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I was recently invited, via Facebook, to participate in a peer's research study using Survey Monkey. The study was about students and alcohol and wasn't very long. I remember the invite my friend sent me included the line, "it won't take very long!" Not too long ago I also utilized the services of Survey Monkey in order to gather information for a class. I knew that I could count on the results because I had once been on the participant side.

I think that Survey Monkey provides students with a wonderful method of gathering survey results that are fairly valid and reliable. For one, it's really the participant's choice to fill out the survey or not. Being that it's often a friend asking for help, you're willing to oblige and take the survey seriously. Also, as students, we understand the position the surveyor is in and tend to empathize with their often frantic and or monotonous efforts.

Basically, this is simply a praise of Survey Monkey in the student world where I encounter it most. It's a quick way to get reliable information on the market we both make up and often research, students.

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