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The Belgian fashion magazine, Flair, recently produced a very clever social campaign using Facebook. Duval Guillaume, the hired agency, created a Facebook App called the Flair Fashion Tag. The idea behind the app is simple and brilliant, taking advantage of the website's "tagging" feature. Instead of tagging friends and family, the Flair Fashion Tag allows the user to tag various items of clothing worn by any of their Facebook friends. Once tagged, the users can post questions like, "I love it! Where did you find it?" As soon as a post is responded to, Flair automatically adds the photo to a vast collection found on the magazine's page. These photos are voted upon and the top picks even get a spot in the weekly print.

The campaign is very effective because it capitalizes on natural female behavior. Women are always searching magazines, music videos, and the Hollywood Boulevard for the latest fashion trends. They're also paying close attention to their friends and co-workers. Flair Fashion Tag aggregates this insight and makes it readily available at your fingertips.

The biggest appeal, and what makes this application especially catchy is that you know the models. They're your big sister, your cousin, or Allison from the creative team. The photos and reviews put you and your friends under the spotlight and make you the star. Suddenly, you've got the hottest tip and everyone's asking you were you got those earrings.

It's an effective blending of passion-centric and ego-centric filters. The application brings women together in a content community where they share both interests and motivation. The practicality and efficiency of the app are enough on their own, but the self-expression and peer recognition are what really put it over the top.


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