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For another class, Psychology of Advertising, my group and I are evaluating a popular ad campaign for GoPro cameras. The ads feature stunning user generated footage of extreme sports. The are very attractive ads and appeal to a wide market. The problem we found was that although the ads are extremely favorable and the brand identity is thoroughly positive, not nearly as many people are buying the camera as said they loved the product.

Our mission is to understand why people are not purchasing the camera so that we can remedy the situation. While testing ads on students and evaluating survey data, we realized that many students consider the purchase of a GoPro a poor investment being that they don't have the resources to do the extreme activities seen in the commercials. Although they fantasize about becoming a surf bum or mountain climber, they're faced with the fact that their current lifestyle doesn't merit the purchase of a GoPro.

A solution we proposed is that GoPro search its product for new uses that still apply to the current target market. In other words, take the level of extremity down a notch. Otherwise the tendency of the average target member is to feel that the camera is out of their league.

We referenced a campaign by Puma called the "After Hours Athlete". In the campaign, Puma draws attention to its casual wear line by showcasing the lives of sporty people when they're not playing sports. Puma kept its previous identity but also added a facet that complemented the brand. If GoPro continued with it's user generated approach but highlighted more familiar adventures like canoe trips, running of the bulls, etc. I feel it could really connect with a larger portion of their target market.



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