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England then really redeemed itself a week ago Saturday (July 7) when I followed a suggestion made by my friend/colleague, Simon Hooper, to visit the cliffs near Salcombe. It is a mere 20-30 miles south of Plymouth yet takes 1.5 hours to drive there because you are on tiny roads. But beautiful roads, nonetheless. I stopped at a wee village to take pictures of a church and then its gravestones.


This trail reminded me a lot of the Lost Coast trail along the coast of California, north of Mendocino, where Hwy 1 turns inland and joins up with 101 for a time. That hike is also incredible though this was is in constant vistas of the coast and not exactly as treacherous as the Lost Coast trail (or at least feelings of treachery).

Then moved along – another town was having a market day and I was tempted to stop but it was nearing on noon and my whole purpose was to get some walking in. So I kept going toward Salcombe.
When I got to Salcombe, I had looked at a map and saw that there was parking near “south beach? where Simon had directed me to go. However, I kept going up this tiny, tiny (I mean tiny!) road and climbed up and up (elevation I was avoiding walking) and I was delighted to find a National Trust parking lot at the top near the youth hostel – a youth hostel which was absolutely gorgeous. It actually looked like Los Angeles with the palm trees along the road.
I started on my walk and ended up walking for 6 hours and likely walked about 10 miles which was absolutely THE BEST! Since I felt as if I had been indoors for 2 weeks straight which is not far from the truth. I am enclosing pictures from the day.

Town of Salcombe from behind the youth hostel:


Beautiful bay where people were water skiing with gusto (see the walking trail in the background):

Another view of the same bay:

I'd say these cows have a nice view:

A friend along the trail:

I ended the day by finding a nice restaurant, The Catch, in Salcombe in which to dine (by myself). I was not exactly dressed for dinner (shorts and Chaco sandals after hiking in my boots all day) but they let me in and I had: deep fried brie with cranberry/raspberry chutney and carmelized onions (incredible). Then I had scallops with garlic butter sauce, veges and a glass of wine.

I got home around 10PM and was utterly exhausted that I could not hold my eyes open!