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5 Academic and Scientific Downloads - Microsoft Research

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Five downloads from Microsoft Research for Academia.

Good post be Richard Dixon on using the ConfigMgr Toolkit V2 to check up on your clients.


New security advisory released today.  Affecting IE 6,7, and 8.  Good thing I run 9 beta ;)

Thanks to our Microsoft TAM getting use this information quickly!

Aiding in moving those applications to the cloud



I wonder if we can virtualize them and run them locally?  I'll have to dig around.

Saw this blog post and thought it might be interesting.

Walsall College would like to invite you to a free event on 28th January 2011  showing efficiency of using Microsoft SharePoint with sessions from Walsall College, Microsoft, Capita and RSC WM.

  • Personalisation using SharePoint
  • Live@EDU and integration with SharePoint/Moodle
  • Managing technology changes
  • SharePoint 2010 - what's new!
  • SharePoint and information systems integration
  • Business process improvement with SharePoint

Not that greate of news, but at least Microsoft is looking in the right direction.

I'd rather see WP7 on a tablet.  Unless of course they are completely redesiging Windows to have instant on, built for touch, easy on the battery...

Maybe that's Windows 8, but I want it now!


A nice write with findings on the use of social media.  The product they used was ConnectYard, for more information that see,

American Sign Language is making its way to Kinect

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New Kinect  hack for educational purposes!  The (legally) hackable Microsoft product is blowing me away!  Who do they think they are ,Google before they became evil (correction, amoral)?

Free Tools Library - GPOGuy

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Group policy tools from GPO guy!  The registry.pol viewer was just updated yesterday, and their are other really nice tools for troubleshooting and creating group policies.

IPv6 Forum

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Hot off the presses!  A dedicated IPv6 forum from MS.

First and only post, 43 minutes ago... it may take a bit to get going.  But if you have questions, where it's so new... you'll likely get IPv6 experts from MS answering your questions.

This article referes to an update released by Microsft, make note that it is not a security update and it's for Outlook 2007, so not likely distributed broadly.  If you installed the update for Outlook 2007 you'll likely want to uninstall it.

Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 released | WinRumors

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From the article: 

The final release, build 2.0.657, has been released to the web and introduces several new features. Context menu scanning, heuristic scanning, remove quarantined files after a certain date and the ability to enable a network inspection system to protect against network-based exploits are all included.

Read more:

Control How Group Policy Is Applied At Logon

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Experiencing slow logons or you want the user to wait until all group policy is applied before being able to start working?


Adding Custom Tasks To Task Sequences - Chris Nackers Blog

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Good points on what to do to successfully add custom tasks to task squences.

The Cloud: Links to more information

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In case your wondering I do have a very strong feeling about the cloud being a game changer for IT.  We need to conintue to take steps to prepare ourselves for supporting our end users in the cloud and in a state of ubiquitous computing that is fast approaching.

Here's couple of links I put together on primers and explanations of the cloud for IT Pros from Microsoft and other links

Cloud Computing Primer for IT Pros

Cloud Computing Concepts for IT Pros (1/3)

Cloud Computing Concepts for IT Pros (2/3)

nope, 3/3 is not available yet...

Information on University of Washington allowing the selection of cloud based email provider

The following links are some that I've viewed or read in the last couple months.

SQL Azure Videos

Windows Azure

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

Cisco Cloud

VMware Cloud

IBM Cloud

HP Cloud

Gartner on the cloud


Fast subroutines for Matlab programs - Microsoft Research

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This library provides highly optimized versions of primitive functions such as repmat, set intersection, and gammaln. It provides efficient random number generators and evaluation of common probability densities. It provides routines for counting floating-point operations (FLOPS), useful for benchmarking algorithms. There are also some useful utilities such as filename globbing and parsing of variable-length argument lists.

New Windows Azure Platform Features Available

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Here's the quick hit list of new features

  • Full Administrative Access
  • Full IIS Access
  • Remote Desktop
  • Windows Azure Connect
  • VM Role

    Read more about it and how to leverage at the followig link:

    Adobe Customization Wizard available for Reader/Acrobat X

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    Update:  Thank you Pat for commenting with the current link.  See Pat's comment below for more information, or just hit the page

    The navigation on the landing page isn't live yet, but from Pat Wibbeler of the Adobe Reader team the direct links should work.

    Intel Cloud 2015 Vision video

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    From the article:  As we enter 2011, the age of ubiquitous computing is upon us.

    What are we doing as IT Professionals to prepare for this and to support our users?

    Making music with Windows 7 - Next at Microsoft

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    It's basically a 2 and half minute commercial, but really highlights the collaboration ability with Windows 7 and Windows Live.

    There's also one that goes behind the scenes of Kinect... a longer commercial but you can skip around and see some of the research that went into and the idea behind the genesis of Kinect.


    For those of you leveraging Group Policy Preferences and using the apply once option you'll want to take a look at the following KB article and see if it applies to you.

    Hope this helps.

    Suppress Task Sequence Notifications

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    There are quire a few people using Task Sequences to deliver software and it's brought up the question again on how to supress the notification bubble for advertised Task Sequences.

    Luckily, this was solved a year and half ago by Jim Westover, a bright (now former) student employee that worked for CEHD.  He created a right-click tool that gave admins the ability to suppress notifications by right-clicking a Task Sequence and (if they had the correct permissions) the could choose to enable or disable the notifications.  When this tool is installed and a task sequence is right-clicked there will be an option to "Manage Notifications" and that will expand to give you the options to enable or disable notifications for that task sequence.

    Since Jim created the right-click tool and has since moved on to employment in the real world two things have changed, Rick Houchins has changed where he stores his right-click tools in the latest version of right-click tools and there are a lot more x64 machines running the console.

    So, using Jim's work as a base I made some edits and now Jim's right-click tool is copied into the same location as the new right-click tools from Rick Houchins' for both x86 and x64 console machines.

    I also took the liberty to create an optional advertisement and send it to all admin console machines.  You (ConfigMgr Admins) should recieve a optional advertisement to install the x86 or x64 version of Jim's right-click tool depending on the bit level of your OS.

    Though Rick Houchins right-click tools aren't required to install or run Jim's right-click tool, I highly recommend installing his as they extend the functionality of the console quite a bit.

    Make sure to test in your environment, I verifed the x64 install on my machine but don't have an x86 one available to test quickly.

    I hope this helps.  Feel free to comment if you have any questions or comments.

    WikiLeaks Teaches Enterprises 5 Hard Truths -

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    Good article on the emergence of Social in the enterprise and what that means for the enterprise.


    Why does IT need to assert itself in the enterprise?

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    There's two good blog posts in here.  Read the one at the followig link and the link in the article that states, "everything in IT is up for grabs."

    This happens at a different level than I operate and it's just one analysts opinion, but there are a lot of new technologies that have just arrived or are arriving that will likely be game changers... e.g. Tablet, Cloud, Social.

    A good question for management is how they plan to handle these new technologies that are here.

    OMCI Sample Scripts - The Dell TechCenter

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    The Dell OMCI (OpenManage Client Instrumentation) sample scripts in PowerShell and VBS have been updated.

    More about the OMCI 

    What is SQL Azure Database?

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    A good, short introductory video in SQL Azure.  Only 4 minutes. 

    "What is SQL Azure Database?" is the video
    If you run MS SQL or are looking to, you may likely be able to leverage SQL Azure.

    While looking at that, don't forget about Windows Azure. 

    17 updates for December.  2 Critical, 14 Important, 1 Moderate.


    Marry Me Microsoft... - Microsoft Services Staffing Team

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    Marry Me Microsoft... - Microsoft Services Staffing Team

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    Fix a corrupted user profile

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    A nice little walk through on how to fix a corrupted user profile if you have to manually migrate the users data.  It shows you want not to migrate.

    Be careful of this one!  Luckily, given the permissions set you can only "select" resources from your assigned base collection.  You still don't want to do that, but at least your neighbor won't do it to you.;EN-US;2471057

    Take away from the article:

    "If you need to modify an existing query based collection, delete the existing query and create a new one instead."

    to add to that, whenever you create/modify a query, make sure to double check it and test it before advertising software/OSes to it.

    Nice read that'll give you things to think about. 

    Good webinar with John Kotter about getting buy-in to keep your good ideas from getting shot down.  It's a good researched back look at it at what you can do to be prepared.  It's just under and hour, so good for a lunch break or at home. 

    Some oft used commands and some hidden gems.  Like, how may of you have used pathping.exe? I know I never have, until 2 minutes ago... quite useful though.


    PowerEvents for Windows PowerShell

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    Powershell and WMI eventing. A great match.

    Brought to you by Trevor Sullivan, to find out more about him,

    He gives a lot to the community and has some great coding abilities. 

    The cloud is coming.  How are you preparing yourself?  Read the sidenote in this article.  It doesn't get specific.  But I'll post on "cloud" to add to your cloud resources.

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