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A print ad I choose to examine showcases the financial services of JP Morgan. The big idea behind the print is, "You've got big plans and we'd like to support them." JP Morgan is targeting entrepreneurs and investors in need of capital by highlighting the bank's loyalty and discernment in partnership.

The positioning strategy is beneficial and clearly emotional. The ad plays on the personal dreams of business owners. This print helps reassure the viewer and instills a feeling of confidence and security in JP Morgan. They intend to demonstrate their competence by their prestigious track record and hope to elevate the viewer's self-value by the extension of their hand in the pursuit of the viewer's dream. This ad fulfills the need of esteem. It helps the viewer focus their desires more clearly and actually prove to them, on a certain level, the reality of achieving their desires.

The headline reads, "The Best Investments Pay Off For Generations," and represents JP Morgan's keen eye for successful opportunity and the fruitful results available. The sub-head reads, "Since we financed its construction in 1887, Madison Square Gardens has hosted every event imaginable, and delighted millions of New Yorkers." This line speaks of JP Morgan's history. It founds the bank in success. This line also hints at the viewer's chance to "delight millions" and helps build trust in the bank that's been around the block and knows the neighborhood. I'd say the copy is testimonial in that JP Morgan is referencing their roots and quality.

This print appeals to personal emotions including self-esteem, recognition, and ambition. The communication objectives are to increase brand knowledge and to reinforce positive brand attitudes. Overall, I think this is a great ad. It effectively evokes passion and confidence that will lead to partnership. It makes me think, if JP Morgan were a producer, the Academy Award winner would thank them at the podium.

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