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ConfigMgr Feature additions/upgrades

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At our last computer management meeting we discussed the features or roles that will be added to ConfigMgr in the future.  This post is a view of what is in the pipeline, and does not contain any dates... nor does the order add any significance :)  For dates we already put out for certain features/roles listed below are still valid.

  • SQL server 2008 upgrade
  • Reporting Services Point installation
  • Fallback Status Point Installation
  • MOF edit for gathering antivirus definition date for Symnatec AntiVirus
    • This MOF edit will extend the reporting capability of ConfigMgr to include reporting on virus definition dates for Symantec
  • MOF edit for gather members of the local administrators group
    • The MOF edit will extend the reporting capability of ConfigMgr to include reporting on members of the local administrators on each computer.  NOTE:  This edit requires a script to run clientside for Vista and above to work.  More information to follow.
  • Installation of Service Pack 2 for Configuration Manager 2007.
    • This will provide full support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

Well, that's what's in the hopper right now.  More are out there, but these are the ones you will see in the near future.

Please post any questions or comments below.

ConfigMgr Server upgrades

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Update on outage last week:

After reviewing the server logs for the ConfigMgr servers there really wasn't much to see from the outage last week.  After doing some frimware, BIOS, and driver updates we have yet to have a failure.  The server support team was reminded of an issue they saw with a 2008 server with another college that they the do server support for that the upgrade to to service pack 2 resolved and issue.  As part of prevenative maintenance we will be upgrading the servers to Server 2008 SP2 over the next 2 maintenance weekends December and January.  There will be BIOS, ESM,Dell SA, and other firmware and driver updates performed as needed.  Once these are all complete the servers will be at the latest revisions of all software and firmware updates.  After thorough review, we believe the updates have resolved the issue that that popped up last week. 

Warranty maintenance and database upgrade

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Another busy week in the world of ConfigMgr! 

On Wednesday, November 18th from 4 -6 PM a Dell tech will be onsite performing warranty maintence on one of our our ConfigMgr servers.  Some of you may remember that we've had warranty work performed before related to RAM.  This should be the final maintenance needed on the server, as both components that are possiblely contributing the RAM errors should be replaced.

On Friday, November 20th from 4:30 to 8:30 PM I will be upgrading our ConfigMgr database from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008.  This upgrade is being performed as a step towards migrating to SQL Reporting Services for standardized reporting out of ConfigMgr.  Though SQL Server 2005 has reporting services, there have been many improvements to SQL Server 2008 and Report Builder 2.0 that you can take advantage of for building your first reports.  Please look for documentation becoming available later this week on leveraging our implementation of SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.

After the upgrade to SQL Server 2008 is determined to be a success I will install service pack 1 and then CU 4 (CU = Cumulative Update).  This will all take place during the maintenance window.  Once the database is up fully up to date, I will provision the reporting services point.  Provisioning the Reporting Services Point will likely take place on Saturday, following the upgrade on Friday.  Please note, this will not be on systemstatus since it doesn't affect the operation of Configuration Manager in it's current state.  But updates and documentation will be posted this week on how to leverage SQL Reporting Services in Configuration Manager 2007 on my blog, through email, and on our website:

Also note, that if the upgrade does not happen correctly, the database will be rolled back to SQL Server 2005 and the upgrade reschedule for a later date.

Patch ConfigMgr Client

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With the upcoming installation of the hotfixes to support windows 7 and server 2008 R2 platforms, I dug into patching the ConfigMgr client and different ways that can be done.  Patching the ConfigMgr client is very beneficial and brings extra functionality and other enhancements to the client that would otherwise be unrealized.  I've uploaded the document I created on the different scenarios in which a client would need to be patched, with a recommended way for each scenario.  I hope to have the document up on the our documenation site later today or tomorrow.

Patch ConfigMgr Client.docx

UPDATE:  The document has now been posted alongside all our other fabulous documenation for ConfigMgr at

UPDATE 2:  The client version after updating the client should be 4.00.6221.1188.

Thank a vet on 11/11/09

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I find it fitting that I sit down to start my blog on the day before Veterans Day, so I could share some of my thoughts about that glorious day.  The amazing commitment our military shows to our county and to our freedom is unsurpassed in the civilian world, especially those that have served during a time of war.  We can fly a flag on Flag Day, watch a parade on Memorial Day or the Fourth of July and stand as our flag passes by; but how many of us can, and would, sign our name on a piece of paper saying will lay down our life if our country needs it.  At least we can honor tomorrow those who did serve when their country called in a time of war; and those who did lay down their lives.

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