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As a marketing consultant for the Minnesota Daily newspaper, it's my job to help clients not only reach a vast number of students but gain their attention and ultimately call them to action. It can be hard, as you can imagine, to try and hold the attention of a busy college student with a 3"x1" print ad when they're busy trying to do the crossword or read an article.

When I sat down with HourCar today, we discussed precisely this conundrum. As we talked, we discovered that the most important aspect of the ad, what would make or break the campaign, is the copy. We determined that there were three items to be included in the ad. First, an attention grabber. This is followed by a short, sweet, and to the point statement about what HourCar has to offer. And finally, the message should be shored up with a signature so the viewer know who's proposing. This could be as simple as the company logo.

It was an interesting process breaking down the experience a student has while reading the paper, exposing themselves to advertisements. By working backwards, in the shoes of our target, and it helped that my partner and I are part of that target, we were able to determine the major pitfalls of Daily print ads and hopefully sidestep them with our on-two-three punch solution.

We'll have to wait and see how the campaign goes but it was great being part of the brainstorm and research session as both a marketer and a representative of the market. I feel like I should have been successful being that all I needed to do to get answers was ask myself the questions.

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