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When I read about Hal Goldberg and his hypnotic research method I was a bit skeptical. I don't know too much about the practice besides what I see on shows like The Mentalist and an experience I had in high school. That being said, I've gathered that the recipient of hypnosis must be willing for the process to work. At my all-night graduation party, a trained hypnotist invited me and several of my peers onto the stage where I would sit for the next 30 minutes silent, eyes closed, and feeling both very awake and foolish.

However, should hypnosis take proper effect, I can certainly see the attractiveness of the practice and any results from market research studies. Goldberg suggests that his method ultimately filters responses, eliminating common focus group pitfalls such as emotionally guarded respondents, etc. And his screening process via phone and in-person questioning seems to increase the chances of collecting a "cooperative" subject, thus increasing the likelihood of proper hypnosis.

I do wonder, though, whether Goldberg's 50% price increase over more traditional focus group service providers is worth it. After all, the only thing Goldberg promises are more accurate and unskewed responses that may otherwise be compromised by the previously mentioned roadblocks like emotionally guarded subjects. Besides this, whose to say that any number of Goldberg's subjects aren't faking it. All in all, I guess I remain a skeptic. I feel that there is plenty of information to be pulled from cognitive and premeditated responses. Adding an extra factor like hypnosis to the mix just seems like adding more cause for error.

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