on top of the fence and was worried that I would jump against that part of the fence and break it, so she called to me. But I was rounding the oak tree when the squirrel fell off the fence right next to me!!! Joan could not see what was happening because this was occuring on the opposite side of the oak tree from where she was. Since she did not see the squirrel come through, she started calling to me. What was I doing?

Well, I had the squirrel between my teeth, of course! When Joan called me I dropped it, and it ran toward the garage with me close behind trying to get it again. Joan was yelling at me, and the squirrel was flopping around - it was clearly injured. Joan said "You killed a squirrel!" She was very upset. I kept going up to it, and then it ran towards Joan. She backed away - I bet she did not want to get bitten by a possibly rabid squirrel. Then it managed to run to the oak tree and went up. Meanwhile, one of the neighbors popped his head over the fence and asked if I had killed the squirrel. He said that I should be more scared of squirrels than they should of me.

Then I had to continuously smell the areas where the squirrel had been -- where it was flopping around, where it fell from the fence etc. Joan was kind of mad at me and tried to get me to sit down by her at the table but I had my smelling to do.

Then to top it off, about 5 minutes later, the neighbor's cat (to be known as the "black and white cat" from this point forward) came into our yard through the gate that Joan left open because she was watering plants. I barked and ran after it. Joan got a little annoyed both at the cat but also at me because she didn't want me to kill the cat in front of the neighbors (though it would be their fault as the cat should not be wandering around the city).

Later, after Joan did the dishes etc. and was watching a movie, I really wanted to go outside again to smell all those same places where the squirrel was. There is a chance that the squirrel fall again from the tree - especially since I hurt it.

Well that is the closest I've come to killing a squirrel. I really don't like squirrels.

June 10, 2005

My couch

A few days ago, some people came over to our house and took away MY couch - the old futon near the windows that I like to sit on when Joan leaves the house (I'm so sneaky!). I did not like these people because two of them were young men, and I am suspicious of men so I barked at them a lot. Plus, they were taking away my furniture - how dare they?!

I don't know what Joan is doing - the only consolation is that now I can walk right up to the front windows in the living room and look outside and keep watch on my yard and the neighborhood. When we had the couch, I would have to run over to the dining room windows to look out (unless Joan wasn't home, then I would just get up on the couch and look out).

Yesterday on an afternoon walk, we ran into Sierra the chocolate lab mix that lives on the block behind us. She had a sock on her foot! At first Joan thought it was a cast but it is not. The pad on her toe came off I guess. Ouch! She did not seem slowed down by it. But it reminded me of when Joan put a sock on my foot when my toenail was bleeding.

Today it is raining so I'm stuck inside for the most part! I can still hear the squirrels outside gurggling at each other.

April 18, 2005

Sunday, sunday.

Sunday was great. I'm so glad Joan is home. She spent most of the day outside, cleaning the yard - raking up a lot of leaves in the planting beds. Accordingly, I also spent the whole day outside with her! I was lounging in the sun and grass, on my back, side, tummy etc. while she worked away. Tim saw me and gave me a treat from his pocket - that guy! I wag my tail so hard when I see him because he always brings me treats. To think, I used to be scared of him!

In the afternoon, after our walk, I went into the yard and there was a squirrel on the fence. I quickly ran after it and jumped after up, up onto the fence. Then it went over toward the garage, and I kept jumping up on the fence. Then the fence post moved forward and the gate came unlatched...I could have escaped into the alley, but I didn't. Then Joan went over to examine the fence and now she has to add another "to-do" on her long list of chores. All because of me. Ha ha.

We were both so tired after our long day outside, we took naps. However, I kept hearing things outside and had to run over to the window to see what was going on outside. On the way back to my bed, I'd go over and sniff Joan but I did not lick her - I just let her sleep. It is interesting how tired I get when I don't sleep all day, like I usually do when Joan is at work.

THEN, last night I was sleeping downstairs like usual. But in the middle of the night, really loud thunder and bright lightning started. I was very scared, so I went up to Joan's bedroom. She heard me and put out her hand to pet me on the head. Then I slept in her room for the rest of the night until around 5 am when one of my ears starting itching me a ton, and I kept shaking my head and scratching my ear. I woke Joan up. I guess it wasn't her best night of sleep. She cleaned my ear again and all is well.

March 20, 2005

3 AM

Today started for me (and Joan) at 3 AM when I woke her up because I kept shaking my head/flapping my ears/jingling my ID tags. See, I sauntered up to Joan's room, where I have a second bed, but my ears were bothering me so I kept shaking my head. This wakes Joan up. So at 3AM, we had a little one-on-one in the kitchen - and not the kind I wanted. I like it if she goes in the cabinet and gets me a bone or lets me outside. But instead, she started cleaning my ears. This consists of her squirting cold liquid from a bottle into my ear, massaging it around, and then cleaning my ear with a paper towel. As soon as I see that bottle, my tail goes down and I look at her with a sad look. So she cleaned my ears and then went back to bed. She also took off my collar so that my ID tags wouldn't jingle anymore even if I shook my head. In that case, all she hears are my ears flapping.

Since I made Joan get up at 3AM, I let her sleep in a bit. And I was sure rewarded. First, she fed me. Then, we went to the dog park where I got to fetch my purple bone toy over and over again. There were 2 dogs when I got there - a white one and a black one, and I liked both of them. Then later a lighter brown dog joined us and he wasn't so nice. I had to growl at him once, so then Joan and I just played fetch by ourselves, off to the side. Meanwhile the light brown dog got more aggressive with the other two dogs and eventually the white dog was on her back, submissive, and the brown dog kept going at her. Finally, the owner got a clue and left. Phew! I could relax after that. Though, I have to say that is exactly why I prefer to operate on the periphery of dog activity at the dog park.

Most of the rest of the day (besides my afternoon walk with Joan) was spent on the backstoop, sunning myself and overseeing my yard - making sure no squirrels came into it. Oh, and then Tim, the neighbor, saw that I was outside so he came over and had a few treats for me! He is so nice to me!

This evening I was sleeping on my bed while Joan folded laundry etc. All that overseeing the yard really tires me out!

March 5, 2005

Sharing a yard with Bunnies

We all know that I have to put up with the existence of squirrels in the world. I do my best to eradicate them from my yard. They are always running along the fence or climbing the oak tree, and I demand that Joan let me out so I can run after them, jump at them, and get them to scurry away.

WELL! This winter I have had to share my yard with at least one bunny - and I can't do anything about it. As you may recall, Joan installed an invisible fence so that one part of the yard is off limits to me because it has a low fence, and I learned that I could easily jump over it. So now I cannot go over to that side of the yard or I'll get a quick shock - which I do not like! The point is that a bunny rabbit has taken up residency in that part of the yard. So, especially, at night, I'll go out for a quick trip out and poof! there is the bunny in my yard! I start to run at it, but then I can't go farther because it is the no-dog zone. Does the bunny know this, somehow? I think it does and is tormenting me....

On another note, I can tell that it is getting warmer. I want to spend more time outside keeping tabs on my yard. I can't wait until summer again when I can lounge for hours in the sun!

February 6, 2005

The real story of my nails

I don't think I emphasized enough how much I hate getting my nails cut. I become a gymnast, contortionist, wiggly body, whiny dog, mean, growly dog - anything I can to avoid getting my nails cut. In fact, Joan did it again today and managed to cut 4 nails on my back foot but when she tried to do the other foot, I just tried my hardest to pull my foot away as I felt that metal cutter clink my toenail. She did one toe on the front and then gave up, and I had treats and a walk. Cool. I saw half of a dead squirrel on our walk. It was just the bottom half, including tail, left. Too bad for that guy. ha ha. ;-)
This morning Joan took me to the dog park. She was SOOOO slow walking. I guess the ground was pretty much a sheet of ice so she had to hold on to the fence and walk carefully. Why are humans so slow? I had no problem running around with or without ice. However, if Joan keeps cutting my toenails I might get to the point of not being able to grip like I like!

October 8, 2004


Oh, boy, I ended up getting shocked yesterday again. This was just a day after the neighbor asked Joan if the ultimate goal was to be able to take off the shock collar after I had learned the boundaries of the invisible fence. She said that theoretically you could do that, but if the dog went into the area and did not get a shock, it would be confusing to the dog.
And then, last night, I was bouncing at the back door because I saw several squirrels outside on the wall of the garage. Joan let me out, and I ran down the stairs and ran through the grassy "no-dog" zone and as I neared the garage, ready to jump up after the squirrel, I cried out, "errr owww, errr" and ran into the rest of the yard. Eeks - I learned my lesson yet once again!
I have, though, demonstrated that I know where the invisible fence is. Like when Tim, the neighbor comes over to give me a treat. I used to run down to the gate and jump up, wagging my tail. Now, I have to wait on the stoop for him to come inside the gate. I've been very good about waiting for him and, of course, then he usually has a tasty treat, too.
I also nearly, seriously, nearly got a squirrel the other day. Joan said she could see my teeth and mouth open ready to dig in. But the squirrel (smartly) ran into the raspberry bushes (the no-dog zone), so I just stopped and was a little bummed that I could not follow.
Joan tells me that tomorrow we are going to a state park to walk through the beautiful trees. My dog friend, Bailey, is coming along too so I'm super happy - that is as long as I remember him (I do sometimes forget people or dog friends that I've already met.) And next week Joan is having visitors, so I'm looking forward to the full house - more people to pet me!!!