June 23, 2007


We are staying at Crylla Cottages outside of Plymouth 10 miles or so. Crylla reminds me 101 Dalmations and I want to say Cruella because it is more fun. It is very quiet and beautiful grounds though you can hear Road A38 slightly outside.

That brings me to driving. I have my own car and it was terrifying to drive away alone in the car in the central area of Plymouth. I have only done a few things wrong and they are minor like today going to the wrong side of the car to get in. Or constantly reaching to my left for the seat belt. Or reaching to the right for the gear shift. Or over-relying on the right-hand side mirror to see who’s behind me rather than just looking in the rear view mirror to my upper left.

Here are some pics of my abode for the next month.

View from patio
View of pastoral lands

Cows on hill, a few hours later, from patio
cows grazing in pasture

My patio
table and chairs on patio