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Configure Applications to Always Run as an Administrator

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This is a repost of a TechNet feed I get.

There are some applications that you always run as administrator, what not set them to launch requested admin permissions without having to right-click.  Below is an article that will help you set that up.


Hope this helps!

Subselect Queries in ConfigMgr

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For those of you that use the ConfigMgr provided GUI to write SQL queries, myself included.  There is a good blog post with a screencast by Jarvis Davis, a consultant with Virteva here in the Twin Cities.


Hope this helps!

Here's an update (20100825) on writting the code youself


Troubleshooting slow logons

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Came across this article by Mark Russinovich on troubleshooting slow logons.  Since we get some intermittent requests on troubleshooting slow logons I thought it be good to post this link.


Hope this helps in your troubleshooting!

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