Intuition Is So Vogue

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Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue magazine, doesn't use research. At least that's what one might gather from her interview with CBS Sunday Morning. In Rupal Parekh's article covering the interview, we get the impression that marketing strategies are not decided upon by a democracy but rather a dictatorship. Editor, Wintour, talks about making decisions based on her gut and recollects previous success with the first Madonna cover. Wintour's strategy seems very Don Draper-esque but what can you expect in such a diva-rich racket?

I get the sense that Wintour is out to make a statement, her mark on the fashion world, and tedious, common market research does anything but make a splash. It can be ignored no matter how successfully it may be utilized. I think that, in any art form, the artist's objective is to stay true to their own belief. If the world doesn't like it then forget 'em. In this sense Wintour has abandoned classical reason and chosen to justify her actions more abstractly on "feelings".

I say, more power to her. If she's any good at understanding and impressing her market, and she is, then let the queen have her reign. I tend to be attracted to Wintour's and Draper's cavalier style of market strategizing. If I knew someone with a marketing "golden touch" so to speak, I'd much rather just trust them and avoid the nuisance of tedious research.

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