March 1, 2009

You are your winner

You can achieve anything with your self-respect and self-confidence. Do whatever you want to do. Most of the time people ended up doing something which they do not want to do. This is because they give extra care for what others think of them and the things they do. If those people stop worrying about others they can explore the beauty of their life and enjoy every wonderful seconds. A smile is very simple but very important and very hard to accomplish. It has tremendous effects. You can change ones ‘mood’ with a pleasant smile. If you can make someone happy with your smile or presence that is something great of you. It helps you to get rid of your worthless feeling.

There are some characters in this world who never has any sorts of worries. They always seem to be happy the way they are, the way they do. They never let the things down them, whereas they keep on going in search of something which helps them to overcome worries. These kinds of people’s aim are to make others happy and optimistic always. And they achieve their goals most of the time with no difficulty but just with a smile. They never get tired even if they work for seven days in a week. And if we ask why they don’t, they reply with a smile that they don’t take their works as ‘works’ whereas they make every dizzy place a party one.

January 31, 2009

You are your winner

Everyone in this earth has atleast one capability which differ him/her from others. Nobody has born as a fool or a stupid. God’s creations never turn as a mistake. Everybody is good in their own special way. They can win the race of life if they realize their abilities which are the difficult part in most of the people’s life. Some finds their inborn characters and develop it and become famous. Others never realize them and regret about their idiotic life till the end. Through the music video of Hillary Duff (Fly; Raise your voice), she is trying to convey this message to her fans. Time is not changing you, you are changing time. You can make the world to wait for you. Just by listening to our heart what it says and the trust on our capabilities, we can achieve several things which thought not to be achieved by us.

The proverb “every fool has a day? is absolutely right. The great Albert Einstein was a fool for a long time. If he was actually a fool how did he come up with the famous Einstein equation which is the key for the scientific development? When others realize his capability he is no more a fool. Every famous people have a stupid background where he/she is considered as nothing. But they ignore the discouraging words of people around them and believed themselves. That is what the song tells us hear your inner calling, trust your slogan and change yourself. You can shine like others which are something possible.