September 5, 2008

Off Day

I don't feel so good this morning. Not sure why but I decided to not eat my breakfast (YET!) and let's just say going to the bathroom was more of a production than it normally is. I probably ate something on our walk or run yesterday (there are always interesting things to eat out on the street on in people's yards) that made my stomach upset.

Last night Melissa slept over. She is a human. She didn't want to stay in her house because a dead rat is smelling up her house. I kinda understand her, as I hate to hear things in the wall, but on the other hand, the smell might be really interesting to me! I love smells that humans don't seem to like - like a rotting squirrel in the road that got run over.

June 5, 2008

Garbage Pickup and Change of Schedule

I have two things to talk with you all about .... later I will post some pictures and tell you about the near fire I experienced down at the beach but that will be later ....

First, Joan is instigating a new movement and you are the first to hear about it - actually spread the word because she's probably not going to do much advertising about it because she already has too much to do. Anyway, we are back to picking up trash on our walks. We did this when we first moved here. In Texas, A LOT of people LITTER. Joan said she read somewhere that 80% of Texans believe one should not litter but only 50% do not litter!! This, of course, is quite a difference from clean, organized Minnesota. So anyway, we constantly see trash and stuff on the streets when we walk. So our new routine is to pick up at least one piece of garbage during our walk. It is not that difficult since we already have a ready garbage bag (aka poop bag) and you can pick up the garbage just like you're picking up poop so you don't even have to touch it. Our "garbage" in the last few days actually was almost all recyclables. Beer cans, soda cans, soda bottles! We are filling our recycle bin at the same time. So we are urging you, other dogs and humans, to do the same - especially if you are in Texas. We need to clean this place up!

The other thing is that it seems Joan is changing my walk schedule. She is avoiding the afternoon walk and doing it later at like 8pm. Last night, we went out at 9:30 PM and it was great for me. Nice and (relatively) cool. Plus, there are tons of people and other dogs out then, too. At 5:00, no one is out and it takes me about 45 minutes to recover from any length of walk. This is due to the fact that it is really, really hot here. Like we are on our 18, 19 or 20th day of highs in the 90s! Joan seems to like it, but we both would appreciate having a pool in the backyard. Joan always comes home dripping wet since she travels via that 2 wheel bike that scares me.

Come back soon and I'll tell you about the BEACH>

May 9, 2008

Nose, bad.

Joan says my nose is bad again. I have another sore on it. Now I guess she's gonna drag me up north to see this other special doctor someone who does dermatology. She says she can't believe there's such a thing , but there is. She also sat on the computer for a long time and she thinks she knows what my problem is - at least one of three choices from a website that lists all sorts of dog-related skin lesion problems. She thinks I need a longer course of antibiotics as the website said to do 4 weeks or at until you think it is cured and then 10 MORE days beyond that. Well, I only had 30 days of eating peanut butter 2x day, so I guess that was not enough. I'm delighted to eat more peanut butter anytime. Yeah for PB. She says the derm doctor costs $105 just to see her. We better have a good time up there!

I would like to say something about the cats. All the CATS. In Austin, there are CATS everywhere. They roam loose - not fair, how come they don't have leashes and people? I guess cuz they're CATS and do their own thing. I guess I would rather be with my person than crouched under a car or alone on a doorstep which is where I see most of the cats around town. Sometimes they are fine and I don't care. Today, I had a stare-down with one on a doorstep and then I pulled really hard to attack. (no, not really, but just a show you know). But Joan wouldn't let me put the show on! She's no fun.

Today was super-duper hot. I'm all for my walk in the evening but nowadays I'm a slow molasses dog since it is 94 out. Joan doesn't seem much faster especially since she arrives home on her bike, dripping sweat off her head. She's a mess but I don't care. It's a walk!

April 14, 2008

Got this thing down.

I have totally figured out this cone thing. I'm totally fine with it. Joan doesn't take it off anymore for walks - I guess cuz I was always trying to rub my nose on her leg and that's not allowed. So now I'm walking around the neighborhood with this cone on! I get all sorts of comments. Lots of people smile. One person told me that her dog wouldn't allow it. Another man stopped to tell us another way to do it (using a sock) but then he looked at my bloody nose and realized the problem was my nose, not me licking or biting another part of my body. It was a nice idea ....

Lee said I look like the "Dog from Outerspace." Also a floating head and other not very supportive names and comments! Come on!

I've found that Joan will do a few things for me. For example, I tried to scratch my ear, but instead I just made a lot of racket with my nails scratching the plastic. So Joan came over and scratched my ears for me. She's so great! Then another time I even got her to rub my butt for me. I tried to lick my butt but you know it didn't work with this cone on. Joan saw and she took a paper towel and rubbed my butt for me! Wow, isn't that nice. I know a lot of people wouldn't do that for a dog!

They think the wound is starting to heal - at least it is scabbing. But it could be a while - it is slow. Plus, they realized I've had this since at least March 26 so it's already been a lonnnnnggggg time with it on my nose.

One thing I haven't tried yet is swimming with my cone on. That should be interesting. I still occasionally bump into some things out on walks but I'm totally good at home. Except when I get really excited and bang my cone into Joan's legs. She's not so happy about that.

April 12, 2008

Regal Dog, Here I am!

Bosco in the house with a e-collar on

Well, all those threats have come to pass. Yesterday, Joan got a phone call and the next thing I knew we were in the car. Dog park? No. Vet? Yes. She opened the door at the vet (I know where we are when we are there, now), and I didn't immediately get out. I thought I'd just stay in the car for a change. Joan had to call me out. Geez. Didn't work. I started shaking and did not want to go in. Worse, when we went in, the guy tried to put this e-collar on me (elizabethan collar, thus, my regalness). Instead, Joan took the collar and some new medicine and we got back in the car. I was thinking, okay so maybe I won't have to wear that.

And I didn't for a while. Joan left the house for several hours and, however, when she returned she put the e-collar on me! It is ghastly. It is hard and when I knock into things, it makes a loud noise that I do not like. Plus, I can't see anything. I have to turn my head all the way around all the time to what's going on.

Up close of bosco in e-collar

But it was kinda late and we needed to go to bed.

Bosco yawning with long tongue

Joan let me sleep on her bed, though, which was very thoughtful of her. I was knocking into the walls and doors, so she helped me up on the bed cuz she (and I) thought I might catch the collar on the bedcovers and knock myself back down. I was panting a lot cuz this thing is WEIRD and STRANGE. I moved around a lot on the bed the whole night, which I don't think made Joan all that happy but I had to get comfortable. I did manage to sleep a bit and wasn't too ornery to Joan except that she had to sleep around me.

Up close of Bosco's wound

I guess this all happened cuz I would use my paws to rub my nose/snout and then the scabs would come off and bleed and essentially not it heal. Plus, the vet gave Joan a spray to put on my nose, too, and it will only help if it doesn't get rubbed off!

This morning, I wouldn't go to the bathroom outside and just stood around even though Joan went out there with me and told me to go. And then she gave me my breakfast but I didn't want to eat that either cuz the collar would bump the floor or something else. So, Joan took off my collar and I ate my food quickly, shook my ear a lot (she cleaned my ear too), and then we went for a long walk sans collar (yeah!!!! jump for joy!!!!) though I could tell she wasn't gonna let me roll around in the grass or do anything else with my nose except sniff.

Now, I'm back home and the collar is back on again. However, I'm proud to say that I'm gonna master this thing. I already learned how to walk through the house without bumping the doors, even when I'm walking right beside Joan. And I learned how to walk down the porch steps without bumping it. And I'm enjoying the sun and yard again - though not exactly super relaxed.

But of course, this thing isn't gonna kill me and who knows, maybe my nose infection would! So we gotta get rid of it and soon!

March 17, 2008

Thorny Mouse

Well, Joan did it again ... she left. Well, I did not actually see her leave but she packed ME up and drove me to Heidi's house a while back. She said she was going to Vegas and Minnesota again for work stuff. I know what Minnesota is but I don't know Vegas. Joan tells me now that I would HATE Vegas with a passion. In any case, Joan dropped me off a while back - I was fine oh fine with it. I like Kona, the beagle, and of course I like Heidi, my caretaker. (She lets me sleep on her bed ... I heard her tell Joan that they don't really need her to bring my bed over! Ha!)

Well I got into some trouble over at Heidi's house ... I'll tell you a bit about it. Here's the first story ...

Heidi would let Kona and me out the back gate into the greenbelt. There's a trail back there but we didn't walk anywhere but would sniff around and just explore a bit. Well, we sniffed out some mice. We were following them as they ran back to their "house." I went full tilt after them. I discovered they lived in a very thorny house which humans call a "cactus." It ends up I had lots of thorns in my face and around my snout. I didn't cry or anything but I did squirm around when the humans tried to take the thorns out of me.

Joan has found a few more thorns in me - one on my tummy and at least one near my ear. She hasn't yet been able to get me to cooperate for removal. They don't bother me, so I hope she forgets about it and just lets them fall out naturally.

November 27, 2007

Away from my computer

I have not forgotten all of my virtual friends (and real friends) who read my blog. I've been busy away from the computer with visitors, running around in forests, sniffing lots of stuff in the kitchen, more visitors etc. I will update you all soon. Right now I'm dealing with another new visitor who showed up at my house while I was here all alone ... I kinda remember her but it's been a long time. I had to hide behind the dining room table for a while but after she let me out and gave me a treat, I decided she was an okay person.

November 4, 2007


This morning Joan got up and I really wanted to go on a walk, as usual. I was excited which gets my dog-cousin, Brandy, excited too. She doesn't get taken on walks normally so she knows that Joan is a super duper human and loves her. So we went into the garage and Joan was trying to put a collar on Brandy but Brandy was jumping with joy and barking really loudly - she was really misbehavin. Joan made her sit and finally got that collar and leash on. All that barking and jumping made me get excited too but finally we were all ready to go but we didn't go for a walk - we got into Joan's car. I let Brandy share the backseat with me. We went for a little bit of a drive on a curvy road I've never been on but then we stopped and got out and we off our leashes and went on a long walk through a forest with lots of other dogs, too. Here are our photos of the day. I really love my dog cousin - I just wish I could hang out with her more often but that other dog cousin, Bella, is a pest and gets in the way of good manners and behaviors (I hear Bella is at those horrible kennel places this weekend. Even though I don't like Bella all that much I feel kinda sorry for her to have to be there. If she was a good dog, she could have gone with us!).

Brandy went swimming today which turns out to be quite unusual. I will take credit for that as she probably saw how much fun I have swimming and decided to try it out. And I mean more than just walking through the river. She got in and started swimming with no coercion from either Joan or me. Some people in Austin are trying to not allow dogs on this trail anymore because of a bird.

That's for the birds!!!!!!!

Bosco and Brandy running on trail

Bosco sniffing grasses while Brandy walks

Bosco jumping out of river and cut off with a tree through her middle (visual illusion)

Bosco and Brandy in river together

Bosco running out of water

Bosco swimming in water hole

Brandy swimming!

Brandy swimming in water hole

October 16, 2007

Sunday wore me out

On Sunday, Joan and Melissa (her friend) and I went on a run. It was fun because most of the way I get to be off leash along Shoal Creek AND I get to go swimming. Well, more like wading and a swim of 3 paw strokes. These girls seem to think they are going to run some big 1/2 marathon in February so if that is true, I bet I'm going to get a lot more running in in the next few months. Cool with me. Plus, it is getting cooler so it is easier to run too. I get really excited when I see Melissa come over because mostly, it means we are going for a walk or run. But sometimes I don't get to go with them (and they are not really dressed for running) so then I'm kinda bummed I have to stay at home alone.

After we got back, we took a bit of a drive out into the Hill Country of Austin and saw lots of beautiful oak trees and vistas of all green oaks. Then we got to a new place I've never been, and there I met another dog whose name is Kona. I also met Heidi who is a young girl kinda like Izzy in Minneapolis who used to take care of me. I also met her brother, Jack, her mom and dad. And don't forget Kona the beagle. At first, I got to meet all the people. Jack kinda scared me because he was kinda moving fast and swinging something around his head. I'm very wary of boys especially boys with things they can throw at me. But I warmed up to them after a while. Then we went outside and took a walk with Kona. We got along just fine. I was pulling a lot because I wanted to be in front! We went to the backyard and they have a big water hole back there like Joan's sister does. I decided to get in the first step and kinda plop down but then I got out. I was kinda wondering if Joan was going to leave me there but she didn't. Phew - we drove home after that and I took a short nap but sure enough, it was 5pm by my time and I started bumping Joan to remind her despite all the walking, running, and walking we had already done. Gotta stay on schedule!

October 8, 2007

Pee Emergency

This morning I had to wake Joan up really early. I put my paws up on her bed and whined. It was still dark out but I really REALLY had to go. Joan got up and, bleary-eyed as she was, let me out. I took care of business and came back in. I knew I was gonna need to go again soon but Joan didn't look like she was going to take me on a walk. Instead, she went back to her bed!

So a couple hours later (I tried to let her sleep), I barked and told Joan to let me out again! Just to get her moving, I also threw up the grass I ate yesterday when we played ball at the school field nearby. (I played ball and ate grass.) Of course, I peed some more outside. Then we went running but I just kept having to pee so I'd squat, squat, squat. At least 50 times, Joan thinks. I don't know I wasn't counting. Maybe it was more like 30 times. But more than usual, that is for sure! I got the sense Joan started to figure out that I had a pee emergency going on!

After she showered, I let her know again that I had to go out. I was standing there at the bathroom door, waiting. Again, this is not usual. Usually, I'm relaxing on my bed or on the floor, napping. I got to go out some more and then she had my leash and we got in the car. I love the car! Dog park?!

No dog park, instead an office with women at the front. They took Joan's papers and I was a little nervous. Then we sat down and another lady came over and dropped treats on the ground. I was worried about eating them. Then she bent down and gave me a few - that was better. Joan was doing stuff so I just laid on the ground. A bit later, Joan put me on this mat and said I was 54.5 lbs.

We went into the back with the nice lady who gave me treats. She gave me more while we were in a small room. Then this guy came in and he and the nice lady held me while someone put something in my butt! Not okay. Then he said something like 101 degrees. Then they both left, and I felt a lot better. Joan had me jump up onto a big desk in the middle of the room. That was cool. And when the lady returned, she was surprised to see me up there but was really happy about it, and was petting me. Joan was also petting me and then another woman came in and she started petting me and giving me a tummy massage while I was standing up. What heaven ... well, temporary.

Then, the two women took me away from Joan and put a needle in me - that was not fun. But then they gave me back to Joan in the room. At this point, it had been a LONG time and I'm talking more than 30 mins and I really had to go so I just went right there in the room. I know I'm not supposed to go and never do, but I just can't handle this peeing feeling. And, then I went again! After that, Joan took me outside and I just kept squatting over and over on the grass trying to go and going a little bit.

We went back to the room and both ladies came back in and one told Joan I have a bladder infection. That's what Joan thought cuz I had that last year once. Same thing- gotta squat constantly. Now I have to take really big peanut butter pills and at least for today I gotta go outside a LOT - I'm talking every 20 mins or so. Luckily we have wireless in our backyard so I can tell ya all about this.

October 5, 2007

Fridays are the best

Fridays are great because it is what is called "garbage and recycling day." Everyone around here puts out their garbage and recycling and when Joan and I take a walk or run like we did this morning, I can't help but stop and smell all the interesting smells coming from the bins along the road.

Joan doesn't like this day as much .... she doesn't seem to like me to stop so often. She forgets I'M A DOG.

September 16, 2007

4th Dog Park

Today Joan and I went to the 4th new dog park in Austin. It was a long wait, though. Usually we go on a walk around 5pm ... and that means I start reminding Joan about our walk oh about at 3:30. Reminding usually comes in the form of ... if Joan is at the computer, bumping her arm or licking her leg or arm ... if she is just around... then it is licking any free part of her, making Chewbacca sounds and doing body contortions, getting really excited anytime she/I am near the door or my leash.

Anyway, tonight I really wanted to go out but first she brushed me outside on the grass. Then she tried to cut my toenails. Uh no. She did cut about 3 but I had enough of that. Finally, finally we got to go after this new friend of Joan's - her name is Melissa - and she likes me, arrived at our house. I guess we were waiting for her. We drove only a short way and then we got out and walked along Shoal Creek, and it was really cool! In places, it reminds me of my beloved Mississippi River trails (the water, as you might imagine is obviously not equivalent!!!). There is no swimming out into a huge river to fetch sticks! But I did get to wade around in the creek anytime I wanted as we walked. It is not all leash-free but a good enough part is. And we walked along these limestone cliffs - it was really cool.

I also saw my favorite kind of squirrel - a DEAD ONE. It was in the gutter and smelled DEAD. Too bad.

I was really thirsty when we got home but otherwise, very well-exercised.

September 1, 2007

What a day!

Today we had quite a day. I had a feeling we might just go somewhere and Joan got me into the car. I knew it! I was VERY excited - so much you can't understand. I was doing backflips and jumps etc. I got in the back and then even thought maybe I should jump into the front but then Joan told me no. First we went to a shop where Joan tied me up outside - it was very scary because people kept walking by and I was terrified of all these new people. Finally Joan came out - I was so relieved because I was even kind of getting myself all messed up with the leash, too.

As soon as she came out, we sat on the bench and she ate her food. Some man stopped and talked to Joan for a long time. I could tell Joan was kinda not into him because first he said something about what she was eating (a yummy pecan roll, she said) and how she didn't look like she eats those things. Then he went on to say how he didn't like fat women etc. Now, I'm a dog and even I know this guy said just about everything wrong if we was trying to woo any woman much less Joan. Generally he just wasn't respectful of others. So anyway, thank goodness Joan finally packed up her pecan roll and we headed out. I got SUPER DUPER excited again because we were going somewhere. I was YELPING and BARKING and JUMPING and RUNNING back and forth in the backseat. What a wild ride, but we haven't been anywhere for so long.

We finally got there and guess what? It was the Red Bud Isle dog park that someone told us about. I could run free! Joan thought it might be better than the Minnehaha dog park in Minneapolis, but I have to say it is not better. It is sufficient but not better - nothing can beat Minnehaha except large national forests! So here are some pictures of our time at the park --- but stay tuned that was not the only excitement we had today!

Bosco running away from black dog

Bosco in water

Bosco in water

Bosco in water

Bosco fetching balls with kayakers in background

While we were there, I got Joan really muddy as I'd come out of the water and then shake right next to her. And the edge of the water was really muddy since it rained last night, too.

PIcture of Joan's leg

Who needs a bath? While we were at the park, Joan also finished her pecan roll contentedly. Oh, man, then we went a REALLY SCARY place. First, Joan got lost a bit and then we ended up at the animal orphanage. It smelled like dog death and dog fear and sounded like kennel kacophony (I spelled it that way purposely!). I was shaking like a leaf. Is Joan going to leave me here in one of those kennels? I was absolutely terrified. She was talking with this woman and I was under the desk, shaking, and then I'd jump on Joan's lap. Joan made me sit and go in a "down" position. The people behind us said I was very good dog, but I just wanted to get the heck out of that place. After Joan gave the lady $5 and got me a new ID tag, we got to go and I can tell you I RAN FOR MY LIFE. I even tripped over this guy on the way out, I was in such a hurry. Close call.

Back at home sweet home, Joan brushed me (ohhhh nice) and put cold stuff on my back, cleaned my ears and then let me hang out on the front of the house. She read the newspaper out there. Then we decided to go on a walk and that is when it got more interesting again. This is what was happening down the street - it is on our route but we couldn't really take our route.

This might look like a normal house but look above the roof -- that's water.

Water shooting above a house

This was the problem!
Water shooting up from street

Hole in Street

Now, that was something. It was kinda fun because I got to get a nice fresh drink of water right from the gutter or the road, too. Joan usually doesn't let me drink any water in the gutter.

And at last we ended it like this: (my sweet eyes and warm muzzle on Joan's lap got me invited up on the couch!)

Bosco curled on couch with head on Joan's legs

August 25, 2007

New friends

This morning we met new neighbors. The woman is named Suzanne and my fellow canine neighbor (a black lab) is Jake. Joan took me out for a walk and immediately the woman across the street waved at us and came across the street to say hi and welcome us to Texas. I was almost going to growl but I didn't so that I'd be good-natured.

Suzanne invited us over for a beer or iced tea (well, I don't think she offered that to ME) but I can play with Jake in the backyard. Sounds fun!

June 15, 2007

Sock on Dog

My paw was kinda hurting me. Joan looked at it - I gave her my paw willingly. She put some goop on it that I really want to lick off but then she put a sock on my paw and a rubberband. This is what I looked like. No dog should have his fur covered up. She did it with that t-shirt when I had the big wound on my back a while ago.

Bosco with sock on her foot

June 7, 2007


Joan is constantly putting me into a "down" position. I have been fighting it (unless there is no leash and treats are involved). When we are out on a walk, boy do I protest not when says "sit" but when she says "down." I push my nose into her leg to rub my nose (I hate that gentle leader rope around my nose.) I whine. I yelp in protest. NOOO, I don't want to go "down" because then I'm submissive and have to relinquish all my superiority over Joan or anything/human/dog else. I think that is the whole idea behind it but I don't like it. Not one bit. Well, when there is a treat, maybe one treat bit.

What bugs me is how Joan thinks she is so smart to make me go into the "down" position and make me lay there while dogs go by or people or cars go by. Meanwhile, I want to jump up and bark at that dog or look at that car or sniff that person. Nope, she puts me right back into it. You gotta do what she says nowadays. One time a week ago, there was a dog coming our way and I didn't like his look one bit. Joan pulled me aside and tried to put me into a down position but man did I ever resist. I was barking my head off and jumping around. The man and his dog went to the other side of the street (no surprise, says Joan) but instead of just going on, Joan kept trying to get me into a down position. She wouldn't give up and let me win. ggggeeeezzzzzzz. Just let me win, like usual. No bones. I finally succumbed and laid into a down position. At this point, Joan was sweating but she seemed happier and made me lie there for a bit while these kids played ball nearby.

This week I've been much more cooperative. I'm just placating her. I might revert back to my old superior dog self any day. She shouldn't get too cocky about her training accomplishments. We all know that dogs rule.

April 17, 2007

Whirlwind Week

Joan left me last week. I can't believe she does that. Somehow she packed up her box on wheels and hid it outside without me seeing. BUT I saw it when the strange car drove up and took her away. I watched her wheel that thing out to the car. Then I knew she'd be gone. But for how long???
Everyday, I wonder, is that Joan? wag, wag, wag.
Is that Joan? wag, wag, wag.

Lucky for me, my friend, Izzy, came to take care of me. She'd come over and watch Disney Channel on that big black TV while I wagged, wagged, wagged and got pet, pet, pet.

Then one day, I heard a car and wondered, is it Joan? wag, wag, wag. YES!!!! I heard the key in the door and I jumped against the door closing it on Joan. When she finally got it open, I gave her lots of kisses and body wiggles. She tells me she was only gone for 4 days but it seemed like 40 to me!

The bad news is that this weekend, Joan put up a fence that now pretty much blocks off my entire yard from me! She was on her hands and knees digging up the dirt and throwing these little seeds all over and then spraying it was water from the long snake (I stayed away from that.) She keeps watering it every morning and I'm still not allowed to go over there even if there is a squirrel or bunny rabbit or other intruder on the other side. Now, I could easily jump over this plastic fence but I'm humoring Joan. UNTIL I DECIDE NOT TO. I'm sure there will be a day where I will HAVE to jump over the fence. She seems to blame me for the need for the fence. Something about mud and no grass because of me running around in the winter. Whatever. Squirrels just need to be chased. No arguments.

March 30, 2007

Friends in the hood

We learned that one of my very best human friends, Roberta, is moving near to where we live. Roberta is grand because she has taken care of me a lot when Joan leaves town with that box on wheels. She doesn't take care of me much anymore because Joan said she was studying really hard for a year or so and now she's a nurse and her hours can be unpredictable in that she might need to stay at work and then, who would let me go to the bathroom? or go for a walk?

In any case, Joan and I went for a walk this morning - in the rain which I didn't mind at all! - and we walked over to see Roberta's new digs. It was a nice enough place except for the sign in front that was advertising the rental and it said "NO PETS." I turned away with disgust. How could Roberta do that? I can't go over and say hi to her? Then I decided I would wiggle her to submission. I plan to go over there and stand outside in protest doing my best joyous body wiggle until Roberta HAS to come outside and acknowledge me - we'll just hang out outside all the time.

More important, how could the owner of the house decide that pets are bad?? Pets are the best. We lower people's blood pressure just by hanging out with humans - thus, there would be fewer heart attacks! Joan chimed in to tell me she's reading this book "Marley and Me" and she said Marley is the reason a lot of people would want "no pets" around. I guess that dog chews up everything including walls and his crate etc. etc. He didn't like thunderstorms. I don't either but I usually just cram my body near to Joan wherever she is, if she's home. Otherwise, I just shake a lot.

This morning, after our walk, I wanted to go outside to just survey my territory. Joan thought I was crazy since it was raining, but I really wanted to go out. So I sat on the stoop, surveying, and getting rained on. It was FINE. I saw the garbage truck come by - the man probably thought I was abused because I was outside in the rain but he doesn't know that I chose to be out there!

March 25, 2007

Walkin, running, sunning

I did get to go swimming yesterday at the dog park, also known as dog heaven as I heard some humans describe it. It is true that the dogs love that place (the humans, too, I think). I ran down to the river to find out that there was no beach left, the Mississippi was full of water, eliminating the beach. Funny how just last week there was still ice on the river in some spots.

Just like the walking and biking paths, all the DOGS CAME OUT yesterday to the park. It wasn't just us hardcore park goers but all the white, brown, black, small, tall, fluffly, smooth dogs. I went absolutely crazy running around having fun.

Today is pretty great, too, except I haven't been in the mood to eat any of my breakfast. It is still in my bowl. Well, I just now ate some of it. My neighbor, Tim, told Joan that I'm a "lardass" now. I don't know what that means but I think it has something to do with food and treats. Joan and I went on a long walk over to St. Paul side of the river - I was really thirsty by the time we returned. I tried to drink some water on the side of the road but Joan wouldn't let me. Something about it being dirty.

I think I'll just lounge now.

Joan fixed the fence in the backyard that for the past few days only had a little flowerpot barrier there. I was pretty damn good to not fly over it and see what was going on in the alley because I could have done it in a flash. (Actually, I'm not suppose to go over along the garage at all but I do it every once in a while.) But she put new wood on the gate and put it back up so now I'm trapped inside my backyard again. I guess that is okay. At least it keeps the riff-raff out of our yard.

March 24, 2007

It's warming up...

EVERYBODY is out now. It was 65 today Joan says, and we went on a long walk along the river. People were riding their bikes, running in shorts, walking and generally playing around. That means more dogs and people and things for me to look at, dodge, pee on, smell etc. = FUN.

Joan just made some chocolaty goodies and I hope to get my mouth of some of it, but I'm sure she'll do something to prevent me. Ever since I got the Penzey's Dutch Process Cocoa out of the cabinet, ripped it open, spilled it all over the rug, and ate some of it, Joan got kinda crazy about hiding the chocolate.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get to go swimming????

March 14, 2007

People who bark...are weird

Yesterday on our morning walk, Joan smiled at these two guys who parked on the side of the road in our neighborhood. Joan keeps being nice to people around here even though most of them ignore us, look down at the ground, or do what this guy did ....

We had passed these guys and then I heard one guy start barking really loudly at us. Like a fake bark - a human bark - humans trying to bark like us dogs (it doesn't work humans...we can tell). In any case, Joan was annoyed by this guy because his bark also kind of made me jump a little bit (maybe her too). So she told him he wasn't being very nice (speaking her mind, I love that). Then the other guy said, 'Oh he's just playing around.' or something like that. We won't smile at them or greet them anymore because they acted weirdly.

There were even MORE fair-weather walkers out yesterday since it got to 66 degrees - a record for March 13th! Almost all the snow is gone and so now that means one thing: MUD. Now Joan definitely makes me sit and clean my paws upon re-entry to the house after being in the backyard.

March 12, 2007

Fair-weather walkers emerge

You know Joan and I walk the neighborhood everyday twice a day (unless something unusual comes up like Joan being sick in the bathroom) - but even then, Joan usually finds someone to take me out because I don't know how to be "patient" and "quiet" when I don't get my walk. In any case, that is not the topic for today. This weekend it has been warm - like around 40-50 degrees - and on Saturday afternoon when Joan walked me along the river, the path was really busy. I call them fair-weather walkers because they were not out when I walked during the -20 degree weather! It was usually just Joan and me out there on the deserted pathways and a few lone, crazy bike commuters (good for them).

My favorite ground covering (besides a deep pool of water) - the snow - is melting away. I'm getting to sit outside more on squirrel patrol - though there are not many squirrels around. I did not get to see my neighbor, Tim, this weekend which means I did not get any extra treats. Bummer.

Joan is working and she is so boring when she sits in that chair at the desk. I prefer her to be on the couch so I can snuggle next to her.

March 2, 2007

Lots more snow

More snow fell down from the sky. Now we have tons. And I like it. Except that Joan doesn't immediately take me on a walk in the morning. Instead she takes her metal shovel and pushes the snow out of the way on the pathways. She doesn't need to do that for my benefit!!! I just plow through the snow no bother.

Here are some photos from today in the backyard.





I hope she takes me down to the river or to the golf course. Sometimes we walk along the river and now the snow will be really high. I'll have to do my butterfly moves through it. Joan calls it that because she says I look like I'm doing "butterfly" swim stroke. I don't know that stroke for swimming personally - I just have dog paddle as my stroke. I guess Joan also spends time in the water though I've only gone swimming with her once - in California last summer. It was in a big pond called a "pool".

I also really love the golf course. Joan puts on her long shoes called "skis" and she goes really fast then, and I can get to run along by her. We went out there on Monday and Tuesday and no one was there.

The only thing I don't like is that Joan took this long metal pole thing out of the garage - it is REALLY long - and I was scared of it. Then it got scarier because the snow from the roof of the house started falling down next to the house. I wanted to investigate and smell the snow that fell, but Joan kept making more of it fall down with the long pole thing. I just stayed away.

February 26, 2007


It snowed buckets on Saturday and Sunday. I will show pictures later on. Yesterday we went on a long walk along the river with Joan, Eileen, and Martha - my three favorite girls. I was "swimming" through the foot of snow. It was grand. When we got back to the house, I was worn out and slept all day. REALLY slept hard. Those girls are so slow walking in snow. I had to keep backtracking to encourage them to go forward.

Eileen said I was a Minnesota dog.

February 13, 2007

Understandable shaft

I'm getting the shaft - only a couple block walks. But it is understandable, I guess. Joan spent all day Sunday sick in the bathroom - she really was a mess - and didn't even walk me at all. Our neighbor, Tim, took me for a walk on Sunday morning and then Eileen, Joan's sister, came over in the afternoon. She took me out as well as did a bunch of things for Joan. She came over again on Monday morning. Joan just laid there ...forever and forever. But the benefit was I got to join her on the couch or bed. She finally took me for a short walk today but she is sooooo slow, not her usual self at all.

There was also another peculiar incident on Sunday night. Joan had gotten sick again and was on the couch again...exhausted. I was on my bed. All of a sudden, something started flying around the living and dining room really fast. Joan started screaming and put her head under the covers and called someone on the phone. She was screaming describing this thing she called a "bat". Next thing I knew, Joan dragged me (since she was screaming, I was a little scared) upstairs and closed the door. Then someone else called us back called "Animal Control" but they told Joan she had to deal with it herself since it was in our house (why would we call if it was outside?) and she owned the house. A few more phone calls and then Joan left me upstairs with the door closed and there was much discussion on a speaker phone about getting this bat out of the house. All I know is that it is gone. A while later, Joan came up and got me and I could go out to do my business before bed.

We do not like other animals flying around our house uninvited! We know that bats are really good animals because they eat mosquitos ....but they also can have rabies so it is not that great of an idea to get near them. We like them to be outside, eating mosquitos, not inside trapped.

So much has gone on since Friday that I forgot to mention that Joan did take me to the vet on Friday and I guess my teeth are clean now. They put me in a cage and then I was shaking a lot because I don't like cages. They put me to sleep and then I woke up in the cage and was kind of silly. A while later, they let me out and Joan was there! My back legs didn't work exactly right when going downstairs but they got back to normal later on.

February 5, 2007

Bald Eagles

Joan told me I had to write that we saw two bald eagles on our walk last Friday night along the river. Personally, I did not care that much about these birds - they were high up perched on a tree above the trail where I was running around and playing with another young pup! But Joan and this guy who was walking his young pup where ooohing and aaaahing about these birds. We have plenty of birds around - don't know about the fuss. She tells me that not many people get to see these birds as close as we did.

Joan and I saw that guy and his pup again on Saturday. We must be on the same walking schedule except we didn't see them on Sunday, but I did see the other black dog that I bark at but not when I'm off-leash. His human was taking him down to the river, and I really wanted to go but Joan didn't take me that way - even after I turned and looked longingly their way. Joan said it was too cold and she couldn't feel her fingers. I mean what is the big deal about -35 windchill? I just don't like it when my paw freezes and I have to jump around on 3 legs (until Joan warms up my frozen paw in her gloves - she is so nice to me.)

February 2, 2007

2 blocks!

Only a two block walk this morning. WHAT???

Negative Seven Degrees Fahrenheit and Weather Map

January 21, 2007

Red Flashes

Last night when Joan and I were walking, someone stopped for us at the crosswalk. I think they saw Joan's arm collar flashing so they waited for us to cross.

THAT was the good kind of red flashing that happened.

This morning the BAD kind of red flashing happened.

We were walking along happy go lucky. I was next to Joan because she's trying to become the pack leader (ha ha - good luck!). All of a sudden, a huge cracking noise started. Joan stopped and was kind of crouching down - we both thought something was going to fall on us at any minute (like an airplane!). But instead red colory flashing started in the air - it was like that nasty July 4th day!!!

I tried my hardest to RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN. But Joan held on.
Then I just stood there SHAKING LIKE A LEAF (as Joan says).

The whole rest of our walk I tried to get home as fast as I could though the sounds were near our house so I also didn't want to go there, either. It was tough. But we made it home with no more noises. Phew.

January 15, 2007

Vomit Weekend

The title says it all. On Saturday morning, Joan got up and let me out and gave me food but I could tell she wasn't gonna take me for a walk so I didn't eat any food. Instead, she let me up on the bed and we snoozed a bit longer. When we got up, I went downstairs, drank some water and them immediately vomited on the floor in two spots. Uh, oh. Joan shooed me outside. After I saw she was putting her shoes on, I ate some food. Then we went to the dog park. There were not that many friends there because it was a bit cold. At the far end of the park, Joan was throwing sticks for me to fetch on the iced up Mississippi River. All the humans were laughing at us as we skidded around on the ice. Joan chatted with some other humans and I chewed and swallowed a few sticks despite Joan telling me not to.

On Sunday morning, Joan woke up and came downstairs to let me out and at the back door, she saw a pile of vomited-up sticks. "Well that's not surprising," she said. She did not hear me do it like she usually does when I start to vomit because she had that loud air thing going in her room. (I slept on the comfy couch downstairs.)

Shall I also tell you that I'm getting the sense that Joan does not LIVE FOR ME. I mean, every night this weekend - even last night - she went out! Okay, so she was here with me all day or at least most of the day but that is just not enough. I'm getting needier and needier - I need my cuddle time on the couch with Joan.

Tonight I was on the couch while Joan was working on her computer in the office. I heard a LOUD POP and I ran like a cheetah and bulldozed into the office door. Joan looked outside and I guess the neighbor clears his sidewalk of snow with a 4-wheeler and it did something called a "backfire" and that is what I heard. It reminds me of that awful day, July 4th. In any case, I relocated to my bed in the office. It's a good thing I have so many beds (not even counting the couch, the leather chair, Joan's bed, the rug...) A dog's got to be versatile.

January 5, 2007


It finally snowed on Sunday night. Seriously I thought this was supposed to be a cold place we live in but we don't even get any snow. Joan took me down by the Mississippi River where I could run around and enjoy the snow. Here are some pictures of Monday.

Snow and Sun

River through the trees

On Wednesday, we went skiing at the golf course for the first time. I had a blast. I got to RUNNNNNNN the whole time. We also saw lots of kids sledding. They were impressed by my speed as I ran along Joan as she skied down a very big hill.

December 8, 2006

The Bosco Style

The other morning, Joan and I were walking down the street and we came upon, Sugar, a lab mix that lives across the street from us (Sugar lives with the cool kids that took care of me a few months ago.) Anyway, I saw that Sugar had adopted the 'Bosco style' of wearing a t-shirt. Remember my t-shirt outfit?


Well, after some discussion, we were glad to hear that Sugar was only wearing the t-shirt for warmth (not for a healing wound as in my case) since she doesn't have any fur on her tummy. (I don't either but I don't get cold enough to warrant a t-shirt for that reason.) In fact, to make my point, Joan and I went running yesterday morning on the coldest day so far of this winter. It was -1 degree F, she says. I did not shiver or anything. But Joan said that I had icicles on my whiskers. Joan was pretty bundled up and had ice on the fabric covering her mouth. I only saw one other dog out - a golden retriever/lab mix who was walking with a man who had no pants on! Lucky for him, I did not go lick his leg skin. hee hee. Joan thought it was odd - he had a coat on but looked like he "just went outside to get the paper" but he was along the river where there is no newspaper box or many houses.

December 4, 2006

Full Moon Weirdness

I don't know if it is technically a full moon, but the moon is pretty big and bright and we noticed weird things happening tonight on our walk. First, we saw a long succession of people, single-file, crossing W. River Road and following the new biking/walking trail. It was VERY odd. None of them were talking, they were just silently walking like drones. Joan told me she wanted to shout at them just to see if they were human. I guess I could have barked but nope, I only bark when it really matters.

Then we saw two cars drive really fast on W. River Road - it was almost like they were connected but they were not. They were inches away from each other. We were just waiting for the crash to sound but it didn't - thank goodness.

The other weird thing that happened was that this morning, Joan took me on a run. That wasn't that weird - it was good. But what was weird was that Joan picked up and smashed up all these pieces of paper she found along the river. She said it was something called "porn" and she didn't want a little kid to get ahold of it so she threw it out. Actually she sometimes picks up other stuff like bottles and newspapers and other 'stuff' people decide to leave near the river or the sidewalk. Anyway, I sniffed the papers but didn't really get a look at it so I don't know what it is. Joan said it would not interest me.

So today has definitely been weird!

November 27, 2006

Poodle Sighting

We've had several poodle sightings lately. The most recent was this morning when we were walking our walk and got to near the house with the BLACK STANDARD POODLES. They were barking and jumping on their fence and we were not even near their house yet. Joan stopped. I could tell she was scared. I think she was thinking we might go the other way. Instead, we kind of jogged along up one street and did not cross in front of their house, though they could plainly see us. Lucky for us, they did not jump fence. As much as Joan loves dogs, I get the sense that if they come near me again, Joan might do something crazy. They might bite Joan next. If that happened, though, I'd have to get involved and it would be an all out fight. I hope that doesn't ever happen!

We also saw one of them last night. Uncharacteristically, its owner was walking her. Joan saw BLACK POODLE and she veered off the sidewalk into the grassy area above the river, a place I like to walk along all the time anyway. I saw the poodle but ignored her. It turns out it was the nasty poodle as it walked right up to its house after we passed. GEEZ. There was no dog-dog talk though. No human-human talk either! That human was probably wondering, "Is that the $247 dog?"

The update on me, the $247 dog, is that my wound has healed and my fur has grown back except that it is a lighter color shade brown than the rest of my fur. So you can still see the outline of a square on my back where they shaved me.

A little more positive is that I saw my good friend, Sierra, a brown dog like myself, this morning. She was coming out of her house (just after the poodle sighting) and she was wiggly as usual - she's a bit younger than I am, though I, too, get wiggly but I don't like to show that vulnerability with other dogs. Joan walked me over to Sierra and she and I smelled each other (had introductions). Sierra laid down on the wet sidewalk (very submissive). Then Joan and I kept going, and we saw Sierra again in front of my house as we had gone opposite directions around the block (I think I get longer walks than Sierra does). Sierra greeted me again as if she forgot we just saw each other ~ or at least that is what we try to get humans to think so they let us greet each other again and fool around a bit longer. I like Sierra!

November 17, 2006

Brown on brown doesn't always hide me

The other day Joan came home and gave me some food. While I was eating my dinner, I saw her checking the couch, my bed, and then the brown leather chairs. Yep, then I heard it, "Bosco, you've been lying on the chair!" I thought that my brown fur on the brown chair would be hidden and she'd never find out that I was back snuggling on the brown chairs. But she found out, due to my body heat. Damn body heat. She felt the spots to see what was warm. If I just knew when she was coming home, I could slip off and let it cool off, but Joan comes home at all sorts of different times.

This morning I got the shaft. I only got to go down the street and back. It was another busy morning. While on that short walk, though, I sniffed something interesting. It smells like birds and squirrels and looks like a soft bed that doesn't belong on the boulevard. Perhaps it fell from the tree.

October 31, 2006

River Walk

Last week, Joan and I and her friend, Chris, who I met for the first time went on a walk along the Mississippi River near our house. It was a beautiful warm day and there were still some leaves on the trees - to captivate the humans' eyes - but mine were on the river water and running like mad. However, on our way to the river, THE BLACK POODLES were out in their yard. Joan froze up and said, "oh no." They were barking, as usual. But we just walked far away and we were okay.

I met up with a puppy similar in looks to myself at the water's edge. I really like puppies - they have just the right disposition and don't scare me at all, so I love playing with them. I think I'd be a great mom but ... alas.... I cannot be, so I'll have to stick with puppy friends.

Anyway we headed south along the river and saw a campsite that had a fire going...but no one around ... and I smelled a fantastic pile of excrement that Joan yelled at me about. "Bosco NO!" Oh well.... I splashed around in the water and even fetched a few sticks. I did a lot of running ahead and back again etc. We had a grand time and returned home via the paved path. Then they left me "to eat food" but returned. Chris said several times that I was really pretty, so I really like him! Though he didn't give me any treats or anything like that.

The unfortunate thing is that Joan told me a couple days later that some young boy was found murdered down there along our Mississippi walk. I'm sad for him. But I can tell you that if he had been down there when we were there, I would have found him with my NOSE and tried to get him help from Joan and Chris. Anyway, Joan hasn't taken me down there since .... I will protect her at all costs.

September 11, 2006

My outfit

Eileen (Joan's sister) came over last night. They started cutting my red t-shirt because it was kinda tight on my legs. But the cutting got out of hand and now they say I have a muscle shirt on one side.

Later that night, Joan put one of her tank tops on me - then I was a Pomona College water polo player (that's what it said on the back) - well, I'd really like to get in the water and I love balls so it could work. In the middle of the night, I guess my licking woke Joan up (I knew I should have slept downstairs). Joan turned on the light and realized that the tank top was down and I had access to my wound - which I was licking again! So downstairs we went and the red shirt went back on. Oh well. No more licking, I guess. I'm actually pretty happy when she puts the goopy stuff on because it makes it itch less. A little bit less.

People are gawking at us when we go on walks. Joan just laughs! At least I don't have the cone on. But I bet they think Joan is a weird owner to make me walk around with a t-shirt on. And now my half muscle shirt. Ha ha.

September 6, 2006

Afraid of dogs

Well, Joan thought I was okay after my attack, but I'm not. Tonight we walked by the neighbor dog who is tied up behind her house. She usually runs towards me and barks and then I bark back. Well, tonight she did run towards me but I picked up the pace, put my ears down and tried to get Joan to follow pace. I don't want any dogs running at me and barking anymore!

We also stopped and talked with a guy who lives near the BLACK POODLES. He was out gardening and Joan asked him what he thought of the black poodles (without telling him they bit me). He started going on and on about how they are constantly barking at every dog that goes by and/or jumping over the fence and getting out. Then she told him that they got out and bit me and he was really sorry! He was glad that Joan called animal control and reported it.

Joan has cleaned my wound and puts this goopy stuff on it but I don't like it, so I've been licking it occasionally. Tonight Joan has started to say something about getting a cone for me. An ice cream cone? I like those.

September 4, 2006


I have been lax in my blogging. Joan and I have been doing a lot of work around the house. Actually she has and I lie around and wait for her to emerge from the basement. There are a lot of smells coming from down there - I never go down there so I doubt I'll ever know what she is doing. She wears a mask sometimes down there and she looks kinda funny. So now I'll get back to my daily life in the city.

Today was not so great. I have a bad story to tell you. Joan and I went out for our usual morning walk. I think she had lots of things to do today since tomorrow she start working in ernest! She took me on our shortish loop - 1 mile. As we came around from the river road back into the neighborhood, we passed by this house that has 2 black standards poodles. They are nasty. They always bark at all the dogs as they pass by and they scare me, so I high-tail it out of there. I pick up the pace and Joan follows suit.

Today was different - not in my fast pace - we were already past them and down the block a house. But then they got out of their yard. They opened the fence and came running after us. Joan started screaming "GO HOME!" She was really screaming but they didn't listen to her and then they attacked me! I tried to fight them but there were two of them (off-leash) and me (on-leash). Meanwhile, Joan is screaming even louder (if that's possible). Finally, they backed down and retreated to their driveway. Joan yelled at them some more and then she heard a person call for them. I was shaking. Joan was shaking. SHOCK.

Then - two women who were out on the river road cut through a person's yard to ask if we were okay (they said that Joan has a loud voice!). Then two other neighbors came out - one guy who saw the whole thing happen and another who just had heard Joan. The man was very concerned because this is not the first time the dogs have been out (we know that because we've seen them out before - and Joan yelled at them that time too but they went home.) Joan said she was going to call animal control. The other neighbor lady said that Joan should just talk to the woman. The woman who recalled her dogs and didn't even have the decency to see if they did any harm? And shall we talk about harm -- I was bitten by those nasty dogs. Here are the pictures of me before, during, and after my visit to the UM Vet Emergency (it was Labor Day no less.)




They drugged me at the doctor's so when I got back home, I was a different dog. I didn't even get up to say hi to Tim, our neighbor who gives me treats.

Anyway, back to the scene of the crime --- this young woman comes out of the house and is going to leave when the neighbor tells her to talk with me. She even acknowledges that they can't keep the dogs in, that they are "very smart" (if they are so smart, why can't they be trained?), and how they've already been visited by animal control. Get ready for trip #2!!!! Joan told her that they needed to pay for a vet visit to check me out, and she said "My mom is out of town." In any case, she gave Joan her phone number. (At this point, Joan hadn't seen my wound.) In the remaining 2 blocks to our house, Joan saw my bloody wound and freaked out!

We got home, she called the people's house and told them about my bloody gash. Then called animal control (closed - holiday). Then called UM Vet Emergency to get an appointment. Then we were in the car and gone for several hours. It was okay there - they treated me right (drugs always help, I guess). Although they made me throw up when we left. When we got back home, I was very s-l-o-w. Joan called the people and left a message that they owe us $247.

Meanwhile both of our days were pretty much ruined. Joan did not get her work done and I was sick and tired. Plus -- I can't go in the water until this wound completely heals - that could be 2 weeks or worse?! That means no big dog park - I'm very sad.

July 13, 2006


(Sorry I haven't gotten our trip photos up --soon!!). On Sunday, I woke up having to pee like crazy. Joan let me out and then we went on a walk. It was so weird. I felt like I had to go all the time, so I squatted about 20 times on our 1 mile loop. Then we went to my favorite place, the dog park, and there, I squatted about 60 times - seriously it was like every 10 seconds - 1 minute. I just really felt like I had to go but nothing would come out. Joan kept saying things like, "Bosco - again?", "What are you doing?" "There must be something wrong with you." That's not very nice.

In any case, this continued on the whole day - I had to keep asking Joan to let me out of the house so eventually she just left me outside. I managed to hold it overnight but we were up the next day and I had to go, go, go, go, go, go, go.... Joan left and a bit later, Alyssa (the daugher of Tim, my favorite guy and neighbor), came over and let me out in the yard. She's so sweet. She came over again later on and then, not long after, Joan came home. We went on another strange walk because everytime I squatted, Joan pushed a plastic container under me. She's weird.

BUT then we ended up at the VET! I don't like that place. There was a cat in a box there, and I was panting. Then there was another cat and weird smells. They made me get on this black pad and announced 48.5 lbs. Okay. Then we went into the room. The room with two doors, no windows, a bench (that I got up on), and a silvery high table/countertop (no food on it - nothing on it!). Despite this sparcity, you could HEAR a lot - too much. I heard people outside both doors and I would pace around the room. Then I'd jump on Joan's lap. Then I'd jump up on the bench. Then I'd jump down. Meanwhile, panting, dripping saliva, panting, shaking.

Then a woman came in. She picked me up and put me on the silvery table. She started feeling me everywhere which is like petting so it was okay - sort of - I still had my tail between my legs as I was a bit scared. She looked at my paws which I don't like especially because they are itching me like crazy. She put something in my butt (eeks!!) and then said 100.6 or something like that. Okay. Normal. Okay. All these numbers. She looked at my back paw and said that it was bad - because I have been licking it a lot. Then she left us in there. We were in there forever - like 40 minutes or more. More panting, pacing, jumping, licking, shaking, pacing, listening, whining. Finally, the woman returned and had a long discussion with Joan that pretty much said, they don't know what's wrong based on the examination of my urine that Joan collected on our walk. She gave us pills for my foot and we left (of course paid our big bill!).

I started to feel a bit better - not feeling like I had to go so much. The next day, Joan got a call and they said that I have what's called a "bladder infection" and that the pills I got for my foot will also fix my bladder. Yeah! That was the worst feeling because I know I'm not suppose to go in the house but then you feel like you have to go so you really have to distract yourself so that you don't think about it - especially when Joan is gone and I'm alone in the house.

All I know now is that I'm getting to eat a lot of peanut butter!!!

June 16, 2006

Tick, tick, tick

They are calling me "Misstick" and I'm getting tired of it. But I guess they are too. I'll tell you what happened.

American Dog Tick on the tile floor (hint hint)

So on Wednesday, Joan wanted to go on a hike - great! We went to El Chorro Regional Park near San Luis Obispo - it had an easy 3 mile trail for my people (Joan and her parents - Tom and Judy) and it also, bonus, had a dog park! So I ran around the dog park and went in the dog pools that were there (pretty tiny compared to my usual swimming hole, the Mississippi River!) and then we were ready for our hike. Joan and her mom chose this because it said it did not have poison oak - that dreaded plant. However, we started hiking and there was poison oak on either side of the trail so Joan kept me tight on the leash so we would stay on trail.

But then - Tom saw some ticks on her Judy's pants. Judy was the only one who wore pants. It wasn't so bad - they brushed them off. Well, we went up to a vista point and then continued on the trail loop but it had tall grasses. Joan pointed out the ticks on the ends of the grass just waiting for us! Then the trail got really narrow and had TONS of poison oak, so we turned around. Well, we got back to the car and Joan pulled two ticks off of my ear and head. We got back to the house and Joan made me go outside. She then took off my collar and started looking through my fur - super slowly. And then, every once in a while, she'd pull some of my fur out! I did not like that, but she kept doing it. One time Tom came out and asked Joan if she wanted an evening cocktail and Joan said something about needing a lot to drink after this was done. We were out there for at least an hour and half and Joan told her parents she removed and killed (smashed with a rock and then flushed down the toilet) 51 ticks. They are American dog ticks, as illustrated above. So that was 53 ticks with the ones at the car. You would think that would be all but NO. For the last two days, Joan has found more ticks on me and also many of them fall off me because Joan puts this funny stuff on my back every month that kills ticks. So we are easily up to over 100 ticks that have come off of me. They all stopped counting after they were in the 70s. Just right now, they came back from lunch and found 9 ticks on the floor. Joan has not let me sleep in her bedroom either, so I've had to sleep in the laundry room for the past two nights. Bummer for me. Here's a picture of me in my kitchen kingdom - can't go into that room with wood on the floor:

Here's a picture of us at the scene of the tick crime:
Tom started called me "Miss Tick" or misstick. When will I lose it? Probably never. Now, Joan isn't going to take me on any hikes that are in the grassy hills around here. She's sticking to sidewalks. Joan thought there were a lot of ticks in Minnesota, but this place has way more!

We did go on a short walk in a place called Shell Beach. It was so COOOOL. They had a drinking fountain for me! I loved it and drank a lot.

Here's a picture of Joan and me at this park - it is beautiful there (and no ticks!).

Joan and Judy left me yesterday with Tom while they went to a farmer's market in San Luis. Joan returned with this funny photo - if you know anything about CA, it is that it is smoke-free. No smoking anywhere, practically. And sure enough, you can't even smoke in the parking ramp!

All I have to close with is: Dogs - Don't go to El Chorro Regional Park unless you want to have hundreds of ticks on you!

May 27, 2006

Meeting people

Yesterday morning, while Joan and I were walking our usual walk near the river, we saw two people she knows from work. First, Frances who is a Dean rode her bike by and greeted us. We see her a lot because she bikes to work like Joan and she is usually punctual in that she's riding by around 8am (Joan obviously works a different schedule than that!).

Then this guy I've never met came by and stopped his bike. He said he thought it was us - he knows me through my blog! His name is Terry and he's not usually on our route but he told us he dropped his car off for service and was riding into work. That's creative and good exercise! Terry also works with Joan - he knows all about math education.

Of course, we also see other people and dogs we know but don't actually know their names - like the woman who lives in the big white house and has at least 2 greyhounds (who are VERY well-behaved and majestic). We also see the man and his yellow labrador. For some reason, I usually go crazy barking at that dog - I don't know why.

It is always fun to go on walks! It' getting hotter though so I'm slowing down and also drinking lots of water when we get back to the house.

May 25, 2006

Crazy Crosswalks

Joan is getting kinda mad on our walks. Not at me, but at the people in cars. They don't stop for us at the crosswalks to cross the street. I usually sit down when we get to a curb but it seems that is not enough for them to STOP. Joan has to walk out in front of them. That's when she glares at them, points at the sign that I guess says that they should stop, and sometimes she might even say a word I've never heard before. She is mad!

She is mad because: (a) she is from California where the pedestrian rules. At least that was the way it was when she lived there. She says if a person even approached the street, the cars screech to a halt and happily let the people (and dogs) cross; (b) the road we cross is only 25 MPH neighborhood street but the car people seem to think it is a highway and drive like 40 MPH especially in the morning and evening - when we do our walks!; (c) 5 months ago she emailed the new city councilman about these crosswalks on W. River Road because the paint is gone and she wanted them to be repainted. He never replied until she resent the email 2 months later and then he said they would do it sometime. Then later he sent another email which seemed to blow her off and just told her to contact someone else. She's still steemed about that and hasn't replied.

However, the other night the news was on (I listen with a half ear as it is usually when I like to go to sleep), and they were talking about the crosswalk problem all over the city. Now, Joan thinks she should forward her snubbed email correspondence to the TV station so they can follow up with that councilman! I should email them as I'm the one who is more likely to get hurt since I'm not as tall as Joan.

I remembered this because today we almost got run over by some man, despite the fact that he had a stop sign. Joan said one of those unfamiliar words at him but, of course, he didn't hear. Joan didn't really say it that loudly only I could hear and anyone else who can read lips! Then when we had to cross back over at a different street (where there are no stop signs), there was a car waiting to turn left. On the right the cars just kept coming and coming without stopping despite me sitting very patiently and obediently at the curb. Then, Joan just walked out because I guess that's what we have to do! The woman stopped and Joan pointed at the sign again - that says they have to stop - and we walked kinda slowly and she was saying something, but the fact is that if we had not been in front of her car, she would not have slowed down to let us cross!!!

It is a bummer because it doesn't make our walk pleasant when we have to wrestle with these car drivers just to cross a street, while we obey the law and the cars don't. I just don't want to get a broken leg or, worse, die.

May 16, 2006


Last week, Joan tricked me and had a party. I thought something was up because she put a cloth on the table and had flowers. Eileen came over and started putting red stuff in a big bowl and put it on the table. And then this huge cake - it smelled good and I wanted to eat it.

Then Eileen took me outside for a walk. We went down to the river near the dunes where Joan lets me off leash. Eileen did not let me off. It was raining, too, but I would have gone swimming anyway. When we got back to the house, there are a lot of people in the house! I was scared a bit. I poked my head out of the kitchen, while getting low to the ground, and saw Joan across the room. She was calling me, but I was really scared by all the legs that could potentially kick me or something. But I made it over to her, phew! After that, I relaxed a bit more. My favorite kid, Will, and his mom, Rachel, came by. Some of these people had their own dogs because I could smell them.

After the party, Joan and Eileen left. Then my ears started to get bad - at least one of them was itching me a ton. When they got home, Joan could smell that my ear was bad. But then she forgot to clean it! The next morning, I was flapping, flapping, flapping my ears constantly. I'm glad Joan started to fix them even though I don't like the wet stuff she puts in my ears nor the pink pill she puts in my food. The other day I licked the peanut butter off the pill and left the pill there. :-) My ears are feeling MUCH better now!

May 1, 2006

Rain rain go away

It has been raining for 4 days. This is our fourth day, but at least today it hasn't been so bad. BUT, the rain has prevented Joan from taking me to the dog park so I'm kind of cranky because I haven't had a really good run in a whole week! We've gone on walks in the rain (the rain doesn't bother me at all), but not super duper long walks.

On Saturday and Sunday everytime Joan let me out in the backyard, I would find a squirrel sitting in the planter box on the side of the garage. It would try to fake me out by becoming "statue squirrel" but it could not hold it and would move and then I'd see it. Then I started whining and digging my paws into the ground (which is kind of mud now that there is no grass due to me - oops). Joan put up this 3 ft. fence around the plants so I could not get to the squirrel. If the fence hadn't been there, I would have been in there on top of tulips and other plants jumping up the garage wall to try to get the squirrel. Joan saw this happen a bunch of times and went out there and saw something on the planter box and window sill that prompted her to go into the house and come out with a little plastic container that she keeps in a cabinet with like 50 or more other little bottles. On it were the letters "C A Y E N N E P E P P E R". She is funny because she sprinkled it on the planter box dirt and the wood trim of the window and windowbox. I've only seen her put that stuff in food she eats so that is a little weird. Actually, I take that back, she also used that same stuff when she was planting some tulip bulbs last year. I saw her put the bulb in the hole in the earth and then sprinkle that red stuff on top and then put dirt over it. The good news is we haven't seen the squirrel again in the last 24 hours.

This morning on our walk I was a little ornery because I really want to run. And one of the neighborhood dogs was coming towards us so I barked at him. Joan waved at the dog's mom and then we crossed the street. On the other side, Joan bent down to tie her shoe and then the dog and its mom started back down the sidewalk on the other side of the street. I barked again and then ran towards them and I just went! I guess Joan did not have a good hold on the leash but then she screamed "BOSCO NO!" and I immediately stopped in the middle of the street, and she came and got me. She sounded very afraid so I listened to her. There was also a big truck right there so I guess I could have been hit by a car, too. Maybe that's what she was worried about. But I'm worries!

April 22, 2006

River, garbage, stinky fish

You might already know where this entry is going...bath time. It started this morning. Joan took me down to the river and she brought her gloves and garbage bags. There were other people down there, too, and they were all picking up garbage. I was supporting them - moral support - and occasionally jumping in the Mississippi or finding a stick and running around with it. Joan found a half-full propane tank! We filled 1 and 1/2 bags full of mostly styrafoam (cups, bubbles, larger pieces) and plastic (lids, bags, cigarette pack plastic) and cigarettes. Well, during all this I was roaming around and I found two really smelly (fish smelly) spots and I was rolling around in them big time, ignoring Joan calling me to her. Well, as you might imagine, when we got home, Joan gave me a bath. Can't she just leave me smelly? I guess not, because I also heard Tim, my favorite neighbor, say that he wouldn't even come over and see me if I was smelly. She washed me in the front yard with REALLY cold water. But I liked it better than the bathtub because it goes faster. Then she dried me off with warm towels and then brushed me. That felt good. Now, I'm going to lie in the sun on my bed and dry completely while Joan takes a shower to get the smell off of her!

April 3, 2006

Weekend activities

On Saturday, Joan took me to the dog park. Well, first she went to the coffee shop on the way and I had to wait in the car while she got her food and drink. Then, she let me out and we sat outside at the tables. She ate her food and I waited, waited, waited. There was no lack of people to look at because people kept coming in to the shop, so I'd check them out as they went in or out. Sometimes I would try to get near them so I could sniff their legs - interesting smells.

Then, we finally did go to the park. Once we got in and beyond the initial pack of dogs waiting at the top, I was more comfortable. The park wasn't as muddy as last week and the Mississippi River was flowing VERY high, so we couldn't walk on the shore of the river like we did last week. Joan chatted with this woman who had two very small dogs - one black and one brown. I also ran around with some springer spaniel type dogs - we had some great chasing.

After the park, we did the usual things - some that I like and some that I don't. We had to go through that machine again which sprays water all over the car while we are in it. It scares me and I whine a lot. But, then we went to the store where I can go in and BONUS get treats to eat.

On Sunday, Joan seemed very upset and she was getting sick in the bathroom. That was weird. I've done that sometimes when my stomach gets empty and I vomit on the floor. Actually, Joan doesn't let me in the bathroom except for bathtime - which I don't like - so I would not know to vomit in there if that is the right place. I really wanted to go for a walk but at the same time, I could see that Joan was kinda sick, so I stayed kinda low profile as much as I could. She did take me for a walk but I think she was feeling really bad because she was sick some more when we returned and then she went to bed. I was very sensitive to that and instead of trying to get up on the bed with her, which is what I usually would try for, I just took a nap on my own bed on the floor and let her try to feel better.

This morning she seems OK. She got up really early and immediately started working on her computer (after feeding and letting me out, of course) instead of taking me on a walk - that is not our usual schedule. Again, good thing I've been practicing being patient lately, because I had to be patient some more waiting for her to take me on a walk. We just returned from it - and it is cold outside again! BRRRR. Not like Zero or anything, but with the wind a bit cool on my furry back and wet nose.

February 9, 2006

Sad eyes ... don't work.

So last night, Joan got into bed and I could tell she was going to read and not go to sleep. I walked over to the side of the bed and looked at her - hard. She was about to say something and instead of listening, I jumped up on the bed and laid on top of her. hee hee hee. I kind of startled her because she made a funny noise and almost dropped her book. Then she started talking, "Bosco you are not allowed up here when I go to bed. You have to go lie down on your bed...bla bla bla." I just stared at her again with kind of watery, sad eyes. I know she thought I was cute, but it didn't work. She said "Go lie down on your bed." And I know what that means, so I got up and started for the corner of the bed where I jump off and onto the rug, but the corner of the rug had several pairs of shoes, and I was afraid to jump down there ;-) so I just plopped down again and waited....It didn't work. Joan got up and moved the shoes and then told me again to go lie down on my bed. So I jumped off and went to my own bed.

BUT - this morning the alarm went off and music started playing. Despite it being early, I took advantage and went over to the side of the bed and jumped up on it and snuggled up in a ball next to Joan. This time she didn't say anything to me - I think she was sleeping. Not too long later, Joan started petting me. Then later, Joan said "do you want to go for a walk?" I immediately jumped up on all fours and started wiggling and jumped off the bed. Then we went on a run around the river. Now that is a great morning!

January 29, 2006

Walking on water (ice)

I have meant to tell you about last weekend. Joan took me around a lake we used to run around often (not so much anymore). Well, first we stopped and she left me in the car. I was wondering what she was doing when she went into a building. A few minutes later, she came out with Roberta, my favorite friend, and I got wiggly and let her pet me through the open window. But then Joan and I continued on to the lake without Roberta. We started walking around it. Here's a picture of me when Joan let me run out onto the ice (I'm on the bottom right, with my leash on.)


We kept walking around the lake and then I saw that there were a lot of people out on the lake. Some had sticks and were whacking something hard. Joan calls it "hockey." It was freezing so we kept walking but Joan took a picture of the National Pond Hockey Championships!!


Later on, Joan decided that we'd cut a corner of the lake and we went out there. She took off my leash and I had fun sliding on the ice and then running when there was a snowy patch and then sliding again. I could tell Joan was kind of scared of the ice - she says now we would NOT go on the ice at all because it has been really warm. Anyway, I enjoyed my time over at Lake Calhoun - then we came home for food!

December 20, 2005

Freedom of Speech, uh I mean barking

I live in America and I think I should be covered by freedom of speech (barking). Let me tell you a story. Last week, Joan and I were walking along a trail near our house. Joan was really nice to take me out AND to go on the trail because we had a lot of snow so it was not the easiest walking for her. This trail is only about 10 feet down from the main paved walking and biking paths and it is on a cliff over the Mississippi. As we walked along, we saw a dog coming toward us off-leash (I was on my leash, of course!). This dog approaches cautiously and it was an Australian Shepherd and I like them a lot, so we sniffed and then continued on our respective walks.

A little later, we saw another dog and human coming toward us. All of a sudden, this dog (a white standard poodle) came running at me. I freaked and started barking furiously at him. I mean, I'm at a disadvantage being on a leash and all and I felt VERY vulnerable! So I used my right to BARK and I did. I even showed some teeth! I caught Joan a little off-guard but she understood exactly why I did what I did. Then the poodle's man said to Joan, "Your dog has a problem."

I heard Joan say "My dog's problem is that your dog is off leash and lunged at her."

He said, "My dog gets along with everyone; your dog has the problem."

Joan said, "You don't know dogs very well if you think an off leash dog and a leashed dog will always get along. Putting a leash on a dog puts them in a submissive role and makes them feel vulnerable."

Anyway, we kept on our way while THAT man and poodle went their way. How can he get mad at us when we were minding our own business and minding the LAW. Meanwhile, he was NOT minding the law and also did not have control of his dog!!! Plus, I used my right to bark - FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I might not be courteous or seem nice but I can bark if I want to!

December 3, 2005

Snow - my winter swimming

I love snow because it seems to me, when there is a lot of it, it is like water. I use the same swimming techniques for running through deep snow. But, we don't have deep thick snow yet! But we did get enough...enough for Joan to put on those long feet extenders (she calls them skis) and take me to the golf course tonight. It was FANTASTIC. I ran around like a maniac - or maybe just like a really excited pup! At one time, Joan was almost going as fast as me, as she went down a big hill. It was fun to run alongside Joan like that. I also saw another dog there and played with him for a while but then its human called it and they went a different way. When we got home, Joan gave me lots of food. Now, I'm soooo tired that I'm going to take a nap.

November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving and snow...

Yesterday was a day Joan called Thanksgiving. She continued to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Then people came over - my good friend, Ann, and Eileen, and Martha and Miguel, but then two men I've never met came over too - J.B. and Javier. I was suspicious of them at first. I warmed up to J.B. pretty quickly but Javier I was still cautious about - he was really tall and also spoke loudly at some times. After he gave me a treat, I seemed to trust him more (but that was at the end of the night).

This morning I woke up to snow! My favorite. Joan and I went on a walk and I was up on my hind legs smelling a garbage can. There was something smelling good in there.... and then the guy who lived there who was in his garage told Joan that their turkey carcass was in the garbage. Well, I already knew that because I could smell it!

Joan and I went outside a bit later in the backyard - the snow is glorious.


Joan - please come play with me...


November 22, 2005

No longer incognito

I'm all brown, so at night when Joan and I go walking (now because it gets dark at 4:30 Joan and I walk in the dark a lot) no one can really see me. I blend into the darkness. Sometimes Joan wears a reflective vest but usually I'm out in front of her so sometimes people or bikes or cars don't see me. I kind of like it - I'm incognito. I can see everything because my eyes work well at night and I can smell really well, but the humans' eyes don't work so well at night.

But this has all ended because Joan bought me a flashing light that hangs on my collar. Now, I'm more like a biker!! I see the bikes ride by with a flashing red or white light. Now, I'm more like them because I walk around with this flashing thing on. At first when Joan turned it on, it startled me a little bit - I was scared (as usual). But as soon as we started walking, it did not bother me at all. I know that it means that I'm safer overall which is always good.

On another subject - I can tell that Joan doesn't want me to bark at other dogs when we pass them. Sometimes I get really crazy barking at them. So I've toned myself down and in the past few days, I haven't barked at any of them. Joan makes me sit and tells me I'm a good girl and keeps me close to her, so I just behave.

November 17, 2005

I didn't mean to but I made Joan fall down

It was a cold, cold day yesterday. Joan took me for a walk around dinnertime. It was really freezing - not so much for me, but I know Joan was cold - it was about 10 degrees out with a windchill closer to -1. She was very generous to take me on the 1 mile walk loop we have despite it being that cold (I think she didn't realize it was that cold given that a few days ago it was nearly 60 degrees). Anyway, we were nearing home when I saw him - Crash - the golden retriever who lives across from me in the blue house. I can't say why but he bugs me. I think it is because he thinks he's better than I am - and I think I should be better than him. I think because I wasn't treated well, now I like to be dominant - the alpha dog on the block!

So I started barking and pulling and Joan took me out into the road around a car to pass Crash without being really near to him. Joan was holding onto the leash and I was doing acrobatics and barking and snarling (as I look back at it, I'm a little embarassed at my behavior but I have to do anything I can to show my superiority). Joan's hands were really cold (she told me she has now sworn off those gloves because they are not warm). Somehow in one of my acrobatic tricks, I pushed Joan over and she fell down onto the street. Since she had so much clothing on, it wasn't too bad of a fall, but she did actually skin her knee (somehow her pants did not rip which was good for me because I already made her rip her wool coat on the fence so another ripped good clothing would not do good things for me, I bet).

As I look back - besides my bad behavior - it was kind of hilarious because there was another man walking behind us and he chose to follow Joan and me into the street and then, there is Joan on the ground after I made her fall, with a crazy dog. Of course she is holding on to me because otherwise who knows what would happen if she let me go and I could go near Crash.

It's all in the attitude - the yellow lab, Chloe, who lives in the house next to where Joan fell down has a great attitude and I like her a lot. We run around her yard like madwomen! But see, Chloe knows that I am the alpha. She defers to me- she is also younger than I am, so she respects me. So, I'll play with her. I also have much more attitude when I'm on leash. Joan puts that "gentle leader" on my nose and then I feel very subordinate - which I don't like at all.
Anyway, I am really sorry about Joan's injury!

November 10, 2005

Pom Pon Trees

This morning on a walk with Joan, I was very frightened by what Joan called an "art installation." What I saw was a dark round unnatural ball (Joan says a big pom pom but I don't know what that is --she said I'd have to go to high school football games to know) on top of a tree. It freaked me out. I stopped and crouched and looked suspiciously of it. Then we kept walking but they kept appearing and I was not comfortable with them. Joan will take a picture to share the next time we are there.

These are located along W. River Road between Franklin and 25th St. It is an art installation that is supposed to highlight buckthorn - an invasive European brush/shrub/tree that is clogging up our native areas like along the river. The buckthorn doesn't allow the native plants to live which is not a good thing. People use this plant because it grows fast but the birds and wind move the seeds to the river and there it goes crazy growing.

Maybe you should go see the art installation and let me know if the pom pom trees freak you out! I think I'm okay with them now but....

November 6, 2005

Another level of our relationship

I have risen to another level in my relationship with Joan. I'll give you a clue:


Yes, Joan has been letting me up on the couch with her when she watches TV or reads students' papers or whatever! I don't know exactly what happened that changed her mind to be so open to me on the couch. Perhaps it is the rising heating costs that she's talked about -- you know, I'm quite the heat generator -- or maybe she just wants a dog to cozy up with!! For whatever reason, I'm pretty happy about it. However, I wish she'd spend more time on the couch so I can sit there with her. Too much of her time is in the kitchen or in her office on the computer - and I don't have cozy couches in those rooms. Now, let me say that this new treat seems to not be available at all times. Though she doesn't say anything, I get the sense that Joan doesn't want me up there when she is not up there, too. That seems weird to me. So if she's home, I'm careful about waiting until I'm invited up there. But as soon as Joan leaves, I get right up on the couch!

However, the other night Joan was in another room, and she came into the living room to find:


woops! I was up on the couch cozy and warm, and she found me. She did not do anything but come over and give me hug. Cool!

So that's that.

Yesterday, Joan and I went to the park where I run around like a maniac. We met another dog with my same name, Bosco. That dog was a brown and white Australian shepherd. I like that type of dog - they don't scare me at all. In any case, that Bosco's owner had treats in his pocket and I could smell them. I kept putting my nose on his pocket and licked his hand. Then, Joan said, 'do you have treats?" She told him how I can smell a treat a mile away - especially in pockets since Tim, my favorite neighbor, feeds me treats out of his pocket. So I've learned that the pocket area of human's clothes are great places to sniff to see if any food is in there. Bosco's owner and Joan talked about how they both don't like the Lake of the Isles dog park as it is has a "dog packs" mentality. I really did not like that park when we went there. I was scared out of my mind, so Joan and I don't ever go there anymore.

Recently, I've seen and smelled a few more dead squirrels. The most recent was a freshly dead (blood was oozing out of him and I could really smell this one) squirrel on the street. I pulled and pulled to go and investigate more closely, but Joan would not let me go into the street. I guess she knows what she is doing but I really wanted to smell that squirrel.

October 20, 2005

Eye Scab & Dead Cat

Last night Joan put goopy stuff on me. She was petting me at the time, and I couldn't exactly figure out where she put it, but I could smell it. I was licking myself to try to figure out where it was. Finally, I found it - she put it under my eye. Well, I don't like it, so I very delicately (since my eye hurts a little bit) licked the fur on my leg and then passed my leg by my eye, catching a little bit of the goop. Then I'd lick my leg again and pass it by my eye again. Joan saw what I was doing, so then she rubbed off some of the goop so I did not ingest too much of it. I guess she learned that I don't like smelly goop on my body. AND that pretty much no matter where you put something on me, I'll find a way to rub or lick it off.

This morning, we went for a walk and near the garbage can on W. River Road, I smelled something in a plastic bag sitting next to the garbage can while Joan was throwing away my bathroom business. Joan looked and said, "What is that?" She didn't even want to look because it had fur on it. I saw it though, it was a dead cat. I'm not sure why it was in a plastic bag nor why it was next to the garbage can. I sniffed it a bit until Joan made me leave. If I die, I hope Joan doesn't leave me by the garbage can in a plastic bag (I know she wouldn't!!). On our walk some lady told me I was pretty. I always love that!!


October 18, 2005

Black eye

Joan saw today that I kind of have what she calls a 'black eye' though you can't really see it that much since I have brown fur all over my body. She was petting me and first, noticed I had this black thing under my eye. She went and got a wet washcloth and started rubbing my eye to get it off. Then she realized it was dried blood -- then she saw that my eye lid bottom and surrounding area is very bruised. After washing it, she put some oily lotion stuff on it.

What she doesn't know is how I did this to myself. Though, I know. She and I have been running around the woods near her house - actually I'm running, she is walking. So I run like a wildwoman through the woods - and I probably hit a branch (like when I got my seroma ... but not that bad!!). The woods are beautiful right now with leaves all over the place. There are always people down there, too, but not too many. On Saturday we saw my kin- a brown lab that was 12 years old! She was cool. We also saw some tall poodles - they were stand-offish. Yesterday we a couple other dogs but I didn't attend to them very long because I wanted to run!

Last night my pad also was bugging me - I was licking it a lot and it was red in between my toes. She filled a bowl up with warm soapy water and then expected me to step into it. I was not super cooperative but she finally got my foot in there, and it actually didn't feel half bad. We stood there for a while and then she took my paw out and dried it off, but it smelled funny so I licked it a little and then did not need to anymore. It was nice to get what was bugging me off of my foot.

It's beautiful weather - I want Joan to come home so I can sit outside in the back overseeing my territory and soaking up the sun.


October 13, 2005

Dead Squirrel

I was walking Joan around the neighborhood - specifically along W. River Road - when I smelled something funny. I pulled her over and there it was - a squirrel. I smelled it, and it was dead. As much as I hate squirrels, I also think they are pretty boring when they are deceased. They don't "che che che" or run around or swish their tails. B-O-R-I-N-G.

Yesterday, I was walking Joan again in the rain this time. We were along the path near the river again, and this time I smelled something weird. I was quite frightened in my usual way with something new. I crouched down and moved my nose closer to it but also was scared at the same time. I smelled it and still wasn't sure what to make of it. Joan stared at it, too, and then moved it around with her foot - there were A LOT of feathers. Neither of us knew what to make of it.


October 5, 2005

Thunder and Rain

Yesterday morning, it was raining and dark. I was still downstairs on my bed when a huge clap of thunder happened. I HATE thunder. My ears go down and my tail goes between my legs and I search for Joan. Luckily I knew where she was - up in her bed. So I ran upstairs and she was expecting me! She let me go up on her bed - yeahhhh! It is so comfy and I like cuddling with her. She was okay with it since I did not lick her but just kind of curled up and snoozed. It was raining and raining and raining. Then we got up and it is a little scary jumping off her tall bed but I did it anyway because I knew we'd go outside.

She put on all this crunchy-sounding clothes and she opened the door and I saw - it was pouring rain. But I don't care about that so much if a walk is involved. So we went on a walk around 2 blocks. When we got back, Joan went into the garage and got a shovel and then we walked back to the front of the house. I thought, great, another walk. Though I was a bit wary of the the shovel so I did not pull or anything. We walked to the corner and then Joan started shoveling leaves out from the street. At that point, I saw that half of the street was like a shallow pool (fun for me to jump in!) but not so fun when a car drives by really fast. As soon as Joan moved the leaves, the water started going really fast into one of those grated holes that I avoid when walking around. At this point, we are both really wet! Joan's crunchy pants were not really crunchy anymore and my fur was wet but I just shake it off.

We went back inside and Joan had to dry me off like when we go to the dog park. Later in the day we went for a long walk around the river and we did not even get rained on! Last night though - more rain again! Not really any thunder though so Joan did not let me sleep with her on the bed.


September 11, 2005

The lake, the river, squirrel stare-downs, and vacuums!

Yesterday Joan took Eileen (her sister) and me down along the river near her house. Surprisingly, Eileen had never been on this trail near the sand dune. Joan let me get wet in the river. I just looooove the water. I run down and then immediately plop down in the water. I also looooove to retrieve sticks from the river, too.

Today Joan and I walked around the big lake we used to go around often. That was when Joan first adopted me and I was really scared of everything - especially the busy traffic. I would shake I was so scared. Today, I wasn't scared at all. Again, I saw the lake and was SOOOOOOO excited. I just wanted to jump right in, but Joan made me wait until there was a better place. I smelled lots of new smells since we haven't walked around that lake in a while. Joan also took me on the "secret" trail near 34th St (maybe you can find it) and that was really fun because it was full of squirrels! Well, it was fun for me, but Joan was questioning why she veered off the lake.

So then this afternoon, I did a series of squirrel stare-downs again in the backyard. Those squirrels are taunting me. Even though I was right there under the oak tree, looking at them, they would come down, swish their tails, gurgle, and look at me. OHHH, it makes me so mad! Then they come even closer down, almost to the ground and then I just go crazy. Run around the tree, jump up 6 ft high trying to get them, but I didn't.

Tonight Joan did a lot of vacuuming, and I trust her with the vacuum. With my other people "pre-Joan", I was very scared of it because they would come after me with it. Joan never does that, so I don't even move until she is right near me with the vacuum. Then I have to move so she can clean under where I was laying on the floor. For some reason, lots of my fur on the floor bothers her so she has to suck it up in that machine. I don't see a problem with it.

August 22, 2005

Getting Joan a date.

I'm handy to have around because I got Joan a date - well, at least she can decide if she wants to go out with the guy. But on Saturday we went for a long walk and then she got breakfast at the coffee shop. She tied me up and inside, a guy told her how pretty I am (I am so pretty, aren't I?). Anyway, then he proceeded to help her outside with her goodies (water for me) and then chatted with her. He was an okay guy, I guess, I wasn't super scared of him or anything. Then he asked Joan to go biking sometime. Well, that's not very nice because it doesn't include ME! I'm sure Joan would be mad that I'm telling her secrets but hey, this is a great advantage of having a cute dog like myself. So if you are single, you should go out now and adopt a cute dog from Animal Ark Shelter and maybe you, too, will get a date!

I have to also admit that my charms did not work on Sunday. We also went to a coffee shop and a guy with his dog sat with us at a big table, but he didn't talk with Joan or ask her out OR even comment how cute I am! I'll have to work on this "date magnetism" thing.

Yesterday, Joan wore me out. First she took me to the dog park where I ran around with lots of dogs, chasing, swimming, fetching etc. Then later that day, Joan took me running. So by last night I was just exhausted. I was napping all evening on my bed. Eileen is still around the house so I still have double access to getting pet and skin for licking. Hooray!

July 3, 2005

I hate July 3 and 4

Tonight Joan unexpectedly took me on an evening walk - I was super excited because I love walks at all times of the day and night!! However, for some reason, as we walk along the Mississippi River and even around the neighborhood, we keep hearing loud popping noises - really loud sometimes! Joan says they are firecrackers. I like to eat crackers but I don't like to hear firecrackers, I guess. So instead of walking slowly like Joan wanted, I started pulling hard on my leash because everytime there was a "POP" I would jump. I just wanted to get back to safety at home.

We also saw a family of raccoons who were in the sewer trying to come out and cross W. River Road - not that easy given the traffic along it. We waited for one to cross and then Joan and I just ran by when the raccoon was still in the sewer and hadn't reemerged yet. If the raccoon came near me, I would be scared of it. I'm glad, though, that I don't live in the sewer. I love my home.

Today I gave the "Pet proof" screen material in the back door a work out. I saw a squirrel and just really had to get it. I was pressing on the screen before Joan came to let me out and I did not break or split the screen but I made the spline kind of come out but Joan can just press that back in easy. Then I ran outside and jumped against the fence gate door that, a month or so ago, I jumped on and broke the post holding it up. Joan has since cemented in a new post so I didn't hurt the fence this time.

Now it is time for a nap.

June 29, 2005

What's it like to be in a fur coat?

It has been very hot here lately. Since I'm in a fur coat, I get really hot quickly. Joan is nice to take me to the dog park so I can take a dip in the Mississippi River. However, when it is so hot and humid, Joan stops taking me on her runs which is a bummer for me because I LOVE TO RUN. But, I do know that I would just get overheated. Joan always can tell that if I start trailing behind her, it is a very bad sign, and then we start walking.

Last week, Joan went took me and my food and bed over to Camp Bosco at Martha's house. I was happy to see her and Boli, the orange tabby cat. I gave Boli a kiss. Then Joan left - I saw her drive away and was a bit worried. But then the fun began. Martha and Miguel would take me to the golf course every night and I would RUN really fast. Then I would also go into the pond and then I smelled kind of bad, so they washed me when we got back to the house.

I also met a nice 9-year old boy who was living next door. He really liked me and went to the golf course with us a few times. However, he tried to call me but I always listened to Martha or Miguel, not the boy. I mean, I don't trust him because I barely know him. The boy who lives behind Martha who is about 3 or 4 is still scared of me because I ran him over (by mistake) last year. Miguel threw a stick for me and I just turned and ran after it and the boy was in my path and I mistakenly knocked him over. oops!

On the second morning, when Martha put my food bowl down, Boli tried to eat my food. He went up to it and started licking and eating my wet food - I was stunned and did not know what to do. I just sat there. Then, Martha moved Boli away and then I could go and eat my food up. The funny thing is that (don't tell Joan) Martha and Miguel overfed me big time! It was great! Miguel would feed me two scoops of food in the morning (usually I get 1.25 cups) and then sometimes, Martha would get up later and feed me again. Ha ha! And then I got dinner, too, and treats. Then Joan returned on Friday and I was SOOOO happy to see her! I jumped up and gave her a kiss!

On Saturday, Joan took me to my dog park again so I could get some exercise and cool down. It was fantastic! We spent about 2 hours there and there were so many people and dogs. Look at this photo of the crowd:


While we were there, someone saw a person swimming down the middle of the River. Then, about 5 minutes later, we saw all sorts of fire engines, police, ambulances on the other side of the river that has an access road. Then the St. Paul Police boat came up and down the river - but by that time, the swimmer must have been way down the river. We never heard what happened but it didn't seem like the man swimming was in trouble but maybe he was.

We spent most of our time with Joan throwing sticks into the river and me retrieving them. I would just do it over and over. I would get out, drop the stick, and then look at Joan, wagging my tail. She would say, "More?" Wag wag. And she'd throw it again.


One time, two dogs were both clutching the same stick. They were both growling. Someone near us said, "That is not good." Then all of a sudden, DOG FIGHT! The german shepherd started biting the other dog on its neck. One man jumped into the water and pushed agains the german shepherd (who wasn't even his dog!) to separate the two dogs. The other dog being attacked was his dog. Finally, they got separated. Joan was happy for me because she knows that I would never do that. If someone else growls at me and wants my stick, I just give it to them, no problem. We saw that man, Gus, later and he actually had been bitten by his own dog in that confusion. He showed us one of the wounds on his side - it was bleeding a bit. He didn't even realize it until he was far away from that area.

We told Gus to go look at the downed tree - every time you go to the dog park, it is different. Like last week, we couldn't even make it to the end of the park. This time, a huge oak tree had fallen down so I went out on it to investigate.


When we got home, Joan gave me a bath outside in the front of the house. I did not mind it since it was cool water and this fur is so thick and hot! Plus, then I for sure won't smell like pondwater anymore.

More recently, it has been raining and thundering. I do not like thunder - I have to run to wherever Joan is so that I feel safe when it happens.

June 10, 2005

My couch

A few days ago, some people came over to our house and took away MY couch - the old futon near the windows that I like to sit on when Joan leaves the house (I'm so sneaky!). I did not like these people because two of them were young men, and I am suspicious of men so I barked at them a lot. Plus, they were taking away my furniture - how dare they?!

I don't know what Joan is doing - the only consolation is that now I can walk right up to the front windows in the living room and look outside and keep watch on my yard and the neighborhood. When we had the couch, I would have to run over to the dining room windows to look out (unless Joan wasn't home, then I would just get up on the couch and look out).

Yesterday on an afternoon walk, we ran into Sierra the chocolate lab mix that lives on the block behind us. She had a sock on her foot! At first Joan thought it was a cast but it is not. The pad on her toe came off I guess. Ouch! She did not seem slowed down by it. But it reminded me of when Joan put a sock on my foot when my toenail was bleeding.

Today it is raining so I'm stuck inside for the most part! I can still hear the squirrels outside gurggling at each other.

May 19, 2005

Abused dog

This morning Joan and I were on our morning walk when we came upon a man that Joan thought was drunk. He immediately lunged towards me to pet me, and as I backed away, Joan explained to him, "Oh, she's not a good dog to pet. She's very shy."
The man started to lecture Joan about how the only reason that could be is if I was abused, implying that Joan, my favorite person in the whole wide world, abuses me! I was shocked! He told Joan to not hit me. Joan shrugged it off because, as she told me later, it is not a good use of energy to explain things to someone who is drunk. We kept walking and he yelled at us from across the street, "There's only one reason for dogs to be scared ... don't hit her." Joan yelled back, "That's right!"
She should have added that she is the person who SAVED me from a bad home and how you can see the impact that abuse has by seeing how I am now - still afraid of new people. Again, I know reasoning and explaining to the drunk man was not what Joan wanted to do. Upon reflection, Joan was a little sad to think about how my first two years of life really changed the way I act and live for my entire life. She was happy though that the drunk man was at least aware of the effects of pet abuse...and clearly he is a vocal spokesman about it!

March 18, 2005

It's snowing!

It is snowing buckets outside. Joan is working in her office and I'm awaiting a chance to go out and run around in the snow. I had to wrestle her second laptop away from her to be able to post this so all my loyal fans can know what is happening here. I hope we do get the 8" of snow they predict. Then we'll get to go to the dog park or the golf course and I'll run around like a maniac. I think I'll go nudge her arm - I like to push my snout under her arm and then push UP which makes her arm come away from the keyboard - trying to communicate that she needs to tear herself away from the computer and meet my needs and wants! And I'm off to nudge!

February 20, 2005

Skijoring or not....

Today was awesome! It snowed last night and this morning we got to go on a walk around the neighborhood. I just love the snow. As Joan plodded along the non-shoveled sidewalks, I would plunge my head into the snow, wiggle my head right and left, and then emerge with a snow-crusted nose. I was bouncing around happy happy happy!

Later, Joan left but then she returned and I could tell we were not going to go on our usual evening walk, but go somewhere - perhaps the dog park. I knew this because she brought up the sheet from the dryer that covers the backseat of the car. And then, I really really know we are not walking when she gets the leash but does not put the gentle leader harness on my nose! What great excitement. I jump up and down by the door because I'm so excited. I also sometimes jump on Joan, especially if she is doing other things like drinking a glass of water or eating some food. She's so into her own needs - what about mine?! I need to gooooo.....

So go we went - we drove over to this golf course across the river. Lots of people were there sledding on a great hill but Joan brought her skis. I guess she vowed the next time there was snow, no matter what, she would go. So we went....


Ha ha. That is a joke! This is skijoring and I know this dog looks a lot like me, but it is not me nor Joan. However, Joan thinks that maybe I would be a good skijoring dog as long as we have plenty of time for stopping. There was a guy at the golf course whose dog was attached to him much like this - skijoring along. I started to look at them, considering whether I should go and say hi, but then the man told his dog to keep going, so I just stuck with Joan. There also was another dog who was running around with his human. We played a bit, running around like maniacs but then his human man wanted to go so Joan and I headed off on our own.

Here is the real picture of me out there having a great time. I know it doesn't really do justice because when Joan stops, so do I usually. Well, I'm super tired now and just want to take a nap on my bed, so it's to sleep for me.


January 29, 2005

My toenails

Today much to my horror, Joan cut my toenails. They have gotten very long and I guess she felt the need to cut them. She always tries and manages to cut one toenail and then I freak out and start fidgeting and licking and just getting in the way preventing her from cutting any more nails. But today she surprised me with a new tactic....
First she brushed me - I love that! It is like a massage for people, I bet. Then, she brought several things over to the rug - the nail cutter, some treats, the leash (I got really excited when I saw that!), and another device I did not remember. So since she had been brushing me, she first put my collar back on - I was so excited because sometimes that means we are going to the dog park. But then, she put on the special device - called a muzzle! Geez - the last time I had this on was last summer when another dog I did not like very much came over to my house. She put that on and I was very sad. I just kind of stood there very disappointed in Joan. Then she put on the leash and then, egads, she bent over and started cutting my nails while stepping on the leash which prevented me from moving very much. Generally, it went okay - she managed to cut my front 8 nails and then she gave me 3 treats after taking off that horrible muzzle.

True to my generous spirit, I was not any worse for the wear. I ate my treats and was happy with Joan. Then she took me on a walk. She's been working with me to stop pulling and today I did a longer walk and was pretty good with not pulling. Of course, I still need the lure of food to keep me in check.

That's it from the city of Minneapolis for today. The only other thing is that I really wish all those homeowners would clear the ice off their sidewalks! Both Joan, and I keep slipping and it is no fun.