Paul Ryan

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As the debate ran its course this Fall, I found myself swept up in he buzz surrounding Paul Ryan and his speeches. Ryan proved himself to be an excellent speaker, capable of connecting with a crowd and a country. As I thought about his ability I attempted to dissect the reason behind his success. What I realized is that Ryan is so likable because of his genuineness.

Ryan has a knack for speaking simple and deep truths. He doesn't coat his message in distraction. He says what he believes in terms that are easy to understand. Even if you don't like his politics, you can appreciate they guy for being straight up.

His politics do reflect his speaking style as well. He tends to believe in ideas that will make the American people more accountable. His ideas aren't a bandage, they're a cure. At least that's how I look at them. His idealism paired with a "get down to business and make it a reality" style make him a pretty amiable guy.

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