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A sign of Hope _ Unity

photo by Cathal McNaughton/Reuters link

This is slightly old news, I've been sitting of a few articles for a few weeks, now that I'm writing, here is the first I was struck by.

This image graced the cover of The New York Times a few weeks ago on March 13, 2009. During that week there was a different image of death every day except for the one day that had headlines about our dismal economy. I found this image to be heartening though. It is the funeral of a policeman in Northern Ireland. If you haven't been reading the news, Ireland has been experiencing a fragile peace. Evidently this was not acceptable to some of the fringe IRA groups and this policeman was one of the victims. What is heartening is that in a direct change from the many years of "The Troubles" this mans funeral was attended by both Protestants and Catholics. Both sides are saying enough is enough- this is senseless, there has to be a better way.

I will leave you with the last paragraph of the article. Mrs. Kate Carroll is the widow of the constable killed, Stephen Carroll.

Mrs. Carroll’s public remarks may have been the most poignant of all. Before leaving her home for the funeral on Friday, she said that people resorting to violence to settle Ireland’s future should realize that, like her husband, the only “piece of land” they would end up with would be the six feet of a grave plot, and that a broader grasp of that would mean that her husband had not “died for nothing.”

“Why don’t they realize that?” she said.